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Olympus has introduced a new pathology test request management system, RequestVision, to streamline the process of medical testing. The software reduces administration time and improves test turnaround times.

CellSens software

Olympus has introduced its CellSens software for life science imaging applications, consisting of three packages: CellSens Entry, CellSens Standard and CellSens Dimension

Olympus cellSens Dimension Multichannel 5D Solution module

The new Multichannel 5D Solution module for Olympus’ cellSens Dimension software simplifies microscopy experiments by providing advanced, automated acquisition of Z-stacks, multiple fluorescence channels and time-lapse series

cellSens Dimension Database Solution module

Olympus has released its Database Solution module for the cellSens Dimension software suite

cellSens Dimension Count and Measure Solution module

Olympus has announced the release of its Count and Measure Solution module for the cellSens Dimension software suite

CellSens 1.8

The latest cellSens software release, version 1.8, is aimed at offering flexible and user-centric imaging, processing, analysing and reporting

Open Scalable File Systems

Lustre 2.5

Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS), the non-profit organisation coordinating the Lustre file system community, has announced the availability of Lustre 2.5


Data Storage Software (DSS) V7

Open-E, a developer of data storage software for building and managing centralised storage servers, has announced the general availability of its flagship product, Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) V7 now with Hyper-V Cluster Support

Open-E Data storage software V7 certified on the Dell PowerEdge R720

Open-E, a developer of data storage software, has announced it has become a certified technology partner in Dell's Technology Partner Program

Open-E support products

From 1 October 2013, Open-E, a leading developer of data storage software, will add new support products to its portfolio, including Support Upgrades, Renewals and Reinstatements

Open-E Data Storage V7

Open-E has announced its latest version of Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) V7

OpenEye Scientific Software

FastROCS 1.0

OpenEye Scientific Software, a developer of molecular modelling and cheminformatics solutions for drug discovery, has released FastROCS 1.0 to its collaborators at Abbott Labs and Pfizer

OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB)

OpenMP 4.0

The OpenMP consortium has released OpenMP 4.0 application program interface (API)

OpenMP Consortium

OpenMP 4.0

The OpenMP Consortium has released OpenMP 4.0, a major upgrade of the OpenMP standard language specifications


OpenNebula 3.4

Release offers 'most powerful open-cloud solution for VMware'


StarDrop 4.3

Optibrium has launched its StarDrop 4.3 software. The company claims that its software offers advantages over traditional predictive modelling platforms, allowing researchers to focus expensive in-house resources


Optibrium, a provider of software solutions for drug discovery, has introduced StarVue, a free desktop application enabling scientists to view compound structures and data quickly and conveniently

StarDrop 5

The next generation of StarDrop will be officially launched by Optibrium at the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Exposition later this month


Optibrium has launched a new version of StarVue, its free desktop application that enables scientists to quickly and conveniently view sets of compound structures and related data

StarDrop 5.1

Optibrium has launched StarDrop 5.1, an upgraded version of its support tool that helps drug discovery scientists to guide key decisions in drug discovery and quickly achieve successful project outcomes

StarDrop 5.2

Optibrium has introduced a new version of its StarDrop platform. StarDrop 5.2 is the first result of the technology exchange between Optibrium and Cresset announced earlier this year

StarDrop 5.3

Optibrium has released version 5.3 of its StarDrop platform, with new features focused on the design of virtual libraries, guided by StarDrop's multi-parameter optimisation capabilities

StarDrop 5.4

Optibrium, a developer of software for drug discovery, has released version 5.4 of its StarDrop™ software platform


Optibrium, a developer of software for drug discovery, has announced the release of a new version of its StarDrop software platform


Optibrium has launched Asteris, a joint collaboration with Integrated Chemistry Design. Asteris is an application that lets users draw chemical structures and predict chemical properties

Optiwave Systems

OptiBPM 9.0

Optiwave Systems has released OptiBPM 9.0 – the latest version of its waveguide optics design suite. This new release delivers a new integrated simulator for the design of electro-optic devices in arbitrary materials.


Origin 8.5

OriginLab has released Origin 8.5, a new version of its Windows-based analysis and graphing software, allowing more sophisticated representations of data and analytical ability

Origin 8.5.1 and OriginPro 8.5.1

OriginLab has announced the release of Origin 8.5.1 and OriginPro 8.5.1. Improvements to previous versions include two new data analysis Gadgets and a versatile tool for reconstructing a graph from a scanned image

Origin 8.6 and OriginPro 8.6

OriginLab has announced the release of Origin and OriginPro version 8.6

Origin 9.1, OriginPro 9.1

OriginLab, a publisher of data analysis and graphing software, has announced the release of Origin and OriginPro version 9.1

Outokumpu Technology

HSC Version 6.0

Outokumpu Technology has released version 6.0 of its HSC Chemistry process calculation software, which enables users to simulate chemical or physical processes. It contains 21 calculation modules and 11 databases.

Outotec Research

HSC Chemistry 7.0

HSC Chemistry 7.0, from Outotec Research, is a software package for process flowsheet simulation, incorporating 22 other calculation modules and 12 databases, together with extensive thermochemical, heat transfer and mineralogical data

Oxford Gene Technology


Microarray analysis tool aims to provide researchers with 'biologically meaningful' results

Array comparative genomic hybridisation – application note

Oxford Gene Technology has produced a new, free-to-download application note on combined array comparative genomic hybridisation and single nucleotide polymorphism arrays

Genefficiency NGS Variant Analysis Report

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), a provider of innovative genetics research and biomarker solutions to advanced molecular medicine, has released a free-to-download demo version of its Genefficiency NGS Variant Analysis Report software

CytoSure Interpret 4.5.3

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has annouced the latest version (4.5.3) of its CytoSure Interpret software

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