October/November 2012

Fire, flood, pestilence and war

Playing with complexity is part of the professional life of a statistician, and nowhere is this more evident than in ecology, as Felix Grant explains

Modelling takes off

Whether out of necessity brought on by mounting physical testing costs, or simply as a result of increased experience, aerospace is embracing simulation. Beth Harlen reports

Coming to a resolution

The future of climate modelling is tied to the promise of exascale computing power. Three industry experts discuss the possibilities

Cooling IT

How do we tackle the problem of energy efficiency in HPC centres? Dr Giampietro Tecchiolli, Eurotech CTO, offers his thoughts

Hunting for the rare beast

Recruiters at HPC facilities face a huge challenge due to the shortage of qualified applicants. They are turning to social media and increased support for academia, as Paul Schreier found out

In the data centre

What is the current data centre landscape like? Industry experts share their experience

Tapping into laboratory computing

The journey of water from reservoir to tap involves many tests. Siân Harris finds out why systems such as LIMS play an important role in environmental labs

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