White Papers

Cancer Research UK – Beatson Institute – Case Study Part III: Biological data management

By Dotmatics
25 February 2015

One of Cancer Research UK’s core-funded institutes, Cancer Research UK – Beatson Institute, is consolidating its Drug Discovery Programme (DDP) and RNAi Screening Facility (RSF) biological data in a centralised, fully searchable database that can be accessed via a flexible and configurable web interface

CRUK Manchester Institute - Case Study Part II: Dotmatics ELN – a software evolution

By Dotmatics
9 February 2015

In 2009, the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) of the CRUK Manchester Institute began building a laboratory, expert team and informatics infrastructure from the ground up. At the time, its current Head of Chemistry, Dr Allan Jordan, met with Dotmatics, the scientific informatics solutions provider, to discuss possible options for the future of its informatics implementation

Thermo Scientific SampleManager 11

By Trish Meek, Director of Strategy for the Informatics Business at Thermo Fisher Scientific
9 February 2015

Put control in the hands of your LIMS users and transform your business. SampleManager 11 puts decision-making power where it belongs, in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integration and data reporting for management metrics or regulatory requirements. Ideally, today’s labs aren’t only paperless; they are powerful enterprise drivers for business transformation. A workflow-driven LIMS delivers the agility necessary for today’s businesses to transform as the regulatory or economic environment requires.

Institute of Cancer Research - Case Study Part I: Beyond the visual: How Vortex speeds up data processing

By Dotmatics
27 January 2015

White Paper Lead ImageVortex, the data visualisation and analysis solution from Dotmatics, has reduced the processing time for a Thermal Shift Assay from half a day to less than one hour at the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research

Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System

By Thermo Fisher Scientific
28 October 2014

A comprehensive data and laboratory management solution like SampleManager LIMS, developed on paperless lab principles, is one of the most critical investments any business can make if they are moving towards a truly integrated and connected enterprise. SampleManager LIMS delivers a complete informatics solution for method execution, laboratory and data management.

HPC lights up solar power research

By Beth Harlen, Europa Science
16 October 2014

White Paper Lead ImageA four-year project to develop a concentrated solar power system coupled to micro-gas turbines for electricity generation is now in its second year. This paper details how and why the highly-specialised design process is being split between computer simulation run on a Transtec HPC system and the use of physical models

PBS Works Suite Deployed for Comprehensive Workload Management at The University of Nottingham

By Altair
26 September 2014

White Paper Lead ImageThe University of Nottingham chose the PBS Works suite for integrated workload management on their HPC systems – including PBS Professional for scheduling, PBS Analytics for analytics and reporting, and Compute Manager for web-based job submission and management. Thanks to PBS Works, the University has simplified system usage, improved cluster reliability and enhanced their capacity for future planning.

Using PBS Professional Hooks: Examples and Benefits

By Martin Nicholls
12 August 2014

White Paper Lead ImageThis paper examines practical uses of the PBS Professional® hook mechanism, to help achieve site requirements, based on our experiences at The University of Queensland Research Computing Centre. The paper includes descriptions of several real-world applications for job submission hooks (qsub_hook) and includes example code to help commence implementation of a generic hook able to handle both job submission and job modification events.