Analysis & opinion

25 November 2015

Even when shes down the pub drinking her beer, Gloria Metrick cant stop thinking about informatics

12 November 2015

High-performance computing can help pharmaceutical companies cut the time they spend on research and development, but as Richard Holland of the Pistoia Alliance points out, HPC is not a panacea and its deployment needs to be nuanced and appropriate

11 November 2015

Perversely, academic research penalises expert software developers for providing the tools on which the research relies. Time for a change, says Simon Hettrick of the Software Sustainability Institute.

28 October 2015

Research projects and centres of excellence are to be funded by the European Commission as part of its strategy to coordinate European HPC efforts, Tom Wilkie reports

09 October 2015

Big data and cloud computing are thriving in commerce and business, but scientific and engineering applications appear to be lagging behind. Tom Wilkie reports from the ISC Cloud and Big Data conference

08 September 2015

Tilo Wettig describes the unusual design of a supercomputer dedicated to solving some of the most arcane issues in quantum physics

13 August 2015

Robert Roe explores the efforts made by top HPC centres to scale software codes to the extreme levels necessary for exascale computing

28 July 2015

In her final article on the challenges facing long-established informatics software vendors, Gloria Metrick considers their expansion into new markets but concludes that, as ever, the customers needs are the driving force

27 July 2015

Supercomputers deliver only a few percent of their theoretical peak performance so people should reset their expectations of exascale, Tom Wilkie heard at ISC High Performance earlier this month

26 July 2015

Tom Wilkie reports on two US initiatives for future supercomputers, announced at the ISC in Frankfurt earlier this month

24 July 2015

The challenge of opening up high-performance computing to smaller companies, and some national solutions to the problem were discussed at ISC High-Performance in Frankfurt last week. Tom Wilkie discovered that commercial, cloud-based solutions for small companies were also on display

23 July 2015

Germany is opening a window on its national HPC provision, in the hope that academic researchers and industrial users will beat a path to its door, as Tom Wilkie discovered at ISC High Performance in Frankfurt last week



Robert Roe explores the role of maintenance in ensuring HPC systems run at optimal performance


Robert Roe speaks with Dr Maria Girone, Chief Technology Officer at CERN openlab.


Dr Keren Bergman, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University discusses her keynote on the development of silicon photonics for HPC ahead of her keynote presentation at ISC High Performance 2018 


Sophia Ktori explores the use of informatics software in the first of two articles covering the use of laboratory informatics software in regulated industries


Robert Roe discusses the role of the Pistoia Alliance in creating the lab of the future with Pistoia’s Nick Lynch