April/May 2006

A new era for this publication.

Perceptive readers of this issue of Scientific Computing World may notice a subtle difference. The magazine is now under the ownership of Europa Science. This dedicated science-publishing company has been formed jointly by the two organisations that have been working on the magazine for the past three years: Cambridge Publishers, and 2020 Communications.

All things to all users

What is scientific computing? This may seem a strange question for me to pose in the leader column of a magazine that has flourished for many years by providing articles on precisely this topic for its readers. If we don't know what scientific computing is, who would?

Genstat for Windows 9th Edition

This latest version of VSN's heavyweight flagship, a substantial update like all its predecessors, is everything that users would expect from its long development history rooted in practical experience at the coalface. It also builds on recent work to dramatically enhance the facilities for exploratory users.

And furthermore...

Felix Grant takes a look at some of the latest specialist add-in modules for stats packages

Inventive problem solving

Ray Girvan investigates TRIZ; a methodology for formalising the invention process according to empirical rules

Automating innovation?

One of the fears at the start of the information technology age was 'de-skilling': word-processors would replace typists, and automated machine-tools would make factory workers redundant. Even those with scientific training have felt the effects of such developments: software has made many of the mathematical techniques that I learned at university redundant.


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