Analysis & opinion

17 April 2012

HPC tutorials are one of the highlights of the annual International Supercomputing Conference. To learn what's in store for ISC'12, Rich Brueckner caught up with Pavan Balaji from Argonne National Labs

11 April 2012

Manoj Nayee, managing director at Boston, discusses the revolutionary impact of GPUs

11 April 2012

The race is on, says The Exascale Report's Mike Bernhardt

11 April 2012

Scientific Computing World's Beth Sharp and Dr Tom Wilkie talk exascale in the ISC HPC blog

21 February 2012

ClusterVision's Dr Tony Kent discusses how the company is utilising its core strengths in HPC to deliver a service it calls the Total Cluster Lifecycle

16 February 2012

Transactional memory is a natural and obvious fit for future many-core products. Intels RTM is undeniably an easier programming model than many alternatives and can augment existing languages like C++ through libraries and extensions

07 November 2011

Peter Boogaard and Patrick Pijanowski argue that companies need to be clear about what they require from laboratory informatics if they are to make the right choice of system

24 June 2011

As a talking point, the development of memory technologies featured heavily at this year's International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), held in Hamburg, Germany

21 June 2011

Paul Schreier reports from the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany

16 June 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientifics Trish Meek discusses the importance of data management within biobanking

06 June 2011

Phil Butcher, the head of IT at the Sanger Institute, discusses how HPC is being used to tackle enormous amounts of genome data

24 May 2011

A team of scientists is using the pattern-detecting power of supercomputers to find important relationships among genes that may be responsible for traits in plants