Analysis & opinion

13 May 2011

Although engineering design and testing is cheaper and easier when done virtually, the adoption of computer aided engineering (CAE) is still proceeding slowly. Beth Sharp reports on the Seventh Altair CAE Technology Conference

11 April 2011

A supercomputing resource created by researchers at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA, is allowing scientists to study evolutionary relationships among large populations of living things in significantly shorter times

24 February 2011

Terrain thought to be inhabited by only the largest dinosaurs could have in fact been home to dozens of other creatures, according to research from the University of Manchester

06 January 2011

Cloud computing, where computing resources from shared servers are used via the internet, was one of the buzzwords of 2010. Many of us are using cloud applications whether we know it or not

15 November 2010

The 36th edition of the Top500 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers has been published, with the top spot taken by the Chinese Tianhe-1A system at the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin

03 November 2010

Venus-C, a pan-European programme designed to integrate cloud computing with European Research Grids for the benefit of the continents scientists and researchers, is about to announce an open call for project bids

21 October 2010

As the Formula One season approaches its finale, few spectators will be aware of the importance of HPC in perfecting the aerodynamics of a Grand Prix-winning car.

29 September 2010

Paul Schreier gets the lowdown on the third iteration of Microsoft's flagship HPC product

16 August 2010

Research for an European Commission-funded report has found that Europe has under-invested in HPC over the last five years, while the investments of other nations have grown, despite the recession

16 June 2010

Computer simulations have been used to prove, contrary to popular belief, that giraffes can swim, although they wouldn't be very good at it

14 June 2010

What do you do with a million books? Or a million newspaper pages? Or a million art images? Alastair Dunning, programme manager for digitisation at JISC in the UK, discusses how new large-scale data analysis techniques of many different types of data sets can give researchers new insight.

14 June 2010

While Jaguar at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility retained top spot in the latest Top500 list, it was a new entry from China at No. 2 that caught the eye