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Samplify, a leading intellectual property company for accelerating memory, storage, and I/O bottlenecks, has released its APAX HDF (hierarchical data format) Storage Library for high-performance computing (HPC), big data, and cloud computing applications


Project Team Builder (PTB)

The Altair Partner Alliance has announced the addition of the Project Team Builder (PTB) software from SandboxModel


SanDisk DAS Cache software offered with Dell PowerEdge servers

SanDisk, a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, has announced that SanDisk DAS Cache software will be offered by Dell for use in its next generation Dell PowerEdge servers with direct-attached storage (DAS)

Sapio Sciences

Exemplar LIMS v2

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS v2, which is the latest version of its LIMS system.

Exemplar LIMS v2.4.0

Sapio Sciences has launched Exemplar LIMS v2.4.0, which includes a range of new features, including Scheduling Manager and Sapio Synergy functionality.

Exemplar LIMS v3.0.0

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS v3.0.0, extending the product's flexibility and functionality with several new features

Exemplar Lims 4.0

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar Lims 4.0, which extends the product's functions in configurability and flexibility

Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0, a highly configurable LIMS, ELN and SDMS solution

Exemplar Dx LIMS

Sapio Sciences has announced the immediate availability of Exemplar Dx LIMS

Exemplar Biomarker Discovery LIMS

Designed to address the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for a single, integrated solution, Exemplar Biomarker Discovery LIMS for personalised medicine has been launched by Sapio Sciences

Exemplar LIMS for tablet computers

Sapio Sciences has released its Exemplar LIMS for tablet computers, such as the Google Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and iPad 2/3/4

Exemplar NGS LIMS

Sapio Sciences has announced the release of Exemplar NGS LIMS


vSMP Foundation Standalone software

ScaleMP, a provider of virtualisation solutions for high-end computing, has expanded its vSMP Foundation Standalone software product line to support the Supermicro SuperBlade server platform.

vSMP Foundation Standalone software

ScaleMP has launched vSMP Foundation Standalone, a virtualisation solution for use on HP ProLiant server blades.


Scality Ring 4.2

Scality has released Scality Ring 4.2, expanding support for universal data access with the introduction of new file sharing protocols including NFS and CIFS



Scapos has introduced GPI (Global Address Space Programming Interface), a new interface for application development for multicore architectures, which implements the PGAS (Partitioned Global Address Space) programming model


WSPGRADE/ gUSE and the CloudBroker Platform

The Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI), CloudBroker, and the Scientific gateway Based User Support (SCI-BUS) project have announced new versions of the two SCI-BUS base technologies which together extend cloud access for science gateways



Sciformatix has announced the availability of the Professional Edition of its SciLIMS samples and storage management (SSM) product, suitable for laboratories of all sizes


Sciformatix has introduced SciLIMS Samples and Storage Management (SSM): Professional Edition, a software-as-a-service based LIMS for small labs, emerging growth labs, and larger labs


Sciformatics has introduced three new versions of its Saas-based LIMS, SciLIMS


Scilab 5.4.0

A new version of Scilab, the open source software for numerical computation, is now available for download from Scilab Enterprises.

Raphaël Auphan appointed CEO of Scilab

Scilab, worldwide leader of open source numerical and scientific computation software, today announced the appointment of Raphaël Auphan as Scilab Chief Executive Officer.

Scilab Enterprises

Scilab 5.5.0

Scilab Enterprises a provider of open source software for numerical computation has released a new major release of its software, Scilab 5.5.0

Scilab Enterprises / Evidence Srl

E4Coder for the Scilab platform

Publisher and provider of open source numerical and scientific computation software, Scilab Enterprises, has announced the availability of E4Coder for the Scilab platform

Scimatic Software


Canadian developer Scimatic Software has announced the release of its Samples laboratory management software, a management tool to organise experiments and streamline laboratory workflows


A24 Series

Seneca has introduced the A24 Series, designed to scale to the evolving needs of small departmental research clusters as well as high-density national laboratories


