PICMG 1.3 boards for Supersight e2

11 November 2009

Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging has introduced two PICMG 1.3 boards for its HPC platform, Matrox Supersight e2. The system host board (SHB-5520) and the x86 accelerator board (XAB-5520) support Intel's latest-generation microarchitecture, Nehalem, through the use of the Intel 5520 chipset.

The Nehalem microarchitecture will bring performance gains to high-throughput machine vision and imaging applications where data volumes continue to increase. Memory directly attached to the CPU offers higher bandwidth as a result of a shorter path, so traditionally I/O-bound operations (such as arithmetic and spatial filters with small kernels) enjoy higher performance. Intel QPI, the basis of a distributed shared memory architecture, improves communication between multiple processors, encouraging parallelism, which translates into performance gains for compute-bound operations like morphology with large kernels as well as I/O-bound operations.

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