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EnergyCore Moonshot Server

Calxeda, a provider of low-power servers, has announced its ongoing commitment to HP Project Moonshot and the HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem

Cambridge Collaborative


The Altair Partner Alliance has announced the expansion of its noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) capabilities with the addition of new partner, Cambridge Collaborative

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC)

CSD Solid Form Suite

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) has announced CSD Solid Form Suite to support pharmaceutical and agrochemical development



CambridgeSoft's E-Notebook provides a smooth web-based interface with a fully configurable, secure system for organising the flow of information generated by your organisation, to increase productivity and sharing.

ChemBioOffice 2008

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice 2008, a suite of integrated scientific desktop applications designed to aid chemists and biologists in managing and visualising their data.

OmniViz software version 6

BioWisdom has released version 6 of its OmniViz software and announced a distribution partnership with CambridgeSoft.

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 10

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice Enterprise 10, which offers significant integration and data visualisation enhancements, as well as simplified installation and upgrade processes.

ChemBioOffice Workgroup 2009

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice Workgroup 2009, which adds more e-notebook functionality available previously to enterprise customers.

ChemBioOffice 10

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice 2010, the latest version of its suite of integrated scientific desktop applications designed to aid individual chemists and biologists at their desktops, while also providing a shared solution across an institution

ChemBioOffice Cloud

CambridgeSoft has introduced ChemBioOffice Cloud, an integrated informatics suite available to customers via the web, for fast, easy access to scientist-tested solutions in use at top pharmaceutical and biotech companies


The Unscrambler X

Camo has released The Unscrambler X, its all-in-one multivariate data analysis and design of experiments software, following a massive redevelopment project

Camo Software


Using a set of statistical tests, Quali-Sense helps detect the personal strengths and weaknesses of each assessor in a sensory panel.

The Unscrambler X 10.2

Camo Software has announced a new version of its all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, The Unscrambler X

CAMO Software releases Service Pack 2014 for Unscrambler X

CAMO Software has announced the launch of Service Pack 2014 for their all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, The Unscrambler X

CAMO Software AS.

The Unscrambler 9.6

The complete Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design software, equipped with powerful methods including Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), PLS / 3 Way PLS regression, Clustering (K-Means), SIMCA and PLS-DA Class


HMPP 2.x

CAPS has introduced HMPP New Generation (HMPP 2.x), the latest version of its complete development tool suite for high performance applications

AMD CAL/IL and OpenCL for HMPP workbench

Caps, a supplier of directive-based compiler technology with its HMPP (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) flagship workbench, has released two AMD CAL/IL and OpenCL back-end code generators, plus support for Windows operating system.

HMPP CAL/IL code generator for AMD GPUs

CAPS has released a new HMPP CAL/IL code generator to accelerate applications using AMD graphics processors, broadening the companies range of supported hardware accelerators

Caps HMPP compiler

Supplier of manycore programming tools and services, Caps, has announced that its HMPP compiler now supports Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2008

Caps Entreprise

HMPP compiler

Caps Entreprise has announced that its HMPP compiler fully supports the new Nvidia Fermi architecture. The compiler generates Cuda code from C or Fortran

HMPP 2.3

Caps Enterprise has released version 2.3 of its HMPP directive-based hybrid compiler. It also features an enhanced Cuda back-end, as well as support for more native compilers


Caps Entreprise is due to launch its new DevDeck osoftware, a multi-level tool suite for manycore applications definition, porting and optimisation, in September 2011

HMPP Workbench 3.1

Caps entreprise has announced that HMPP Workbench 3.1 supports OpenACC version 1.0. It is the first of the company's releases to do so

HMPP compiler update

CAPS entreprise has announced that its HMPP directive-based compiler has added support for AMD's GPU technology

Compiler supporting Intel Xeon Phi

A new version of Caps entreprise's directive-based compiler, in support of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, has been released


STAR-CCM+ v11.02

CD-adapco, a provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, has announced the release of STAR-CCM+ v11.02.

