Pittcon 2013

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Attracting more than 17,000 attendees from industry, academia and government from 90 countries worldwide, Pittcon is an annual conference and exposition that focuses on laboratory science.

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Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL)

Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) (booth #1809) provides software solutions, consulting services, technical support and hands-on training to Fortune 500 companies and laboratories that are ISO, CAP/CLIA, ELAP or NELAC certified. The company will exhibit Titan and Sample Master iLIMS. According to ATL, Titan goes beyond LIMS, providing comprehensive laboratory and business data management. Sample Master iLIMS is 100 per cent web-based and built on .Net. Both Titan and Sample Master iLIMS include dashboards and other data visualisation tools, along with integration with JMP statistical software. The image featured here is of examples of ATL’s user configurable dashboard technologies which provide a snapshot of laboratory performance.


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ACD/Labs (#1516) will exhibit ACD/Spectrus DB, the database at the core of the ACD/Spectrus Platform that enables chemical and analytical information to be re-used beyond its specific initial purpose. Traditional systems save analytical data as a report that either captures a decision or the raw data file. In both instances, interpretation of the data and knowledge gained from the experiment is lost. Spectrus DB aims at capturing live data to generate valuable insights and fill the knowledge gap. The platform unifies disparate information in a homogeneous multi-technique, multi-vendor environment and can be configured and customised to meet workflow requirements, and integrated into existing systems for maximum return on investment.


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Analyze IQ

Analyze IQ (#4027) provides advanced analysis software and services that enable commercial labs, academic researchers and integrated system providers to rapidly and accurately analyse mixtures of chemicals. The company’s software products provide greater accuracy using techniques not available elsewhere; are designed to minimise the risk of errors when performing analyses; and have modern, easy-to-use graphical interfaces.

The core products, Analyze IQ Lab, RealTime, Spectra Manager and Raman Spectra Library, enable Analyze IQ’s customers to interrogate all types of spectroscopic data automatically and organise their data effectively, to streamline decision making, thus giving a competitive edge by reducing errors and costs.




Information is key to all organisations; regulatory compliance around different information sets within a company emphasises the need for systematic storage, traceability and integrity of data. Autoscribe’s (#1813) quality management package can be offered as individual modules or as a suite of solutions, enabling organisations to face internal and external audits with confidence. As with all Autoscribe’s software solutions, its quality management system can be configured to suit specific company preferences and needs both now and in future. The Quality Management Suite facilitates compliance with ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO/TS 16949 (2002) for regulated companies to reduce risk, liability and costs.


Baytek International

Baytek International (#1921) has 30 years’ experience providing solutions and services for labs. Bliss, the industrial LIMS, is Baytek International's web LIMS for the refining, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical process industries. From a single site to a worldwide enterprise, innovative architecture and cutting-edge technology shorten implementation time, reduce cost and provide rugged security.

Enterprise Product Specification Management offers a secure web interface and complete management of change. iPRO offers fully integrated instrument interfacing for all types of instruments, such as GC and GC/MS. TurboTube offers a patented vial distribution and storage system for the entire laboratory, and BayID offers advanced RFID sample tracking in order to provide users with the exact time and location of sample collection.


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Bio-Rad (#2724) specialises in spectral databases and software solutions. The company provides access to more than 1.4 million spectra (IR, Raman, NIR, NMR, MS, UV-Vis), including Sadtler data. Researchers rely on these high-quality spectral databases to determine chemical composition of samples by comparing them to these reference spectra. Bio-Rad continually adds new spectral databases for critical application areas. At Pittcon, it will feature the latest additions to its ATR-IR, IR and Raman databases.

Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll software completes its arsenal with integrated tools for handling and analysing spectral data from multiple vendors and multiple instruments. The company will feature version 9.5 of the software including enhanced features for simultaneous multiple analytical techniques searches, mixture analysis, spectral viewing, etc.


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Dotmatics (#657) is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile pharma, biotech, CROs, chemical industries and academia. With the philosophy that all users want all their informatics tools available via a web browser, whether accessible locally or hosted on the Cloud, Dotmatics delivers to users an out-of-the-box ready-to-use platform that enables scientists to capture, register, share, collaborate, query, visualise and analyse all the information and knowledge they generate. Dotmatics’ enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organisations, from discovery research to development to early manufacturing. 


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Ethosoft (#1814) will be demonstrating its X-LIMS laboratory information management software system (LIMS). X-LIMS is a comprehensive and scalable system enabling laboratories to track data for all facets of their operations including: sample and specimen login and tracking, testing and quality control result management, inventory management and traceability, specification and limits, as well alerting and many additional features. Configurable workflows, template-driven data entry, advanced MS Excel integration, and auditing capabilities are just a small part of the X-LIMS experience. The system delivers flexibility and scalability and is designed to grow with laboratories. Visitors to the booth will see how X-LIMS is able to integrate with existing laboratory technology and leverage those systems. 


