Analysis & opinion

15 October 2020

William Thigpen, assistant division chief of HPC operations for NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division, discusses the role the facility plays in helping NASA to meet its goals

26 August 2020

Darren Barrington-Light, senior product marketing manager, eCDS, Thermo Fisher Scientific discusses the importance of cloud-based data management for effective collaboration and operational efficiency.

09 July 2020

Matthew Dovey, head of e-infrastructure (strategy) at Jisc, and member of the EOSC governance board gives his thoughts on the importance of cloud computing and improving digital infrastructure

03 July 2020

Ian Smith, of Cambridge’s Royal Papworth Hospital, discusses the use of big data for research into the behaviour of patients suffering from sleep problems

10 June 2020

Advances in computer vision combined with AI computing are helping pathologists to more accurately identify subtypes of cancer - leading to better treatments for patients, explains Dan Ruderman

07 April 2020

Cloud research tools provide a platform for new avenues of scientific research by providing fast access to bare-metal resources.

06 April 2020

Tate Cantrell, CTO, Verne Global, comments on the cost of the AI computing revolution

14 February 2020

Laurence Horrocks-Barlow, technical director of OCF predicts that containerisation, cloud and GPU based workloads are all going to dominate the HPC environment in 2020

12 February 2020

SciNote CEO Dr Klemen Zupancic discusses the challenge of improving reproducibility in science using ELN technology

12 February 2020

Wes Childs, senior director for engineering at IDBS, highlights how the cloud can help organisations accelerate drug discovery

06 January 2020

Achronix and Bittware collaborate on a new FPGA designed for cloud, AI and machine learning applications, writes Robert Roe

31 October 2019

Robert Roe interviews MathWorks Loren Dean, on the use of AI in modelling and simulation