Cerno Bioscience

Massworks sClips

Cerno Bioscience has launched MassWorks sClips (Self Calibrated Lineshape Isotope Profile Search), the latest addition to the MassWorks mass spectrometry software suite.


Cardiac Safety Simulator

Certara has launched its Cardiac Safety Simulator (CSS), based on an in-silico model of human ventricular heart cells


Certara has released version 2.1 of its SYBYL-X molecular modelling and simulation suite

Simcyp Simulator 13

Certara, a provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making from drug discovery through drug development, has released version 13 of its Simcyp Simulator

Muse molecular design workflow

Certara, the leading global technology-enabled drug development and drug safety consultancy, announced today that its Muse molecular design workflow for the identification and optimization of lead drug candidates now has virtual synthetic chemistry capabilities

Certara updates its Simcyp simulator

Certara, a global technology-enabled drug development and drug safety consultancy, has announced that it has released version 14 of its Simcyp Population-based Simulator

Certara merges its consulting group with Quantitative Solutions

Certara, a global biosimulation drug development company, has announced the merger of its consulting group, Pharsight Consulting Services (PCS), with Quantitative Solutions, a global pharmacometrics consulting company headquartered in Menlo Park, California

Certara and Paidion Research partnership to improve pediatric drug development

Certara, the global biosimulation technology-enabled drug development company, and Paidion Research, a pediatric clinical research organization (CRO), have announced a new partnership dedicated to promoting more efficient and reliable drug development for pediatric patients

D360 Express Data Platform

Certara, the provider of decision support technology and consulting services for optimising drug development and improving health outcomes, has announced the availability of D360 Express


Access to MarvinSketch and JChem Cartridge for Oracle via Certara’s D360

Certara, a provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making from drug discovery through clinical development, has announced a partnership with ChemAxon


Phoenix QT+

Certara, a provider of software and scientific consulting, has announced the launch of its Phoenix QT+ cardiac safety assessment tool

Chatsworth Products (CPI)

CPI cabinet system incorporates CoolIT’s liquid cooling

Chatsworth Products (CPI) has designed a customised cabinet solution for CoolIT’s Demand Liquid Alliance that easily integrates with CoolIT’s Rack DCLC data centre liquid cooling products

Chelsio Communications

Terminator 5

Chelsio Communications, a provider of Ethernet unified wire adapters and ASICs, has announced Terminator 5, the fifth generation of its Ethernet silicon technology

USS 3.0

Chelsio Communications, a provider of 10Gb Ethernet unified wire adapters and ASICs, has launched Unified Storage Server (USS) software version 3.0


JChem Version 2

ChemAxon has released Instant JChem Version 2, a desktop application for working with chemical data on local and remote databases. The new release allows relational data support and advanced query building.

Marvin and JChem version 5

ChemAxon has released version 5 of its cheminformatics toolkits, Marvin & JChem. The release sees major improvements in Marvin user friendliness, Markush enumeration and core development in JChem search, clustering and Oracle Cartridge performance.

Marvin and JChem version 5.1

ChemAxon has launched version 5.1 of its cheminformatics toolkits, Marvin and JChem. As well as other improvements, the release sees the introduction of IUPAC name import, support for OLE 2 format useful for integrating with Microsoft Office applications.

Marvin and JChem v5.2

ChemAxon has launched v5.2 of its cheminformatics toolkits Marvin and JChem, with many new functionalities added, new integration options and improvements in search performance

JChem for Excel

ChemAxon has launched JChem for Excel, an add-in for Microsoft Excel that brings all of the capabilities and performance of the JChem and Marvin platform to Excel users

ChemAxon has announced that its free, open access, web-based chemistry search and extraction service,, is now supported on touchscreen tablet PCs, including Apple iPads and Android devices

JChem cartridge

JChem cartridge achieves Oracle Exadata-ready status update

ChemAxon, a provider of chemistry software solutions and consulting services for life science research, has announced that the crowd-sourced chemical structures gathered via its public website have been deposited to the PubChem repository

ChemAxon version 6

ChemAxon, a leader in chemistry software solutions and consulting services for life science research, has announced version 6 of its cheminformatics suite

Chemical Abstracts Service


Chemical Abstracts Service has introduced a number of enhancements in the CA and CAplus databases on STN, including additional content and features for more effective patent searching with IPC codes.