InfiniteStorage 6120

SGI has launched the SGI InfiniteStorage 6120, a cost-effective storage product designed for superior density, high capacity, IOPs performance and multiple drive options

CloudRack X2

SGI has introduced the CloudRack X2, a series of scalable workgroup clusters for HPC, graphics and internet applications. The new model delivers extreme density and 99 per cent power distribution efficiency with Power XE in a 5ft square form factor

Octane III Personal Supercomputer

SGI has introduced the Octane III, its first personal supercomputer, combining the power and performance of an HPC deskside cluster with the portability and usability of a workstation

Altix UV supercomputer

SGI has introduced its Altix UV supercomputer, targeted at high-end supercomputing. The Altix UV uses Intel Xeon x86 processors to deliver a scalable shared-memory supercomputer

Cyclone cloud service

SGI has announced the availability of its Cyclone service, which it claims is the world’s first large-scale, on-demand cloud computing service dedicated to technical applications

Xeon 5600 support

SGI has announced full and immediate support of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series across its entire scale-out server lineup

Altix UV 10

SGI has launched the Altix UV 10, a high-performance quad-socket server that enhances the range of data-intensive applications addressed by the Altix UV product family

AMD's Opteron 6000 series platform

SGI has announced the availability of AMD's Opteron 6000 series platform in SGI server lines, offering increased performance and energy efficiency

InfiniteStorage Server 3500

SGI has released SGI InfiniteStorage Server 3500, a fully-integrated storage server that offers high density and power efficiency in a cost-effective package

Altix ICE 8400

SGI has announced the Altix ICE 8400, the next generation of the Altix ICE scale-out high performance computing (HPC) blade platform

InfiniteStorage 5000

SGI has released InfiniteStorage 5000, a RAID storage system that combines leading edge hardware with a choice of interfaces and drive technologies in a powerful external storage platform

InfiniteStorage 16000

SGI has announced the release of the SGI InfiniteStorage 16000, the next generation of high performance storage platforms aimed at mixed workload environments

SGI Altix UV 1000

CESCA, the Catalonia Supercomputing Centre, has chosen the SGI Altix UV 1000 for its HPC system to enable advanced scientific research in the areas of medical and environmental research, and astronomy

SGI Performance Suite and SGI Management Suite

SGI has announced the availability of SGI Performance Suite and SGI Management Suite, providing enhanced manageability, load management, scalability and improved performance across all its product lines

Jolt technology

SGI’s new Jolt technology will deliver improvements in speed, performance and scalability to its Altix UV

Prism XL

SGI has introduced a new product for accelerator-based high-performance computing. Purpose-built to control the scale and speed of accelerators, SGI Prism XL enables users to scale to tens of Pflops or large Tflop range


SGI has introduced ArcFiniti, a disk-based data archive solution to the issue of unstructured, file-based data

SGI’s Altix and Rackable servers gain Nvidia Tesla GPUs

SGI has announced availability of the latest Nvidia Tesla 20-series GPUs in its server product lines

Altix ICE

SGI has released the latest generation of its Altix ICE, a flexible, tightly integrated blade architecture based on the latest Intel Xeon (codenamed Sandy Bridge EP) processor series

Modular InfiniteStorage

SGI has announced the release of an integrated server and storage platform designed to provide Cloud and data storage customers with the maximum flexibility for compute and data management applications

InfiniteStorage 17000

SGI has announced the release of SGI InfiniteStorage 17000 for extreme data volumes, high-performance computing (HPC) and data-intensive real-time workloads

InfiniteStorage 5600

Technical computing company SGI has introduced its InfiniteStorage 5600 product – a next-generation, high-performance storage platform suited to high-performance computing and Big Data workloads

InfiniteStorage Gateway

SGI has announced InfiniteStorage Gateway, a virtualised data management solution that reduces the costs and complexity organisations face when managing exponential data growth

SIB and GeneBio


SIB and GeneBio launch neXtProt - human proteins knowledge platform


Simatic IT Unilab

Simatic IT Unilab is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is fully integrated with ERP, MES, PDM and lab equipment, bridging the gap between lab and production.

