Conferences & Exhibitions

COMSOL Conference

Discover how multiphisics modeling and simulation software spark innovation in your industry. Register now for the COMSOL Conference , October 18-20, Centre WTC Rotterdam.

International CAE conference 2017

The two-day conference driven by CAE experts explores the traditional methods and approaches in engineering; opening an engineering network source of new and adopted ideas. The event delivers a powerful platform to exchange exciting developments and achievements as well as opportunities to explore emerging technologies and techniques accelerating leading organisations.

The LT Industry Summit

Attend this event for a full update on how natural language processing (NLP), multilingual artificial intelligence (AI) and speech interaction technologies will impact your organisation in the years to come. LTI17 focuses on some of the hottest technologies and applications in the pipeline, resulting especially from the AI revitalisation of machine learning: neural machine translation, automated document search/analysis/generation, semantic insights from user-generated content, technology-assisted conference interpretation, and virtual assisstants virtual assistants.

EXDCI final conference

The European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative (EXDCI) project final conference will deliver 6 decisive keynotes and a joint session with Eurolab4HPC and HiPEAC, that will cover all the fields of the recent evolution of the EU HPC ecosystem.

NAFEMS NORDIC Conference 2018

Engineering Simulation: Best Practices, New Developments, Future Trends

The conference provides a unique, independent, neutral, and comprehensive overview of the current state of art in the engineering simulation analysis.


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