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Creating a connected ecosystem to gain insights across R&D

As data continues to increase exponentially, many organisations are turning to the latest advancements in digital technology to respond to the evolving needs of R&D scientists. For many organisations, a key challenge is managing the complexity and the number of systems in place that generate multiple types of complex data. This webinar will address some of the challenges faced by regulated and non-regulated labs as they move to cloud technology, the importance of implementing an extensible lab informatics platform solution and how digital technology has the potential to change how science is performed.

Ensuring Data Integrity & Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025

Today’s quality landscape is incredibly complex with multiple data analysis, informatics, and enterprise systems. To ensure quality results, regulators across industries are focusing on data integrity, data security and consistent laboratory practices. This seminar will describe the data integrity guidance documents from the MHRA, FDA, EMA and WHO and the recent changes that were implemented in ISO/IEC 17025:2017. It will also explain how today’s informatics solutions can help lab managers ensure compliance, drive efficiency and productivity and transform the lab.


Thermo Fisher Scientific has showcased its online automation system configuration tool

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