April/May 2010

A booming banking sector

Biobanks have their own unique requirements in terms of data management and, with increasing amounts of molecular data being generated around biobank samples, sophisticated informatics solutions are essential, as Greg Blackman finds out

Finding the 'science' in GIS

While popular services such as Google Earth and Bing Maps have made basic geographical information system functionality well-known, scientific investigations need considerably more power. Paul Schreier maps the highlights of the GIS product landscape

Material values

Felix Grant on the application of statistical packages to materials science

Unbounded clusters

Especially with the advent of cloud computing, virtualisation and the increasing popularity of GPUs, what a physical computing system looks like is very fluid. Paul Schreier looks into how vendors of cluster management software address the provisioning and workload management needs
resulting from this major trend

The ins and outs of HPC

Lee Ward, principal member of technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, tackles HPC-related IO improvements to multiple supercomputing projects

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