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The vendor-neutral OpenMP standard has been helping scientists and engineers to parallelize their code to get faster results since 1997, but continues to evolve. SC'20 sees version 5.1 of the OpenMP API, three tutorials, a BOF, and many short, free, 'Booth Talk' videos from researchers and users. Version 5 .1 provides more information to the compiler to allow improved optimization, adds improvements in the use of OpenMP from modern C++, adds improvements in device interactions, adds an easier declaration of environment specific functions, and allows the user to generate compile-time errors and warnings. It fully supports C11, C++11, C++14, C++17, and C++20, as well as Fortran 2008 with partial support for Fortran 2018. Enhancements to support for offload to accelerator (GPU) devices make OpenMP the optimal choice for performant, portable, code that can exploit current and future machines.  More information at