Analysis & opinion

31 October 2019

Robert Roe interviews Mark Parsons on the strategy for HPC in the UK

31 October 2019

Rob Lalonde, Univa’s cloud VP general manager, considers the unique challenges posed by HPC

16 October 2019

Researchers at Sandia National Labs are leading a project to deliver actionable information from streaming data to decision-makers

26 September 2019

Christian Marcazzo, general manager at IDBS highlights trends in life sciences research and development

12 June 2019

Jan Rowell looks at the growing use of digital twins which is being driven by the use of HPC and IOT

01 February 2019

Ross Upton, CEO and academic co-founder at Ultromics, discusses the potential to implement AI in clinical diagnostics

23 August 2018

Fujitsu announces specifications for CPU contained in the post-K computer, a machine designed to be 100 times faster than the previous system

26 April 2018

The best research needs ideas from a wider range of people and publications, writes Anita Schjøll Brede

19 April 2018

Cloud bursting is revolutionising research at universities writes Mahesh Pancholi, Research Computing Specialist at OCF

29 March 2018

Robert Roe reports on the Paperless Lab Academy event on the potential impact of disruptive technologies such as blockchain and IoT in the laboratory

19 March 2018

A web-based tool to promote the sharing of research reagents and information can help tackle the crisis in reproducibility in life-science research, argues Isobel Atkin.

26 February 2018

Adrian Giordani reports on recent vulnerabilities found in many modern CPUs