April/May 2006

Forging links to form the LIMS team

The few months since our last LIMS round-up have witnessed a raft of new collaboration and integration initiatives. Vanessa Spedding brings things up to date

Tools to make things simple

Brian Ritchie, President and CEO of Blackstone Computing, tells Tom Wilkie how to get scientists doing more science and less computing.

Are clusters, the Grid, and peer to peer, supplanting supercomputers?

A life of freedom

John Murphy profiles the founder of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Just a small step to phaser stun guns...

Thanks to Star Trek, a couple of generations of us have been brought up to believe that space was the final frontier (and that it was permissible to split infinitives... albeit boldly).

Science by the book

Tom Wilkie argues that scientific computing holds the answer to the questions posed by Schrödinger in his classic book What is Life?


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