Analysis & opinion

23 July 2015

To compete, Europe needs to compute. But at last weeks ISC 2015 supercomputing conference, Tom Wilkie heard concerns that smaller companies are falling behind in their use of high-performance computing

20 July 2015

In the second of her articles on how long-established informatics software can continue to meet the needs of todays users, Gloria Metrick considers changing technology and out of the box software

10 July 2015

Frances nuclear weapon designers are to get a new computer and Europe will get closer to exascale, after Bull wins a procurement contract revealing parallels across the Atlantic, Tom Wilkie reports

11 June 2015

In the fifth report from the PRACEdays15 meeting in Dublin at the end of May, Robert Roe finds some surprising similarities, but also some differences, between strategies employed by Europe and Japan to encourage the use of HPC

10 June 2015

Long-established vendors of informatics software face challenges in keeping up to date with technology, but as Gloria Metrick discusses in the first of three articles on this topic, customer needs are what drives renewal

09 June 2015

The mood at PRACEdays15 in Dublin was rightly positive. But testing times lie ahead and Tom Wilkie asks if there is a paradox at the heart of European HPC policy

08 June 2015

In the third report from the PRACEdays15 meeting in Dublin at the end of May, Tom Wilkie discusses how supercomputing can be made simpler for smaller companies

04 June 2015

In the second of our reports from PraceDays15 conference in Dublin last week, Robert Roe looks at the role of HPC in the host country, Ireland

03 June 2015

In the first report from last weeks PRACEdays15 conference in Dublin, Tom Wilkie considers why so much Exascale software will be open source and why engineers are not using parallel programs

20 April 2015

In his final report from the Paperless Lab Academy, Tom Wilkie discusses the role of disruptive technologies such as cloud and big data

17 April 2015

In the second of his reports from the paperless lab academy, Tom Wilkie considers old LIMS and dead data

16 April 2015

Outsourcing, end-of-life LIMS, and disruptive technologies such as the cloud, are driving changes to the laboratory informatics landscape, as Tom Wilkie discovered at the Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona, Spain, this week