April/May 2008


In profile: LabWare

LabWare’s first product was LabStation, a customer-configurable instrument data acquisition system. This was followed by the launch of LabWare LIMS in 1994, which marked the company’s entry into the LIMS market.

LabWare is exclusively dedicated to LIMS and has grown year on year, with an impressive compound annual growth rate of 27.5 per cent since 2000. The company enjoys strong organisational stability and has substantial presence across the world, supporting systems in more than 70 countries worldwide.


Virtual bodies

Scientists have made remarkable progress learning about the tiniest components of living things. But the more we learn about individual processes, the more we understand that we need a new approach – a systems approach to biology. Here scientists seek to explain biological phenomena not on a gene-by-gene basis, but rather through the interactions of all the components in a cell, organism, or organ.


The universe in a desktop

The image of an astronomer is someone who spends their nights staring at the skies, these days through several million dollars worth of hardware, rather than the humble telescope. Carlos Frenk, Ogden professor of fundamental physics at the University of Durham, has been a pioneer of a different approach. Instead of just observing the footprints of the birth of the universe he has sought to recreate it as a mathematical model inside a computer.