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We are X-ISS; a business-driven HPC management and analytics company that provides exceptional solutions to the automotive, manufacturing, energy, and other engineering and research industries. At our SC20 booth, you can expect to see us highlighting a couple of our services list below.

ManagedHPC is a full-service turnkey cluster management service that delivers the following features & benefits:

  • Seasoned HPC Team with deep experience in supporting CAE HPC Applications
  • Secure remote system monitoring, management & support
  • Proactive management & reporting process
  • Let engineers and researchers focus on their core competency

CloudHPC features & benefits

  • Evaluation, POCs, Implementation and Managed support of HPC in the Cloud solutions
  • Ongoing Managed support for Cloud deployments
  • Implementation of HPC best-practices

For additional information about these products and more, please contact at sales@X-ISS.com or visit the X-ISS website