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Raima Database API for LabView

Database management system technology developer Raima has announced a strategic relationship with National Instruments to integrate Raima's RDM Embedded technology directly into NI LabView

Reaction Design

Forte CFD

Reaction Design has introduced Forte, a CFD package for realistic 3D modelling of fuel effects in internal combustion engines

Red Hat

Storage Server 2.1

Red Hat has released Storage Server 2.1, which combines the reliability and enterprise-grade features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 with the latest GlusterFS community release, oVirt, the open source virtualisation platform, and XFS File System


Repositive initiates partnership with Xpressomics

Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve access to human genomic research data, has announced a deal with Xpressomics, a genes expression search engine



Rescentris has made its CERF ELN available to iPad and iPhone platform clients and launched the CERF Early Technology Access Program for its global customer base

Resolver Systems

Resolver One 1.8

Resolver Systems has launched Resolver One 1.8, an upgraded version of its advanced programmable spreadsheet


GS Junior System - software upgrade

Software upgrade designed to make sequencing solution more user-friendly

Rockwell Automation

Pavilion8 version 4.0

Rockwell Automation’s Pavilion8 model predictive control software has been updated with new tools to enable users to create simple to complex process models on their own

Rogue Software

TotalView 8.13

Rogue Wave have announced the latest version of TotalView (8.13), its parallel debugging software for HPC systems

Rogue Wave Software

TotalView Software within SGI Development Suite

The TotalView Team application verification, optimisation and debugging software from Rogue Wave Software is now available as part of the SGI Development Suite software development environment

ReplayEngine 2.0 and TotalView 8.9.1

Rogue Wave Software has simultaneously released ReplayEngine 2.0 and TotalView 8.9.1. This suite of products simplifies debugging and memory analysis, especially for applications that are data-intensive, multi-threaded, or distributed across a network or cluster

TotalView update

Rogue Wave Software is repackaging TotalView to include Nvidia Cuda debugging support and ReplayEngine, for reverse debugging, as standard

TotalView 8.10

Parallel debugger TotalView 8.10 has been released with expanded support for the Cray XT, Cray XE and Cray XK lines of supercomputers

ThreadSpotter for Cray XE

Rogue Wave Software, which provides cross-platform HPC software development, has released ThreadSpotter 2012.1 offering support for the Cray XE supercomputers

Phi coprocessor support

Rogue Wave Software, which provides software development tools and embedded components for HPC applications, has announced its product portfolio supporting the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

TotalView 8.11

Rogue Wave Software has announced the release of version 8.11 of its parallel debugger, TotalView

TotalView 8.12

Rogue Wave Software, a provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components for the next generation of HPC applications, announced the release of its leading parallel debugger, TotalView 8.12

Rogue Wave Software/Bright Computing

TotalView paired with Bright Cluster Manager

Rogue Wave Software, a provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components for the next generation of high-performance computing applications, has announced a strategic partnership with Bright Computing

Romax Technology

Dynamic Fusion

Romax Technology has launched Dynamic Fusion, a new way to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of component, gearbox and driveline Multibody Dynamic (MBD) analysis

Royal Holloway, University of London


Scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London, have developed BioSynLab, a software tool for the analysis of large metabolic datasets that reduces dramatically the time required for the analysis


RSC provides supercomputer for St Petersburg university

St Petersburg, the leading developer and integrator of innovative solutions for HPC segment and data centers in Russia and CIS region has announced the project to create the most innovative and one of the most powerful supercomputing centers in Russia for St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) with peak performance over 1.1 Petaflops

RSC showcases new Tornado cluster at ISC

RSC Group, a developer of solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) and data centres in Russia and CIS has demonstrated a new generation of its high performance, scalable and energy-efficient RSC Tornado platform for HPC. The new version of Tornado features direct liquid cooling based on the newest multi-core Intel Xeon Phi processor

RSC Group

RSC Tornado

RSC Group has demonstrated an update of its RSC Tornado architecture

RTS Life Science


RTS Life Science has launched RTS A2, a versatile solution for small scale automated sample storage.



Ruro has released Sciency, an ELN that creates a scalable, integrated research environment, enabling secure data sharing, project management, and interaction with existing systems and databases

Sciency 3.5

Ruro has updated its scalable electronic laboratory notebook, Sciency

LIMS 24/7 Version 4

Ruro releases LIMS 24/7, a solution that provides users with comprehensive mining into data and metadata


FreezerPro is a frozen sample management solution that its manufacturer says is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory


Ruro, a LIMS and sample management system provider, has announced the release of Limfinity, the engine behind Ruro’s LIMS 24/7 – now available as a stand-alone system that can be used without expert knowledge

Limfinity 5

Ruro, a LIMS, RFID and Sample Management systems provider, has released Limfinity version 5

RURO expands offices to China

RURO, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and RFID Solutions provider, today officially announces the opening of its first international office. Located in the prestigious Boji Science Park, Baoshan District in Shanghai, PRC, RURO Shanghai’s doors are open.

FreezerPro version 7

RURO, a provider of LIMS, RFID and sample management solutions has released FreezerPro version 7, the latest major content upgrade to its sample management software

Ruro launches LimitLIS

Ruro has announced the launch of its new laboratory information system (LIS), limitLIS. The new software platform combines all the features of existing LIS systems with optimised performance and unparalleled ease of use

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