SciFinder 2007

SciFinder 2007, from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) will make it easier for scientists to process records more conveniently, and to fine-tune their answer sets for chemistry-related literature, substances, and reactions.

STN AnaVist

Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have introduced a more powerful version of the STN AnaVist analysis and visualisation software. The newest version features the Derwent World Patents Index.

SciFinder on the web

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has made its SciFinder research tool available over the web.


Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has introduced new enhancements to SciFinder, which will provide more synthetic pathways and improve productivity for researchers working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and energy industries

SciFinder Mobile

Using smartphone technology, researchers can now access Chemical Abstracts Service’s SciFinder


Leverage best practices when implementing a chemical inventory system

ChemSW's FREE WHITE PAPER details best practices in lab chemical inventory management, providing insights to ensure successful system adoption

Top Six Reasons Why Chemical Inventory Processes Fail

ChemSW's FREE WHITE PAPER details best practices in lab chemical inventory management, examining reasons why different solutions fail/succeed.

IMCS Live, Pay-As-You-Go Instrument Maintenance and Calibration Software

ChemSW has released IMCS Live, a pay-as-you-go version of its Instrument Maintenance and Calibration System.

CISPro Mobile

ChemSW has released an enhanced version of CISProMobile, which integrates the Windows CE 5.0 operating system with the CISPro Chemical Inventory System.

Business analysis service for CSIPro software

ChemSW has launched a new business analysis component of its professional services offering, allowing customers to optimise their installations of the company's CSIPro software for chemical or biological inventory management


ChemSW has released an enhanced version of its IMCS Live web-delivered Instrument Maintenance & Calibration System. IMCS Live addresses the three core components of instrument maintenance and calibration

Ciara Technologies

Orion HF

Ciara Technologies has launched the Orion HF server line, which is dedicated to the financial services industry

CLC bio

CLC Bioinformatics Database

The CLC Bioinformatics Database enables users of CLC bio's DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis software to store and work on their sequence data in a central relational database.

CLC Genomics Workbench

CLC bio has released its Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution, CLC Genomics Workbench, which incorporates cutting-edge technology and algorithms, while also supporting and integrating with the rest of a typical NGS workflow.

Genomics Workbench 3.0

CLC bio has released Genomics Workbench version 3.0, for analysis and visualisation of sequencing data. The cross-platform software combines expression analyses with next-generation sequencing, bridging analogue and digital gene expression

CLC Genomics Workbench and Server

CLC bio has released new versions of its solutions for analysing and visualising next generation sequencing data: CLC Genomics Workbench, version 3.5, and CLC Genomics Server, version 1.5.

CLC Genomics Server v2.0

CLC bio has released version 2.0 of CLC Genomics Server, its enterprise platform for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis

Genomics Gateway

CLC bio has revealed Genomics Gateway, a new framework for visualising, combining and analysing genome data

CLC Main Workbench

CLC bio has incorporated the features from its CLC DNA Workbench, CLC RNA Workbench and CLC Protein Workbench desktop software packages into a single commercial workbench

CLC Genomics Workbench 5.5 and Server 4.5

CLC bio has released version 5.5 of its CLC Genomics Workbench desktop software, supporting a complete resequencing workflow from read mapping over variant detection to downstream analysis

Molegro Virtual Docker 5.5

Version 5.5 of Molegro Virtual Docker, an integrated platform for computational drug design available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, has been released by CLC bio