Teamcenter Express v5.3

Siemens PLM Software has announced version 5.3 of its Teamcenter Express software, expected December 2010

Solid Edge ST6

The latest release of Siemens PLM Software’ Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST6) includes several enhancements in the areas of design, simulation and collaboration

Solid Edge ST7

Siemens has recently announced a new version of its Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST7) which includes new functionality aimed at accelerating the product design process

Siemens LMS Imagine.Lab

Siemens PLM Software has released version 14 of its LMS Imagine.Lab

Silicon Mechanics

Tesla K10 hybrid architecture server

Silicon Mechanics, which manufactures rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing hardware, is now offering the Nvidia Tesla K10 GPU accelerator in its hybrid architecture server product line

Silicon Mechanics offers Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor

Silicon Mechanics, a manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage and high-performance computing hardware, now offers the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, based on Intel Many Integrated Cores technology

Support for AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors

Silicon Mechanics, a manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage and computing hardware, now offers AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors

Silicon Mechanics offers Tesla K20 GPU

Silicon Mechanics, a manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage and high-performance computing hardware, now offers the new Nvidia Tesla K20 GPU computing accelerator

zStax StorCore 104

Silicon Mechanics has introduced zStax StorCore 104, an enterprise-class, software-defined storage solution built on ZFS and based on industry standard x86 hardware

Silicon Mechanics supports E3-1200 v3

Silicon Mechanics now offers a range of products built with the newly launched Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v3 product family, the latest generation of processors for entry-level servers.


Silicon Mechanics has launched a partnership with Acellera to assemble the MetroCubo hardware-software appliance for running Acellera’s ACEMD bio-molecular simulation software

Seagate Constellation ES.3

Silicon Mechanics is now offering the new Seagate Constellation ES.3 hard drive

Tesla K40 GPU

Silicon Mechanics has announced that it now offers the Nvidia Tesla K40 GPU accelerator, as part of its GPU solutions product line

K40 GPU offered with GPU systems

Silicon Mechanics has announced that it now offers the NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerator, the world’s fastest accelerator, as part of its GPU Solutions product line

Rackform iServ R456

Silicon Mechanics has announced it now offers the Rackform iServ R456, a server equipped with Intel Xeon E7-4800v2 processors, formerly named Ivy Bridge-EX

NexentaStor 4.0 now available with Silicon Mechanics systems

Silicon Mechanics has adopted NexentaStor 4.0 Software Defined Storage (SDS) from its partner Nexenta

R4420 and Rackform iServ R4422

Silicon Mechanics has announced that it has expanded its high-density server family with the release of two 2U 4-node products based on Supermicro TwinPro architecture, the Rackform iServ R4420 and Rackform iServ R4422

SAS3 storage servers

Silicon Mechanics, announces the launch of four storage servers featuring end-to-end SAS3, including SAS3 controllers, backplanes, and drives, which allow for up to 12 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of throughput per port. Also available are two new SAS3 JBODs.

Silicon Mechanics to sponsor Massachusetts Green Team in the Student Cluster Competition

Silicon Mechanics has announced that it is sponsoring the Massachusetts Green Team in the Student Cluster Competition at the Supercomputing 2014 Conference & Exhibition, taking place November 16-21, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana

SAS3 storage servers

Silicon Mechanics, has announced the launch of four storage servers featuring end-to-end SAS3, including SAS3 controllers, backplanes, and drives, which allow for up to 12 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of throughput per port. Also available are two new SAS3 JBODs

Silicon Mechanics offers servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3

Silicon Mechanics, Inc. announces that it now offers servers powered by the latest Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family, which features more cores, more cache, faster memory, and an updated chipset with numerous I/O enhancements

Silk Scientific

Un-Scan-It Graph Digitising Software

Un-Scan-It software, from Silk Scientific, automatically converts scanned graphs to useful (x,y) data using a simple drag-and-drop interface

Un-Scan-It 7.0

Silk Scientific says digitising graphs just got easier with the Un-Scan-It Version 7.0 software

UN-SCAN-IT gel Version 7.1

The release of UN-SCAN-IT gel Version 7.1 software is designed to make the job of scanning gels easier than ever before.


