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A New Approach to Compute-intensive Engineering

26 March 2014

High-performance computing (HPC) is one of the most important technologies driving advances in computer-aided engineering (CAE). Yet HPC adoption within CAE has been hampered since procuring, managing and maintaining HPC clusters can be a complex and challenging process. Traditionally, it has been difficult for engineering organizations to choose and deploy the right HPC systems, and on-boarding new applications has required a high level of time and effort. Now, with pre-configured hardware/software solutions designed specifically for CAE engineers, companies can implement and use HPC resources in just hours – for improved application performance, greater user productivity, and reduced time to product delivery. In this webinar, Intel and Altair will cover the specific ways in which HPC computing can deliver value to engineering organizations, and will describe Altair's turnkey appliance solution that makes it easier and more affordable for engineering organizations to adopt HPC systems. Altair will also present a case study from one of its CAE appliance users.

Are 'data safaris' costing your lab?

19 June 2013

R&D organisations are challenged with delivering more consistent product innovation, while simultaneously becoming faster and more efficient – the on-going quest to ‘do more, with less’. However, many of the legacy R&D lab systems in place today are outdated, and fail in supporting the needs of scientists and their companies. This webcast will address why legacy systems are failing, and explore five key capabilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of R&D through experimentation, to find and analyse data from past experiments as a source of learning and knowledge, and gain control and insight over scientific resources – integrating heterogeneous systems to improve R&D efficiency. The webcast is now available on demand.

Technologies for an integrated laboratory

6 June 2013

New technologies and mounting business pressures have shifted laboratories away from paper-based processes towards electronic systems. A ‘paperless’ lab seems to solve many critical issues, from ensuring compliance to the elimination of transcription errors. However, because different systems can exist as isolated islands, each with its own data format, the next challenge is to create a unified, fully integrated, ‘smart’ environment. This webcast discusses the challenges that modern laboratories face, and presents an overview of the latest trends and developments in laboratory integration. The panel of experts will explain in detail some of the latest technology options, to help guide buying decisions and to create an integrated and ‘smart’ laboratory. The webcast comprises three presentations: Technologies for an integrated lab – a question of balance, John Trigg, phaseFour Informatics; Technology that integrates your lab - making it smarter, Ray Stonecipher, Starlims; Solving the laboratory efficiency and productivity puzzle - transforming lab data into scientific knowledge, Ted Pawela, Accelrys.

Configuration in high-performance computing

8 October 2012

The requirements of the HPC community require developers to configure systems for optimal performance at server, board, and systems levels so as to offer customers improved performance, scalability and flexibility and also to make them more energy efficient. Three experts, from Intel and from Appro, discuss the challenges and solutions

Green HPC

7 June 2012

Energy efficiency will be vital as we enter the new era of exascale computing. In this webcast, experts from Nvidia, SGI and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory offer their insights into the future of ‘Green HPC’.