Analysis & opinion

16 August 2010

Research for an European Commission-funded report has found that Europe has under-invested in HPC over the last five years, while the investments of other nations have grown, despite the recession

16 June 2010

Computer simulations have been used to prove, contrary to popular belief, that giraffes can swim, although they wouldn't be very good at it

14 June 2010

While Jaguar at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility retained top spot in the latest Top500 list, it was a new entry from China at No. 2 that caught the eye

14 June 2010

What do you do with a million books? Or a million newspaper pages? Or a million art images? Alastair Dunning, programme manager for digitisation at JISC in the UK, discusses how new large-scale data analysis techniques of many different types of data sets can give researchers new insight.

02 June 2010

Microsoft has launched its Technical Computing Initiative with promises of revolutionising the way HPC is used by scientists, engineers, and analysts, but just how does the company intend to achieve this?

27 May 2010

Greg Blackman reports on the usefulness of the user meeting for the LIMS community from first-hand experience at LabVantage's UK user event

07 April 2010

The European Grid Initiative gets under way, and promises to offer abundant computing resources to scientists working on problems from high energy physics to sociology

22 February 2010

When will the HPC market recover from the economic downturn? Which are the hot segments that will drive growth? Which are the most promising technologies? Paul Schreier hears the predictions of market research company IDC

01 December 2009

The latest Top500 list, the 500 most powerful commercially available computing systems, has been published at SC09. Scientific Computing World reports on some of the supercomputers that made the list

12 October 2009

Now operating in its 10th year, the HPC User Forum held Meeting No. 35 at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) on 8-9 October, reports Paul Schreier

01 October 2009

Dr Peer Bork, a bioinformatician from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, has been awarded the Royal Society and Academie des sciences Microsoft Award for his work in the field of environmental genomics

01 September 2009

The acquisition of Life Technologies' SQL*LIMS business by LabVantage unites two prominent LIMS businesses in Sapphire and SQL*LIMS. Scientific Computing World speaks to Jim Aurelio, president and CEO of LabVantage, about the merger