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LabLogic Systems

Laura 4

Laura 4, the chromatography data collection and analysis system from LabLogic Systems, now includes a facility for e-signatures. The company is also providing more licensing options for evaluation copies.

Laura 4.0.5

LabLogic Systems has introduced Release 4.0.5 of its Laura radiochromatography software, which features more than 150 improvements and innovations developed over the past 12 months

Debra 5.7.7

LabLogic Systems has released Debra 5.7.7, its LIMS platform for ADME studies. The latest release provides greater flexibility in reporting data and additional features

Laura 4.1

LabLogic Systems has released the version 4.1 of its Laura software for radiochromatography, adding Windows 7 support and powerful new 2D and 3D display options

Debra LIMS v6

LabLogic Systems has launched Version 6 of its Debra LIMS for drug metabolism studies, the first new version to be introduced for 15 years



LabLynx has launched Weblims, a division centred on web-hosted LIMS and other laboratory informatics and business software


LabLynx has improved its free LIMSkit resource so that users need only download the software once, receiving any future updates automatically


ELN version 4

LABTrack has introduced version 4 of its Electronic Lab Notebook software incorporating many improvements and new features


LimsLink 4.0

Labtronics has released LimsLink 4.0, the latest version of its laboratory instrument integration solution.

NAP Version 4.4

Labtronics has released NAP Version 4.4, the analogue data acquisition and peak analysis system. Major enhancements to the software allow users to append new samples to previously run data files.

LimsLink template

Labtronics and Molecular Devices have developed a LimsLink template to connect SoftMaxR Pro 5 software with any LIMS package.

Nexxis Application Development Platform

Labtronics has released a new version of its Nexxis Application Development Platform that reduces the time and cost required to develop and implement secured, web-based data management solutions

Collect 6.1 Security Update

Labtronics has released an update for Collect 6.1, its software solution for interfacing and controlling instruments and devices via RS232 or TCP/IP

Nexxis SDMS

Labtronics has released Nexxis SDMS, a scientific data management system that integrates with existing laboratory informatics systems such as LIMS, ELN, ERP and instrument data systems

Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has released the latest version of its Nexxis ELN featuring online management through a web client, enhanced integration with scientific data management systems, and metadata functionality

Nexxis TM

Labtronics has enhanced Nexxis iLAB, its integrated laboratory solution, with the introduction of Nexxis TM (Training Manager), a web-based training management solution that introduces new levels of automation, control and integration to employee training and training management

Nexxis SDMS Validation Toolkit

Labtronics has released the Nexxis SDMS Validation Toolkit to assist with the validation of Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure central storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation

LimsLink/Nexxis SDMS

LimsLink, from Labtronics, now includes Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation

Nexxis ELN Go Paperless Package

Labtronics has introduced its Nexxis ELN Go Paperless Package - an all inclusive, fixed-cost package that aims to takes laboratories from paper to paperless in three days

Nexxis iLab 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis iLab 5.0, a total lab automation system that integrates ELN, SDMS and instrument integration in a single package

Nexxis ELN 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis ELN version 5.0, which supports the requirements of both the QC/QA and R&D departments

Nexxis Sample Tracker 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis ST (Sample Tracker) 5.0, a sample management module used with Nexxis iLAB

Nexxis TM (Training Manager)

Labtronics has released Nexxis TM (Training Manager) 5.0, a training manager module used with Nexxis iLab 5.0

LimsLink 5.0 web support

Labtronics has released a web-based viewer for LimsLink, its laboratory integration solution

Connector for Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has released a new connecting platform for its Nexxis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), allowing the ELN to connect to any LIMS

Nexxis ELN connector for Waters Empower CDS

Labtronics has released a new interface connector to allow Waters Empower CDS to connect to Labtronics' Nexxis electronic laboratory notebook

Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has announced that Nexxis ELN supports the latest release of ReDI Technology, the industry's fastest deployment technology for converting paper-based forms into electronic worksheets.

Nexxis iLAB 5.02

Labtronics has released Nexxis iLAB 5.02, a total lab automation system. Nexxis iLAB, the integrated lab, integrates ELN, SDMS and instrument integration into a single package

Interface connector for Nexxis ELN and Chemstation CDS

Labtronics has released a new interface connector between Agilent ChemStation CDS and Labtronics' Nexxis ELN

Nexxis ELN Interface

Labtronics has announced the release of a new interface between its Nexxis ELN and Chromeleon CDS from Dionex

Nexxis RM

Labtronics has released a new tool that centralises the reporting for all lab informatics systems into one location

Nexxis EM

Labtronics has released Nexxis EM (Environmental Monitoring), a software system that monitors environmental systems and makes the data available to the whole lab

Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer

Labtronics has released the Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer, a new tool that integrates and simplifies the reporting of data for all lab databases from one central location

Nexxis iLAB 5.05

With added functionality for managing a wide range of contacts, Nexxis iLAB 5.05 has been released by Labtronics

Nexxis ELN 5.05

The latest version of Labtronics’ Nexxis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) has support for Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel


Advanced Storage and Logistics Module for Sapphire

Sapphire ASL provides the operational efficiency required for short and long-term storage. The module is optimised for high-volume, batch operations that may involve many containers at one time.