CLC Microbial Genome Finishing Module

CLC bio has released an add-on module to CLC Genomics Workbench, which has been developed to help finish the assembly of small genomes

CLC Drug Discovery Workbench 2.0 released

CLC bio, a QIAGEN Company, has announced a new release of CLC Drug Discovery Workbench, an enterprise drug-design platform for medicinal and computational scientists

CLC bio and BioQL

MedQL Variant Prioritizer plugin for CLC Genomics Workbench

CLC bio and independent software vendor, BioQL, have announced the release of the MedQL Variant Prioritizer plugin for CLC Genomics Workbench

CLC Bio and Korilog

Klast plug in for GLC Genomics

CLC bio and Korilog have released Klast software plug-in for fast, accurate sequence similarity search functionality in next-generation sequencing

CLC bio/BioBam

CLC Blast2GO PRO plugin

CLC bio and BioBam Bioinformatics have introduced an integrated workflow for researchers working with non-model organisms without reference sequences

CLC bio/PSSC Labs

CLC Genomics Factory

CLC bio and PSSC Labs have developed CLC Genomics Factory, for assembly, read mapping, and subsequent downstream analysis of very large amounts of high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing data

CLC Bio/SciEngines

CLC Bio integrates with SciEngines

CLC Bio and SciEngines have announced an integration between CLC Bio's sequence analysis software and the newest model of SciEngines' FPGA-based Rivyera computers

ClearSpeed Technology


ClearSpeed Technology has released the ClearSpeed Accelerated Terascale System (CATS). This small format system, taking up just 1U in a standard server rack, delivers up to one Teraflop of performance.

Advance e710 Accelerator Board and CSX700 Processor

ClearSpeed Technology has launched its Advance e710 accelerator board and CSX700 processor. With enhanced features, the Advance e710 accelerator board achieves more than twice the price/performance ratio of its predecessor while consuming approximately 30 per cent less power.

Advance e720 Accelerator Board for HP BladeSystem

ClearSpeed Technology has released its Advance e720 accelerator board using the company’s CSX700 processor. The Advance e720 is a PCIe Type II mezzanine card designed specifically to fit within HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades.

CATS-700 Accelerator Appliance

ClearSpeed Technology has launched its ClearSpeed Accelerated Terascale System-700 (CATS-700), integrated 1U acceleration appliance.


Cleversafe to join iRODS Consortium

Cleversafe, a specialist in web-scale data storage, will become the ninth member of the iRODS Consortium, a membership-based foundation organized to sustain the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) as free open source data management softwar

Cloud-based HPC servers

Time intensive calculations from life science, finance or business intelligence can now be processed in the Cloud with a platform from

Cluster Resources

Moab Workload Manager 5.2

Cluster Resources has launched Moab Workload Manager 5.2, which is the latest version of its management tool to support hybrid clusters, job arrays and hierarchical fairshare.

Escalante Beta version

Cluster Resources has finalised the name ‘Moab Cluster Builder’ for its product code named ‘Escalante’ and released its final Beta version of the full HPC-stack deployment solution based on Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.


Cluster Resources' Moab workload management solution is now compatible with HP Cluster Management Utility (CMU) software, a tool for managing Linux-based nodes in HPC clusters.


Transformer design software

A new website to help engineers accelerate and improve the design of electrical power transformers and AC line reactors has been launched by UK-based Cobham Technical Services

Cobham Technical Services

Advanced Machines Environment 3D

Cobham Technical Services has introduced the 3D version of its Advanced Machines Environment, a rapid electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines

Concerto v7.5R1

Cobham Technical Services has released Concerto v7.5R1, the latest iteration of its electromagnetic design software for RF and microwave applications from its Vector Fields Software product line

Opera v15

Cobham Technical Services has released v15 of its Opera electromagnetics simulator for design engineers, adding three-dimensional mechanical stress analysis

