Cliquid Software for Food Testing

31 October 2006

Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX has announced an automated system for detection of food contaminants, such as pesticides, dyes, mould-related toxins, and chemical and antibiotic residues.

The first application in a new family of Cliquid Software for routine laboratory analysis, Cliquid Software for Food Testing increases the precision and comprehensiveness of food-contaminant testing while also simplifying the process. As a result, food producers, manufacturers and public health testing facilities in the highly regulated environment of food production and safety testing can more quickly and thoroughly identify a wider range of contaminants. Cliquid Software has been designed to bring point-and-click functionality to the Applied Biosystems LC/MS/MS systems.

Applied Biosystems combined sensitive analytical tools with advanced software to create the new system. With pre-configured testing methods and the flexibility to create and add new methods, Cliquid Software allows testing facilities of any size to develop systematic testing protocols.

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