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LABS/Q LIMS from iCD (#1809) provides a unique LIMS application suite that combines high functionality, unlimited scalability, flexibility and extensibility on one single and validated platform. It represents an out-of-the-box, highly modular multi-language enterprise LIMS with integrated DMS, which is empowered by the new AnIML standard. Special built-in converters and viewers allow users to capture, analyse, share and archive data, and to use instrument-specific raw data transparently and continuously over long periods of time without opening the original software.

Automating the complete laboratory and business workflow, it supports all state-of-the art IT techniques, including virtualisation, App distribution and clustering, and provides true Apps for Android Tabs and Apple iPads, helping to make paperless labs a reality.



LabAnswer (#1908) has supported hundreds of major scientific data management systems and laboratory automation projects across more than a thousand laboratories. Its focus is largely on regulated industries involving scientific data management, including bioinformatics and drug development; basic research, pre-clinical R&D, translational medicine, clinical trials, vaccine development, biorepositories and manufacturing.

LabAnswer is a vendor-independent consultancy providing laboratory informatics services, including assessments, configuration/customisation, system/instrument integration, validation, training, data load/migration, organisational change management, deployment and maintenance. Support is also offered for the outsourcing of systems ranging from laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and laboratory instrument systems (LIS), to electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).


LabVantage Solutions

LabVantage Solutions (#1817) will showcase the new features for laboratory workflow, a pre-validated and preconfigured package for pharmaceutical environments, and many options for mobile computing. The company’s redesigned laboratory workflow engine enables administrators to define workflow processes in a highly intuitive and full-featured user interface.

LabVantage Pharma is the world’s only pre-validated and preconfigured pharmaceutical LIMS. It allows laboratories to quickly get up and running with a fully operational and validated LIMS at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional LIMS project. LabVantage will also showcase advanced compatibility with mobile devices. This allows the convenient flexibility to work in the laboratory, warehouse or out in the field.


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For Pittcon 2013, LabWare (#1903) will be showing the latest versions of its LabWare LIMS and LabWare ELN in its demonstration theatre. LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform is a unique and proven suite of product capabilities that encompass LIMS, ELN and LES method execution in an integrated and enterprise ready solution. Its Enterprise Laboratory Platform combines the LabWare LIMS and LabWare ELN, a comprehensive and fully integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook application, which enables companies to optimise compliance, improve quality, increase productivity and reduce costs. The company is a full-service provider offering software, professional implementation services and validation assistance, training and technical support to ensure customers get the maximum value from their LabWare products.



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From small businesses to large pharmaceutical companies, Ruro (#1806) solutions offer each laboratory modular steps for implementing critical information management systems. Ruro's partners may begin using FreezerPro, a system designed purely for sample management, but can then expand by integrating Sciency, Ruro's ELN or LIMS 24/7.

LIMS 24/7 is a full-scale LIMS known primarily for its ability to deploy effectively and efficiently in cross-discipline environments and for its work in the world's top genomics programmes. FreezerPro is used by more than 1,000 laboratories worldwide and according to the company is commonly viewed as the premier sample management system. Ruro’s software is RFID compatible, providing partners with out-of-the-box access to this emerging technology.



At Pittcon, Starlims (#1803) will demonstrate how its unified platform and new mobile applications offer efficient ways to consolidate and retrieve all types of lab information for manufacturing quality assurance. Starlims seamlessly incorporates electronic lab notebook (ELN) functionality and a scientific document management system in a single LIMS platform. New mobile apps will allow users to access LIMS data on a laptop computer or tablet device from manufacturing sites, warehouses and other remote locations. 

Starlims enables users to upgrade their technology without changing their business application and revalidating the entire system. With Starlims, a lab can help optimise operating efficiency and cost effectiveness of organisations’ manufacturing processes, and ensure that products satisfy all quality requirements. 


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The new Waters (#2139) Paradigm Scientific Search technology addresses barriers to the retrieval of archived scientific information produced by the laboratory, namely data archived in independent information silos, the inability to search on science objects such as chemical structures, spectra, chromatograms and the difficulty in retrieving unstructured data files. Paradigm Scientific Search creates a searchable index of data and other information stored in laboratory instrument-based applications, business systems, science applications and office applications, and empowers content consumers to find scientifically relevant information more readily so they can fully leverage their science content and make better evidence-based decisions.