LabVantage's Sapphire is a thin-client LIMS tailored to manage an organisation’s critical laboratory information across its R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain to optimise productivity and more effectively share knowledge.

90 Day/$90k Sapphire BioBanking

LabVantage has introduced a 90 day/$90k guaranteed implementation for its Sapphire BioBanking Solution.

Sapphire Laboratory Information Management Suite

LabVantage has announced an enhancement of the certified integration between its Sapphire Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS) and the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) application

SQL*LIMS Service Pack 7

LabVantage has released Service Pack 7 (SP7) for the SQL*LIMS product platform, which includes more than 100 enhancements

Sapphire Release 5.1 LIMS

LabVantage has announced Sapphire Release 5.1, its zero footprint configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS that consolidates functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems

Innovation Center open-source community

LabVantage has launched its new online Innovation Center, an open-source community for Sapphire and SQL*LIMS customers, allowing source codes, materials, and applications to be freely shared within LabVantage’s customer base

LabVantage 6

LabVantage 6, the culmination of SQL*LIMS, which was acquired from Life Technologies Corporation in 2009, and the legacy LabVantage product lines, has been released

LabVantage Pharma

Pre-validated, preconfigured LIMS package for pharmaceutical environments claimed to be unique in industry

LabVantage invests in new product development

LabVantage Solutions has announced the immediate availability of LabVantage 7

LabVantage Solutions

Sapphire BioBanking Solution

Leveraging the best combination of functionality, flexibility and technology, Sapphire Biobanking Solution offers functions for complete regulatory compliance, comprehensive data capture, and detailed location & shipment management.

Sapphire R5

LabVantage Solutions has commercially launched its Sapphire Release 5 Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS).


Labware LIMS

LabWare is a global provider of LIMS. LabWare LIMS meets the requirements of a wide range of industries and laboratory types, such as R&D, QA/QC and contract analysis.

LabWare LIMS v6

LabWare has released the next version of its LabWare LIMS.

LabWare WebLIMS v3

LabWare has released the latest version of its WebLIMS presentation layer.

LabWare ELN

LabWare has announced its LabWare ELN product, a new entry in the electronic laboratory notebook product space and a key component of the company's enterprise laboratory platform strategy

LabWare ELN v2.0

LabWare has released version 2.0 of its ELN system, a key component of the company’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) solution strategy

LabWare Announces LabWare 7

LabWare a provider of enterprise laboratory automation solutions has announced the production release of LabWare 7


Sarah Nexus

Lhasa has announced the development of Sarah Nexus, a statistical (Q)SAR methodology for the prediction of mutagenicity from chemical structure

Lhasa / Optibrium

Derek Nexus plug-in module for StarDrop

Optibrium and Lhasa, providers of software for compound design, selection and property prediction, have announced a technology collaboration agreement

Life Technologies

Vector NTI Express Designer

Life Technologies has launched Vector NTI Express Designer, the latest advancement in its Vector NTI software platform, which offers researchers comprehensive and streamlined custom vector and genetic construct design and synthesis


Lightworks Artisan

Lightworks and Bricsys have announced that the Artisan application is now available for trial download and purchase on the BricsCAD Solution Store


I2E 3.1

Lingumatics, the enterprise text mining provider, has introduced I2E 3.1 for unlocking value from the wealth of unstructured text resources available to pharmaceutical companies

I2E OnDemand

Linguamatics has released I2E OnDemand, a cloud version of its I2E text mining platform

I2E 3.2

Linguamatics has released the latest version of its software platform, I2E

I2E 4.0

Linguamatics has launched what it says is a dramatically enhanced version of its well-established text mining software platform, I2E

I2E 4.1

Linguamatics, a leader in natural language processing-based text mining and analytics, has introduced version 4.1 of its I2E software platform


Virtual.Lab Fast Trim

LMS has introduced Virtual.Lab Fast Trim, a dedicated modelling and simulation solution to assess the acoustic behaviour of multi-layer acoustic trim panels.

LMS Test.Lab Rev 8

LMS has introduced LMS Test.Lab Rev 8 for noise and vibration testing and engineering. Rev 8 Test.Lab provides faster test preparation, efficient data acquisition, flexible processing, powerful reporting and transparent data sharing.

