Analysis & opinion

22 February 2016

Tom Wilkie reports on two examples how the growth of scientific data sets is driving computing into the cloud, and asks how profoundly this will change computing for science

09 February 2016

Robert Roe reports on a new Exascale computing architecture using ARM processors is being developed by a European consortium of hardware and software providers, research centres, and industry partners, funded by the European Unions Horizon2020 research programme

05 February 2016

Dr Laura Boykin describes how the largest supercomputer in the southern hemisphere can help fight famine among East Africas farmers

15 January 2016

For science to make the software on which it increasingly depends sustainable is a social not a technical challenge, argues Dan Katz

17 December 2015

Already in the top three supercomputer vendors worldwide, Chinese companies have wider ambitions still, as Tom Wilkie reports

17 December 2015

Accelerators have come of age, but at the US supercomputing show in Austin, Texas, Tom Wilkie found a lot of interest in FPGAs as well

17 December 2015

At the US supercomputing show in Austin, Texas, Tom Wilkie found the supercomputing industry in an upbeat mood, but also changing commercially in ways that reflect the impact of new technologies

25 November 2015

Even when shes down the pub drinking her beer, Gloria Metrick cant stop thinking about informatics

12 November 2015

High-performance computing can help pharmaceutical companies cut the time they spend on research and development, but as Richard Holland of the Pistoia Alliance points out, HPC is not a panacea and its deployment needs to be nuanced and appropriate

11 November 2015

Perversely, academic research penalises expert software developers for providing the tools on which the research relies. Time for a change, says Simon Hettrick of the Software Sustainability Institute.

28 October 2015

Research projects and centres of excellence are to be funded by the European Commission as part of its strategy to coordinate European HPC efforts, Tom Wilkie reports

09 October 2015

Big data and cloud computing are thriving in commerce and business, but scientific and engineering applications appear to be lagging behind. Tom Wilkie reports from the ISC Cloud and Big Data conference