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15 May 2023

Increasing workloads and the growth of HPC and AI systems are creating a carbon crisis for research, writes Eugenia Bahit

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20 April 2023

The UK and EU have announced their first exascale supercomputers that will be delivered over the next two years and support ground-breaking research in the region, writes Robert Roe

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03 April 2023

Simulation is helping engineers accelerate battery development, writes Gemma Church

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10 March 2023

Training and skills acquisition in advanced computing is becoming increasingly important as HPC, AI, and even quantum are being explored by scientists across a wide range of use cases, writes Robert Roe

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04 March 2023

AI is helping to shape the future of precision medicine, writes Robert Roe

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25 February 2023

Delays and increased competition in the processor market are leading to competitive new hardware, writes Robert Roe

17 February 2023

Modelling and simulation software are helping develop new autonomous systems across multiple industries, explains Gemma Church

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14 January 2023

Cloud computing is helps to facilitate migration to new software platforms and supports real-time data access, writes Sophia Ktori

26 October 2022

Driven by increasingly stringent environmental regulations, changing consumer behaviour and technological advances, the automotive industry is evolving rapidly, writes James Bakwell

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18 September 2022

Embracing functional programming and a better understanding of serial programming challenges is driving a paradigm shift in HPC coding, writes Eugenia Bahit

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07 September 2022

Simulation and modelling is changing to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, writes Gemma Church


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15 August 2022

Scientists and researchers are using AI to help accelerate the discovery of new drugs for a wide variety of different medical applications, writes Robert Roe