Machines Environment update

Cobham Technical Services has updated its design entry system that allows precision finite-element analysis (FEA) models of motors and generators to be created and solved in minutes


Cobham Technical Services has extended the multiphysics capabilities of the well-known Opera-3D finite element software for electromagnetic design with a new solver that can be used to analyse natural vibration modes

Opera Magnetron Sputter

Cobham Technical Services has launched what it describes as the first comprehensive simulation solution for designing magnetron sputter coaters

Opera 16

Cobham Technical Services has released version 16 of its Opera electromagnetics and multiphysics design software that enables design engineers to considerably accelerate analysis time


Formula Render

Codecogs has launched its new version of Formula Render (fxRender). After two years of refinement, the company says version three represents a major enhancement in speed, quality and usability

CogniMem Technologies


CogniMem Technologies has unveiled the industry’s first greater than 40,000-neuron, scalable cognitive memory computing system based on CogniBlox, a memory-based parallel processing capability

Cognium Systems

iPad ELN version 1.5

Cognium has released version 1.5 of the iPad ELN.

iPad ELN

Cognium Systems has released v2.0 of its iPad ELN, which now includes the ability to customise document types

Colfax International

Blade's 1-10 Gigabit Ethernet RackSwitch

Colfax International, a provider of hardware and software for high-performance computing, has added Blade Network Technologies' 1-10 Gigabit Ethernet RackSwitch product family to its product portfolio

Server and workstation solutions

Colfax International has launched new server and workstation solutions featuring the eight- and twelve-core AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors

Server solutions

Colfax International has launched server solutions featuring eight-core Intel Xeon processors 7500 series

10 Gigabit Ethernet Value Bundle

Colfax International has launched a low-cost 10 Gigabit Ethernet Value Bundle, which includes a 10GigE Fujitsu switch, Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN adapter cards and Mellanox copper cables


Colfax International has introduced the latest generation of ClusterEdge, its ready-to-go high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, which is based on the Intel Xeon processor E5 product family and certified Intel Cluster Ready

Compute Canada

RAC 2016 Call for Proposals

Compute Canada's Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) 2016 has issued a Call for Proposals

Computer Simulation Technology

Studio Suite 2011

Computer Simulation Technology (CST), a German company specialising in the simulation of radiation emissions, has announced improvements to its software for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation

CST Studio Suite 2014

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has announced the release of the 2014 version of the electromagnetic simulation tool, CST Studio Suite

CST to showcase flagship software at European Microwave Week

Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) is showcasing new features for radar cross-section (RCS) simulation in the upcoming version of its flagship electromagnetic simulation tool, CST Studio Suite 2015, at European Microwave Week (EuMW)

CST Offers CST EMC STUDIO University Seats

CST – Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has announced educational seats for CST EMC STUDIO, a simulation tool for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis, at the 2015 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity

CST announces technology acquisition of Portunus system simulator

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has announced the acquisition of a source code license for the Portunus system simulator and the start of a multi-year collaboration contract with of Adapted Solutions

Computer Simulation Technology (CST)

CST Studio Suite 2013

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has announced that shipping has begun for the latest version of its flagship product, CST Studio Suite 2013


Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has announced new features to automate workflows for field source coupling and multiphysics simulation using its System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) framework


Acoustics Module

Scientists and engineers interested in creating and measuring sound or acoustic waves will find new simulation capabilities in Comsol’s Acoustics Module. It is ideal for examining linear mechanical wave phenomena.

Comsol Multiphysics 3.4

Comsol has released Comsol Multiphysics 3.4, a new version of its engineering and scientific software environment for modelling and simulating physical systems.