MPA Info+ database

Simphotek has released a new MPA Info+ database aimed at laser experimentalists, researchers in photo-physics or photo-chemistry, as well as medical investigators, all of whom use multi-photon absorbers

Simufact Engineering

Simufact.forming version 9.0

Simufact Engineering, a provider of software and services in the area of bulk metal forming, has released version 9.0 of Simufact.forming, its powerful integrated massive forming solution

Simulations Plus

GastroPlus 8.5

Simulations Plus, a provider of simulation and modelling software for pharmaceutical discovery and development, has released version 8.5 of its GastroPlus software for the simulation of gastrointestinal absorption, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics

Smart Storage Systems

UlltraDimm SSD

Smart Storage Systems has launched an enterprise-class ultra-low latency (ULL) SSD

SOA Software

Semantics Manager

SOA Software has announced that Semantics Manager, an information model and standards alignment platform, has been optimised for use in the life sciences and biopharma industry


Inspire 9.0

solidThinking has announced the release of Inspire 9.0, the latest version of its simulation-driven product development software

Inspire 9.5

SolidThinking has released the latest version of its Inspire software, which is aimed at allowing design engineers, product designers and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily

solidThinking Evolve 9.5

SolidThinking's Evolve 9.5 software lets users work in what the company says is a natural and unrestricted fashion, enabling faster creation of complex products

solidThinking Evolve

solidThinking has announced the latest version of its solidThinking Evolve software

solidThinking Inspire

solidThinking, today announced the latest version of solidThinking Inspire, adding a multitude of new features

Spectra Logic

Spectra T-Finity

Spectra Logic has introduced the Spectra T-Finity library, an advanced enterprise tape library that meets demanding archive and backup requirements

Updates and enhancements to BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway

Spectra Logic today announced updates and enhancements to its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway

100th US patent for Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic, a storage company based in the United States, has been granted its 100th United States patent

Spectra Verde DPE

Spectra Logic has unveiled Spectra Verde DPE, a new shingled magnetic recording (SMR)-based NAS disk platform designed to provide high-density bulk storage for reliable, high-capacity digital preservation

Spectra Logic announces plans for LTO-7 Technology

Spectra Logic has announced it is now taking orders for Spectra tape libraries configured with Linear Tape-Open Generation 7 (LTO-7) technology

Springer Science and Business Media

Springer Protocols

Springer Science and Business Media has released Springer Protocols, which is a protocol database of more than 18,000 searchable online protocols in life sciences and biomedicine.


Starlims Version 10

Starlims released Starlims Version 10, an entirely web-based off-the-shelf LIMS that offers enterprise-wide interoperability, no client-side software installations and a short learning curve, and works on Internet and Intranet environments.

Starlims Electronic Notebook

Starlims will introduce its new electronic laboratory notebook at Pittcon 2009, to be held in Chicago, from 9-13 March

Starlims Version 11

Starlims Version 11 LIMS software will be available worldwide in June 2013



STATISTICA is based on an extremely scalable and expandable architecture and high-end technologies. As a result, it offers unique functionality and usability that currently no other competing product can match.

Statistica version 9

StatSoft has released of version 9 of its Statistica platform, offering many new features and adding functionality to the entire Statistica product line.

Statistica 12

StatSoft has released version 12 of its high-performance predictive modelling and data analytics reporting platform, Statistica

Statistica HP

StatSoft has introduced Statistica HP, the latest release of version 12 of the Statistica analytics platform, designed to utilise information contained in extremely large data sets using massively parallel and in-memory processing


Statistica/ProMV 13.08

StatSoft and ProSensus have teamed up to offer an integrated suite of software tools and engineering services

Stone Bond Technologies


Stone Bond Technologies has introduced MicroLIMS, a web-based SaaS offering to automate workflows at microarray core laboratories. The service is designed to compliment Stone Bond's EE-LIMS product

