September / October 2002


Bringing knowledge back home

Scientific research in the USA has been attracting the best brains in the world for many years. Other countries of course both produce and retain equally brilliant people but, for the scientist who has worked in the eye of the storm in the USA, it can be hard to return home where their work may never be noticed as much again outside their own national boundaries, as they get sucked into their own national research and education systems.


choosing the right client

In the canons of journalism, 'Dog bites man' is not news, but 'Man bites dog' goes on the front page. Sadly, the history of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) has many examples of suppliers selling expensive bespoke solutions inappropriate to the clients' real requirements to the point that it's a story hardly worth the telling. However, when a LIMS supplier acquires a reputation for success by refusing to sell to clients who don't meet certain criteria, that's rather different.


the UK e-science Grid

Readers of Scientific Computing World will be aware of many aspects of the Grid and e-Science activities. Recent editions of the magazine have included articles on Bioinformatics and the Grid, Astrophysics and data issues, together with news articles on Grid developments and technologies in the UK and internationally.