Analysis & opinion

04 June 2015

In the second of our reports from PraceDays15 conference in Dublin last week, Robert Roe looks at the role of HPC in the host country, Ireland

03 June 2015

In the first report from last weeks PRACEdays15 conference in Dublin, Tom Wilkie considers why so much Exascale software will be open source and why engineers are not using parallel programs

20 April 2015

In his final report from the Paperless Lab Academy, Tom Wilkie discusses the role of disruptive technologies such as cloud and big data

17 April 2015

In the second of his reports from the paperless lab academy, Tom Wilkie considers old LIMS and dead data

16 April 2015

Outsourcing, end-of-life LIMS, and disruptive technologies such as the cloud, are driving changes to the laboratory informatics landscape, as Tom Wilkie discovered at the Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona, Spain, this week

08 April 2015

Metadata is key to mastering the volumes of data in science and engineering, argues Bob Murphy, and tools are available to make it easier

31 March 2015

Today the US National Consortium for Data Science is an active and growing organisation. Stan Ahalt discusses how and why it came into being

26 March 2015

Following its acquisition of IBMs x86 business last year, Lenovo now makes everything from tablets to HPC clusters. Tom Wilkie reports how the launch of its HPC innovation centre in Stuttgart yesterday shows the companys commitment to HPC

19 March 2015

In the final article in this series, Tom Wilkie and Robert Roe look how geography can make computing more environmental - and encourage smaller companies to benefit from HPC as well

18 March 2015

In the second in this series of articles on ways to save energy in computing, Robert Roe reports on how Europe is looking to both hardware and software solutions

17 March 2015

Europe is notorious for its high energy costs. In the first of three articles on energy efficiency in high-performance computing, Tom Wilkie asks if thats why so much of the initiative appears to be coming from Europe

17 March 2015

Alison Kennedy discusses why self-help will not be enough to overcome the challenge of XXscale in the HPC industry