Strand Scientific Intelligence

Avadis NGS

Strand Scientific Intelligence has released its Avadis NGS software application for next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis


RASS - Reconfigurable Accelerating Scalable SuperComputing

Sundance has introduced RASS, an adaptable supercomputing accelerator platform supported by commercially available industry standard design tools

Super Micro Computer

TwinBlade blade server

Super Micro Computer has introduced its TwinBlade product, the latest addition to its SuperBlade family of blade servers packing 20 dual-processor compute nodes into a 7U enclosure


SuperBlade and SuperServer

Supermicro has introduced its eight-way enterprise server solution with up to 64 Xeon processor cores in 5U, and its SuperBlade system that supports 20 GPUs in a single 7U blade enclosure


A new line-up of Supermicro's SuperWorkstations designed specifically to meet the needs of engineers, architects, 3D and visual effects artists and graphic designers is being brought to market by Colfax International

G34 Motherboards and server solutions

Supermicro is shipping new single, dual and quad socket G34 motherboards and server solutions with the latest AMD Opteron 6300 series processors

Symbion Systems

Symbion LX

Symbion LX from Symbion Systems can operate and integrate many different spectrometers and other analytical instruments via a single configurable user interface.

Symbion-LX, Version 2.1

Symbion Systems, a provider of analytical instrument control, analysis, and connectivity software, has introduced version 2.1 its of Symbion-LX software, adding several new features

Symbion-DX version 2.5

New software Symbion-DX version 2.5 maintains the advanced features of earlier versions while adding new capabilities


Symyx Draw

New add-ins to the Symyx Draw software will allow users to calculate physical properties, generate IUPAC nomenclature, and predict NMR chemical shifts from within the chemical drawing software.

Symyx Notebook

Symyx has released the Symyx Notebook, which is an enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of biologists and analytical chemists out-of-the-box.

Symyx Draw 3.1

Symyx has released Symyx Draw 3.1, a software package for drawing chemical structures and querying for searching, registration, and collaboration.

Symyx Assay Explorer 3.2

Symyx has released v3.2 of its Assay Explorer biological information management system that enables scientists to capture experimental data and methodologies into a central repository

DiscoveryGate Web Service

Symyx has released DiscoveryGate Web Service, providing programmable access to the DiscoveryGate content platform that hosts current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers

Isentris Personal Edition

Designed for small to mid-size R&D organisations and for individuals, Symyx Isentris Personal Edition brings advanced scientific information management, exploration and sharing capabilities to scientists without requiring an enterprise deployment

ChemMobi App

ChemMobi App, from Symyx Technologies, is now available for free via Apple's App Store, providing information on chemical structures, chemical properties, suppliers and other information in the Symyx databases directly on an iPhone or iPod touch

Isentris 3.2

Symyx Technologies has released Isentris 3.2, its decision support system that enables scientists to explore, compare and report on information spanning multiple experiments captured in ELNs, LIMS, the Symyx Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software suite, and other information management systems

All New DiscoveryGate

Symyx has released All New Discovery Gate, a powerful portal for accessing a wealth of scientific information through the web

Symyx Direct 7.0

Symyx has released the Symyx Direct 7.0 data cartridge, a one-stop solution for registering, searching and retrieving chemical and biological entities stored in relational databases

Symyx Technologies

Process and Formulations ELNs

Symyx Technologies has released new programs for its Process and Formulations electronic lab notebooks (ELN). The new releases support both cumulative and pre-blend formulation types.

Symysx Isentris Version 3.0

Following its acquisition of MDL’s products, Symyx Technologies has made several improvements to the MDL Isentris informatics system. Symyx Isentris Version 3.0 integrates information from both internal and external sources.

Symyx Automation Studio

Symyx Technologies has launched its Symyx Automation Studio, an enterprise software solution that accelerates experimental workflows and improves R&D productivity by automating and controlling multiple laboratory instruments.

Symyx Notebook

Symyx Technologies has released its Symyx Notebook - a new, enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of biologists and analytical chemists out-of-the-box.

