Analysis & opinion

15 August 2008

Clare Sansom reports from the recent International Systems in Molecular Biology conference, held in July in Toronto, Canada.

01 August 2008

The European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB) has taken place in Edinburgh this year - the first time it has been held in the UK.

03 July 2008

The 23rd annual International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'08) has been hailed as the most successful ISC in the conference's history, with a record attendance of almost 1,400 HPC industry leaders, IT specialists and scientists.

20 June 2008

Scientists spoke about the challenges of climate change modelling and improving simulations to model smaller and smaller systems at this years International Supercomputing Conference.

19 June 2008

Supercomputing is speeding up scientific research with biologists developing a range of applications to buff up their simulations, according to researchers at this year's ISC conference.

18 June 2008

Scientists are using HPC to create accurate models of osteoporotic bones to help doctors diagnose the disease.

03 June 2008

Cardiff University has opened a £2.9m high performance computer centre to increase its scientific research into projects previously considered too difficult or time-consuming.

28 May 2008

LabWare LIMS Version 6 and WebLIMS Version 3, both due for release, were under discussion at The European LabWare Customer Education Conference, held 18-23 May 2008 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

20 May 2008

This year's annual DEISA Symposium took place in Edinburgh; its purpose was to provide a forum where scientists from around the world can discuss HPC e-Infrastructures in general and for DEISA users to share their experiences and results.

10 April 2008

Packaging company Tetra Pak has used HPC to improve the performance of and reduce the time taken to design and develop its filling systems by using more complex computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations.

10 April 2008

Scientists wanting to understand more about HPC, or rent out processing power, can test their simulation ideas at the IBM PSSC Customer Centre, without having to purchase hefty amounts of kit first.

26 March 2008

Analytica 2008 promises to be the worlds largest trade show for solutions in the analysis, laboratory- technology and life-science sectors, according to its organisers. But aside from the new-fangled lab kit on display, what will the event bring for scientific computing buffs?