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Palisade Corporation

DecisonTools Suite version 5.5.1

Palisade Corporation has released its popular DecisonTools Suite software in five additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese



Panasas has expanded the ActiveStor product line with increased performance, enterprise-class storage capabilities and a new second-tier parallel storage solution.

ActiveStor software

Panasas has begun shipping a new software release that increases data protection capabilities and overall application performance for data-intensive enterprises


Panasas has released PAS HC, a high capacity, multi-petabyte, scale-out NAS system. The PAS HC is ideal for organisations requiring massive scalability, cost efficiency and performance in the capture and archiving of huge amounts of data

PAS 12

The Panasas ActiveStor 12 (PAS 12), fourth-generation storage-blade architecture, features the company’s PanFS parallel file system, 64-bit multi-core processing and integrated 10GbE technology, more than doubling performance, moving from 600MB/s to 1.5GB/s per chassis

ActiveStor 11

Panasas has released the ActiveStor 11 parallel storage system appliance

ActiveStor 14

Panasas has introduced what the company states is the world's fastest fully integrated parallel storage solution, ActiveStor 14


Panasas has introduced DataRunner, file transfer software designed to overcome the data movement challenges found in distributed scale-out storage environments

ActiveStor supports Xeon Phi

Panasas now supports the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor across its ActiveStor scale-out storage solutions, and the company claims that this makes Panasas the first storage vendor to unlock the full potential of the Xeon Phi

PanFS 5.5

Panasas, a provider of hybrid scale-out NAS for technical research and enterprise customers, has released PanFS 5.5, a major storage operating system update for its ActiveStor scale-out NAS appliances

David Sallak joins Panasas as vice president of industry marketing

Panasas, the leader in hybrid scale-out NAS for enterprise and research environments, today announced it has appointed David Sallak as its new vice president of industry marketing

Part Engineering


Part Engineering's Converse package provides a coupling between FEM solvers for injection moulding simulation and mechanical simulation


PDF3D Software Development Kit Release 1.4.2

The PDF3DSoftware Development Kit Release 1.4.2 is now available including novel 3D dynamic labels, a VRML to 3D PDF application, interactive viewing inside PowerPoint presentations and many technical improvements in PDF3D document generation.


PDTec and SSC-Services to offer a cloud based solution for data exchange

PDTec, based in Karlsruhe, and SSC-Services GmbH, based in Böblingen, have agreed to offer a joint, cloud-based solution for effective data exchange between OEMs, suppliers, and engineering service providers

Penguin Computing

Altus 1750

Penguin Computing has announced the immediate availability of the new Altus 1750 server

Penguin Computing's Intel-based product portfolio

Penguin Computing has announced the immediate availability of the company's new product portfolio that is entirely based on the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family

Relion E-series

Penguin Computing has released its Relion E-series line of servers, based on Intel's Xeon E5-2600 processor

Relion 800E and Relion 2804E

The latest additions to Penguin Computing’s E-series server line, the Relion 800E and the Relion 2804E, are now available

Scyld Cloud Management Platform (SCMP)

Penguin Computing has announced the availability of the Scyld Cloud Management Platform (SCMP) on its public HPC cloud, Penguin Computing on Demand (POD)

Altus Servers certified on CDH4

Penguin Computing's Altus 1850i and Altus 2850GTi servers are now certified on CDH4 (Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Version 4), the company has announced

Relion 2808GT

Penguin Computing has released the Relion 2808GT, its new supercomputing server that supports eight GPUs or coprocessors in two rack units

Icebreaker CS

Penguin Computing, a provider of high-performance and enterprise computing solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the Icebreaker CS storage platform

Penguin Computing on Demand

Penguin Computing is developing what it describes as a highly efficient, large-scale cloud storage deployment with industry partners Calxeda and Inktank


Penguin Computing has introduced the Arctica line of Ethernet network switches, a branded suite of industry standard Ethernet switches that are offered with multiple networking software options and enterprise support