Logistics 1.3

Symyx Technologies has launched Symyx Logistics 1.3, designed to improve R&D productivity and synthesis confidence by effectively managing the chemical reagent procurement and inventory tracking needs of laboratories and research centres.

Symyx Direct 6.1 and ISIS/Host 5.2 informatics system

Symyx Technologies has released the Symyx Direct 6.1 chemistry data cartridge and ISIS/Host 5.2 informatics system for registering, retrieving, displaying and analysing scientific information.

Isentris 3.1

Symyx Technologies has released the Symyx Isentris informatics system that provides many new, productivity-enhancing capabilities.

Symyx Registration 1.5 Software

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Registration 1.5. This release offers R&D organisations of all sizes a flexible, fully featured, Isentris-based approach to building and managing consistent, searchable, and shareable corporate compound registries based on Symyx's chemical representation technology.

Symyx Notebook 6.1

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Notebook 6.1, supporting analytical chemistry and biology workflows.

Symyx Notebook 6.2 ELN

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Notebook 6.2 including new functionalities supporting synthetic and medicinal chemistry investigations

Symyx Notebook 6.3

Symyx has released Symyx Notebook 6.3, a major upgrade to its enterprise ELN, adding parallel chemistry support for synthetic and medicinal chemistry

Symyx hosted informatics software

Symyx Technologies has announced the launch of hosted informatics software to researchers working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries and academia


ProtoCOL V1.4

Synbiosis has launched its ProtoCOL V1.4 colony counting and inhibition zone sizing software, designed to save microbiologists time, by automating many routine plate based image analysis tasks.


Synbiosis has released its ProtoCOL software for automatic colony and inhibition zone analysis, as well as full validation information for its entire range of automated colony counters.


dSPACE 1.3

Synect has released version 1.3 of the dSPACE Synect data management software



Syngene has released its Dymension software for automated 2D protein gel analysis, which now includes common spot outlines, a revolutionary algorithm for automatically detecting presence or absence of proteins in large data sets.

GeneSnap Version 7.02

Syngene has updated its image acquisition software, GeneSnap Version 7.02, which is available free of charge to GeneSnap customers.

Software and validation info for Dyversity, G:BOX and GeneGnome range

Syngene has released new software and validation information for its Dyversity, G:BOX and GeneGnome range of image analysis systems.

Upgrade to GeneTools V4 1D Gel Analysis Software

Syngene has released GeneTools V4 (a) 1D gel image analysis software including new rapid, accurate band matching features.


LightTools version 7.1

Synopsys has announced the availability of enhancements to its LightTools illumination design and analysis software

Code V v10.3

Synopsys has released v10.3 of Code V, its optical design and analysis software package

LightTools 8.0

Synopsys has announced the availability of version 8.0 of its LightTools illumination design software, which delivers multi-CPU support that improves the speed of lighting system simulations



Syrris has released Medstere, innovative software designed specifically for medicinal chemists that suggests novel bioisosteres for a lead compound


SysFera-DS 4.0

SysFera has released SysFera-DS 4.0 an intuitive web portal which simplifies HPC infrastructure management and remote application usage

SysFera and Kitware integrating two core products

SysFera, a software innovator that simplifies management and accessibility of high performance computing (HPC) environments, and Kitware, a leading R&D software provider for scientific data analysis and visualisation, announced today that they are integrating their two core products

Systat Software

SigmaPlot 10

SigmaPlot 10 is a scientific graphing and data analysis software package that allows users to customise every graph in detail and create publication-quality graphs.

Mystat 12

Systat Software has launched Mystat 12, a freely downloadable statistical analysis software package designed specifically for use by students and the teaching community.

SigmaPlot 11

Systat Software has released SigmaPlot 11, the latest version of its scientific graphing and data analysis software.

Systat 13

Systat Software has launched Systat 13 featuring new statistical methods, faster data computation and an optional module which adds Cytel's Exact Tests functionality

SigmaPlot 12

The latest version of Systat Software’s scientific data analysis and graphing software package has been released

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