AxRecon Image Reconstruction Solution

AxRecon Image Reconstruction Solution -  Acceleware

26 March 2008


Acceleware has launched its AxRecon image reconstruction solution for the medical imaging, security, and non-destructive testing markets.

Image reconstruction for Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners often takes hours of processing time and represents a major barrier to efficiency for many organisations. Acceleware’s solution reduces the time required to complete this work from hours to minutes to speed up the imaging workflow.

The AxRecon solution combines Acceleware’s proprietary software acceleration libraries with the NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) to increase the speed of sophisticated computations. AxRecon seamlessly integrates with existing CT scanners with minimal setup. By accelerating algorithms such as filtered back-projection image reconstruction, clients are able to increase the speed of their operations and quality of their end results, while reducing the energy use and physical footprint of their high performance computing systems.

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