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EPCC, (B-1223) the supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, is home to many of the UK’s national HPC and research data services, including ARCHER and the Research Data Facility. We’re also home to Cirrus, our new Tier 2 HPC service for science and industry – one of our key focuses. Together, our facilities and expertise make us the premiere industry HPC provider in Europe.

Come and see us at ISC to learn more about:

The Fortissimo [1] project, helping the European manufacturing industry access on-demand HPC resources;

EPCC involvement in the Centres of Excellence initiative via BioExcel [2] and CompBioMed [3], enabling use of HPC and HTC in life sciences;

The push towards the Exascale goal through FETHPC projects, including leadership of NEXTGenIO [4] and INTERTWinE [5].

EPCC’s commitment to increasing diversity through founding the Women in HPC [6] network.

[1] www.fortissimo-project.eu

[2] www.bioexcel.eu

[3] www.compbiomed.eu

[4] www.nextgenio.eu

[5] www.intertwine-project.eu

[6] www.womeninhpc.org