June/July 2009

Drilling for fuel

HPC technology is aiding oil and gas companies locate hidden submarine reserves in a fraction of the time taken by previous methods, as Stephen Mounsey discovers

Modelling rides into the future

As auto manufacturers shift towards entirely new types of vehicles, they face a number of engineering challenges. Paul Schreier looks at how design/simulation software is helping them reach their goals more quickly and efficiently

Data pharming

Greg Blackman looks at some of the current trends taking place in the pharmaceutical industry with regards to data management

Criminal patterns

Felix Grant finds statistical processes applied to the social sciences, and in particular, to crime

Far more than petaflops

Thomas Lippert, director of the Jülich Supercomputing Centre at Forschungszentrum Jülich explains how supercomputers of highest scalability and scientific users can be brought closer together by means of a new support instrument: the simulation laboratory

Computer - reconfigure yourself!

Although they're not simple to program, field-programmable gate arrays can greatly accelerate frequently used functions, and you can reprogram them on the fly to tackle new tasks. Paul Schreier examines the impact they are starting to have on HPC

The future for HPC

Hans Meuer, general chair of ISC'09, on emerging trends in high-performance computing

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