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Quick Start

LMS has released LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Quick Start, a dedicated service program to deploy LMS’ multibody dynamic motion simulation software.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A

LMS has launched LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A. The new version of its 1D multi-domain simulation platform includes new ergonomic features for better productivity, new interfacing capabilities for enhanced interoperability, and developments in various dedicated application solutions.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, from LMS, now incorporates an interface for the National Instruments LabVIEW Real-Time module, giving users more options to control the engineering design process

Virtual.Lab Acoustics Fast Multipole BEM solver

LMS has introduced a new Fast Multipole BEM (Boundary Element Method) solver based on multipole expansion, which can be found in the company's Virtual.Lab Acoustics Rev 8 package

LMS TecWare Rev 3.6

LMS has introduced LMS TecWare Rev 3.6, a modular solution for durability load data analysis and synthesis

Scadas Durability Recorder

LMS, the engineering innovation company, has introduced its mobile durability data acquisition solution, the LMS Scadas Durability Recorder. The system is designed for data acquisition in extreme conditions.

Virtual.Lab Revision 9

LMS has released Revision 9 of its Virtual.Lab software suite for 3D functional performance simulation

LMS TecWare Rev 3.8

LMS has launched TecWare Rev 3.8, a software solution that acquires load data, analysing durability-specific characteristics and preparing it for re-use in simulation

LMS International

Imagine.Lab OPTIMUS

LMS International has launched its Imagine.Lab OPTIMUS. With the integration of OPTIMUS, Imagine.Lab AMESim gains new capabilities to capture and automate 1D simulation processes that allow for the quick assessment of multiple design options.

NVH Observer database

LMS International has released NVH Observer, a highly detailed and subscription-based database with vehicle NVH benchmarking information.


LMS International has launched its LMS SCADAS Recorder for autonomous, in-field testing applications.

LMS Virtual.Lab for Ansys

LMS International has launched four LMS Virtual.Lab packages tailored to the Ansys user community, and extending the latter's engineering performance simulation capability

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics Rev 9

LMS has released the latest version of its acoustic simulation software, LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics, featurin gthe latest solutions and solvers designed specifically for challenging acoustic problems

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 9

LMS International has released the latest version of its multi-domain system simulation solution LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Revision 9

LMS Test.Lab Rev 10

LMS has released the latest version of LMS Test.Lab, its integrated solution for noise and vibration testing and engineering. v10 offers significant improvements in productivity, efficiency and user-friendliness, as well as new applications

LMS Scadas Lab

LMS International has launched the new LMS Scadas Lab front-end solution for high-speed data acquisition and signal conditioning

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 11

LMS International has released the latest version of its flagship product for system simulation, LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 11

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Rev 7


LMS has introduced LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Rev 7 for vehicle ride and handling. The software offers dedicated solutions to simulate the ride and handling behaviour of passenger cars, motor sports vehicles and commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses.


LSI high-port count SAS/SATA RAID

NextComputing is now integrating and supporting the latest line of LSI 6Gb SATA+SAS high-port count storage controllers, including the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i RAID controller

Nytro PCIe flash adapters

LSI has expanded its Nytro product portfolio of PCIe flash adapters with a new, high-capacity 3.2Tb Nytro WarpDrive accelerator card, and expanded capacity, connectivity and software capabilities across the Nytro MegaRaid product family

Nytro WarpDrive Flash acceleration cards

LSI has worked with VMware to deliver what it says is breakthrough virtual desktop density for VMware Horizon View deployments

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for VMware Horizon View

LSI has announced a collaboration with EMC, Mellanox and Supermicro to offer a high-performance virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliance for VMware Horizon View deployments

Axxia include BE8 mode support for Linux

LSI has announced its Axxia multicore family of network communication processors and accelerators now include big endian BE8 mode support for the latest version of Wind River Linux

LSI Corporation

Engenio 7900 HPC storage system

LSI Corporation has launched its Engenio 7900 HPC storage system, which is suitable for applications requiring uninterrupted data access.

Axxia 4500

LSI Corporation has introduced its first ARM technology-based communication processor family designed for enterprise and data centre networking applications as well as evolving Software Defined Networks (SDN)

12Gb/s SAS storage solutions

LSI Corporation has announced that its 12Gb/s SAS storage solutions will power more than 100 new server models based on the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2 product family


Device 1.0

Shedding light on Lumerical Device launch

Lumerical Solutions

Mode Solutions Release 4.0

Lumerical Solutions, a provider of nanophotonic design software, has announced the availability of Mode Solutions Release 4.0, incorporating the company's Conformal Mesh Technology and support for Mac OS X

FDTD Solutions 7.0

Vancouver-based Lumerical Solutions, a global provider of nanophotonic design software, has unveiled a number of improvements to its flagship product, FDTD Solutions 7.0

FDTD Solutions 7.5

Lumerical Solutions has released FDTD Solutions 7.5 which features a concurrent computing capability allowing users to distribute simulations on multiple independent computer resources

FDTD Solutions 8.0

Lumerical Solutions has announced the release of FDTD Solutions 8.0, the nanophotonic design environment based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) technique

2013b release

Lumerical Solutions – a provider of photonic design software – has announced its 2013b release, which provides significant improvements to all of Lumerical’s products



Luxtera has introduced its low-power 40G active optical cable (AOC), Blazar, which saves more than 30 per cent in energy consumption when compared to competing products, improving data centre power consumption and thermal efficiency

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