Microserver platform

A new microserver platform based on the Intel Atom processor C2000 product family has been introduced by Penguin Computing

Relion 2808GT

Penguin Computing has introduced the Relion 2808GT with a rack direct-to-chip liquid cooling (DCLC) solution by CoolIT

Arctica 4806xp open network switch

Penguin Computing, a provider of high performance, enterprise data centre and cloud solutions, today announced imminent availability of the new Arctica 4806xp open network switch based on the Broadcom StrataXGS Trident II chipset

Penguin Computing announce Scyld ClusterWare for Hadoop

Penguin Computing, a provider of high performance, enterprise datacentre and cloud solutions, has announced Scyld ClusterWare for Hadoop

Perkin Elmer

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Labworks 6.1

PerkinElmer has released version 6.1 of Labworks LIMS. Building upon its Labworks 6.0 platform, Labworks 6.1 delivers a laboratory information management system with a zero footprint web client


Labworks LIMS

PerkinElmer offers the Labworks LIMS system. Labworks LIMS provides a wide array of system integration solutions and expertise for ERP and production control systems from a variety of vendors.

Reaction Genius

The Reaction Genius software platform for better chemistry knowledge sharing and workflow productivity has been introduced by PerkinElmer at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2012 National Meeting and Exposition

Ensemble for Biology

PerkinElmer has launched an integrated informatics suite of applications for creating a collaborative and integrated biology workflow, named Ensemble for Biology

Asset Genius

PerkinElmer has launched informatics-based business intelligence solution, Asset Genius

Ensemble for QA/QC

Ensemble for QA/QC, an integrated informatics solution tailored to decrease procedural errors and accelerate data review and results delivery of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) laboratories, has been released

Search Genius

PerkinElmer has launched its Search Genius application, a solution designed for the Microsoft SharePoint platform that provides researchers with a single software system to search, save and share unstructured data stored throughout their organisation

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13.0 Suite

Version 13.0 of the ChemBioOffice Informatics Suite has been released by PerkinElmer

ChemDraw and Chem3D for iPad

PerkinElmer has announced the availability of the ChemDraw and Chem3D apps

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences

Labworks Green

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences has introduced a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically for the growing biofuels industry.

Labworks Green

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences has tailored its existing Labworks LIMS system for the growing biofuels industry. Labworks Green monitors the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.


PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools

PGI, a suite of high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools, now features support for the latest version of the OpenACC programming standard on accelerator platforms

Pico Computing

M-506 FPGA module

Pico Computing has announced the availability of the M-506 FPGA (field-programmable gate array), the company’s first module to feature an Altera 28-nm Stratix V FPGA

Pistoia Alliance


The Pistoia Alliance has released the HELM biomolecular representation standard software toolkit and editor under the permissive open source MIT licence

Platform Computing

Platform Open Cluster Stack - Dell Edition

Platform Computing has established a Dell Edition of its HPC management software solution OPS, a pre-integrated, vendor-certified stack optimised for Dell hardware.

Platform HPC Academic product bundle

Platform Computing has launched the Platform HPC Academic product bundle for universities and research institutions.

Platform HPC Academic

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Academic, a workload management product bundle enabling universities and research institutions to accelerate compute and data intensive applications, and manage cluster and grid systems

Virtual Computing Cluster

Platform Computing's Virtual Computing Cluster is a dynamic resource management solution combining Platform's VMO and VMware infrastructure

Platform HPC for ICE-Linux

Platform Computing has released Platform HPC for ICE-Linux, combining the power of platform computing with the multi-systems management of HP Insight Control suite for Linux

Platform HPC Workgroup Manager

Platform Computing has introduced Platform HPC Workgroup Manager, a new channel-specific solution developed for organisations with workgroup and departmental-sized compute clusters

Platform GPU kits

Platform Computing has introduced GPU kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC Workgroup products, to support Nvidia's Cuda-enabled GPUs

Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster and cloud bursting capabilities

Platform Computing has expanded its cloud computing capabilities for high performance computing (HPC) with two new offerings: Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster and cloud bursting capabilities.

