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At ISC’17 DKRZ (L-440) presents its mission as a national HPC center - DKRZ provides high performance computers, high capacity data storage and management for German climate research. In Addition DKRZ’s specialists offer a range of services covering modeling and programming, from support in carrying out climate simulations, through parallelisation and optimisation of the simulation programs, to analysis and visualization of the simulation results.

DKRZ is involved in numerous projects. As an example it informs about the new Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE), which is coordinated by DKRZ. DKRZ computers are regularly used for the extensive simulations that contribute to the IPCC reports. On a climate globe DKRZ presents climate simulations.

During the conference DKRZ employees contribute to the program as organisers, chairs and/or speakers to keynotes, workshops and BOFs.

The DKRZ research group "Scientific Computing" participates in the student cluster competition.