25 August 2015

Continuing her company profiles, Sophia Ktori finds that Waters NuGenesis is differentiated because it can capture data from any instrument in the laboratory

07 July 2015

Continuing her series profiling companies providing informatics software, Sophia Ktori looks at the innovative technology of Core Informatics

07 July 2015

Sophia Ktori profiles IDBS, a company focusing on analytics as well as informatics

24 April 2015

Lonza Biosciences MODA system offers not just a paperless but a mobile and sanitisable way to carry out microbiology testing. Sophia Ktori reports

24 April 2015

Autoscribes LIMS has more than the usual applications, from lotteries to vehicle rentals, as Sophia Ktori discovers

10 February 2015

What happens when a relatively small informatics company is acquired by a very large healthcare corporation? Tom Wilkie looks at the case of Abbott Informatics and Starlims