Platform Application Centre

Platform Computing has introduced the Platform Application Centre, a new product that enables HPC end users to submit and manage various HPC applications easily via a web-based portal interface

Platform HPC Enterprise Edition

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive cluster management solution to help set up and use a cluster with more power and simplicity for technical application users

Platform RTM 8 and Platform Analytics 8

The latest versions of two tools designed to help HPC administrators and IT managers monitor and report on HPC workloads and analyse the associated data have been released by Platform Computing


Pointwise CFD software

Pointwise has released the latest version of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software

Pointwise version 17.1 R3

Pointwise announces the latest release of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software which includes enhanced techniques for evaluating mesh quality and new native interfaces to CFD solvers

Pointwise 17.1 R4

The latest release of Pointwise's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software is now compatible with the GridPro grid generator, the company has announced

Pointwise 17.2

Pointwise, a provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, has announced the latest release of its Pointwise CFD meshing software

Pointwise Version 17.2 R2

Pointwise announces the latest release of its eponymous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software in which the ability to rapidly generate layers of hexahedral cells has been significantly enhanced

Pointwise CFD meshing software

Pointwise announces the latest release of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software featuring direct integration with overset grid assembly (OGA) software.

Poly Software International

PSI-Plot Version 8.8

Poly Software International has released its software package for technical plotting and data processing: PSI-Plot version 8.8 for Windows.

ProStat Version 4.8

Poly Software International has released its software package for statistical analysis and technical plotting: ProStat version 4.8 for Windows.

PSI-Plot Version 9

Poly Software International has released the latest version of its software package for technical plotting and data processing: PSI-Plot version 9 for Windows

Poplar Solutions


Poplar Solutions has released the latest version of its Labcore Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Portland Group

PGI 2013

The Portland Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has announced that the 2013 release of the PGI parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows is now available

Premier Biosoft International

SimGlycan v2.7

Premier Biosoft International has released v2.7 of SimGlycan, an MS/MS data analysis tool that now supports the ability to draw and edit glycans and annotate MS spectra with cartoons for publication

AlleleID v7.5

Premier Biosoft International has released v7.50 of AlleleID, which enables xMAP users to design differentiation assays

Primer Premier

Premier Biosoft International has released Primer Premier v6, which allows users to design highly specific standard PCR and SNP genotyping assays

Beacon Designer version 7.7

Premier Biosoft International has released Beacon Designer version 7.7, featuring design support for high resolution melting analysis (HRMA) primers

SimGlycan 2.92

Premier Biosoft International has announced the worldwide release of version 2.92 of its MS data analysis tool, SimGlycan


Simlipid from Premier Biosoft International analyses lipid mass spectrometric data for characterising lipids and can annotate mass spectra with identified lipid structures and abbreviations

Pro-curo Software

Pro-curo software

Fully compliant with the FDA's 21CFR Part 11 requirements, Pro-curo software stores a complete history of every sample transaction for future traceability, it has been announced

Promise Technology


Storage specialist, Promise Technology has boosted its VessRaid storage system to offer users 160TB of data capacity

SmartStor NSx700 Series

Promise Technology has introduced the next generation of its SmartStor network attached storage (NAS) line; the NSx700 Series


BatchReactor (update)

Providing simulation and optimisation software to the process industries, ProSim has released a new version of its software for batch chemical reactors simulation, BatchReactor



GenoLogics has upgraded its Proteus software solution. GenoLogics' Proteus solution now includes Automated Informatics, a technology framework that enables powerful bioinformatics pipelining and analytics automation.


Powerserve Duo T2000

PSSC Labs has introduced the Powerserve Duo T2000

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