Comsol Multiphysics 3.5

Comsol has introduced Comsol Multiphysics 3.5, an upgrade of its engineering and scientific software environment for modelling and simulating any physics-based system

Multiphysics Version 4.3a

Comsol has introduced Version 4.3a of its flagship Multiphysics software for modelling and simulating physics-based systems

Multiphysics 4.3b

Comsol has released major new additions to its simulation platform, Multiphysics. Version 4.3b introduces five new application-specific modules and expanded modelling and analysis tools


Comsol has recently announced its new Multiphysics 4.4, with upgraded tools for multiphysics modelling

COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.0

COMSOL has released COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.0, featuring extensive product updates, three new add-on products, and the new Application Builder

COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.0

COMSOL has released COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.0, featuring product updates, three new add-on products, and the new Application Builder

COMSOL Multiphysics 5.1

COMSOL, a provider of multiphysics modelling and simulation software, has announced the release of the COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.1, the first and only integrated simulation environment for building multiphysics models and for creating and sharing easy-to-use simulation apps

Comsol Multiphysics 5.2

Comsol, a provider of multiphysics modelling, simulation, and application design software, has announced the release of Comsol Multiphysics version 5.2

Conservation International


Conservation International has launched Croizat, a free software package for mapping the geographic distribution of animals and plants



Contur's iLabber, the high-end ELN available as on online service, has been enhanced with further chemistry functions, including structure and reaction searching

Convey Computer

Financial Analytics Personality

Convey Computer has introduced its Financial Analytics Personality (FAP) for the Convey HC-1 servers

MX series

Convey Computer has introduced a new computer architecture that, it says, directly addresses the computing needs of high-performance analytics applications

Hybrid-Core Memcached Appliance

Convey Computer has introduced the latest addition to its hybrid-core (HC) series, the Convey HC Memcached appliance

Wolverine Coprocessor

Convey Computer has announced new hybrid-core coprocessor to accelerate data-intensive applications

Convey Computer Coporation


The Convey Computer Corporation has announced the newest addition to its bioinformatics suite, PacBioToCA


CoolIT named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies

CoolIT Systems, a provider of Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) technologies for datacentre, server and desktop markets, today ranked number 119 on the 27th annual PROFIT 500, a ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies

CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems sign a global Distribution Agreement with the CES group

CoolIT Systems, the global expert in Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) technologies and CES Group, a subsidiary of Nortek Group, today announced their worldwide alliance by signing a global OEM and Distribution Agreement

CoolIT Systems releases year-end results

CoolIT Systems a provider of Direct Contact Liquid Cooling technologies, has announced an update on their year-end results

Core Informatics

Core ELN integrates Microsoft Office Web Apps

Core Informatics has announced a tight integration between its Core ELN and Microsoft Office web applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Core Informatics introduces Core Collaboration for Science

Core Informatics, a leader in scientific data management software for accelerating scientific research, collaboration and discovery, has announced the release of Core Collaboration, an agile solution developed to power successful partnerships around the world.

Core Informatics/OpenEye Scientific Software

Core LIMS/Core ELN

Core Informatics and OpenEye Scientific Software have announced a partnership


Cray CX1-LC

Cray's CX1-LC deskside supercomputer, with a base price under $12k, can improve scientific productivity and product development at a lower cost

Cray CX1-iWS

The Cray CX1-iWS combines a powerful MS Windows 7 workstation with a fully-integrated HPC cluster running MS Windows HPC Server 2008. It will be sold via Dell

Upgrades to XT6 and XT6m

Cray has announced upgrades to its Cray XT supercomputer series by incorporating AMD's newest innovations in processing for high performance computing

Cray CX1

Cray's CX1 deskside supercomputers are now available with the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series, which accelerate performance and save energy

Cray CX1000

Cray has expanded its range of HPC solutions with the addition of the CX1000, a supercomputing solution featuring a hybrid supercomputing architecture built on Intel Xeon processors

CX1000 supercomputer

Global supercomputer leader Cray has announced that its Cray CX1000 supercomputer will ship with the Intel Xeon processor 7500 Series

Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 available for CX1 deskside supercomputer

Cray has announced that the recently released Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 operating system is now available on its CX1 line of deskside supercomputers

Cray XK6

Cray has announced the launch of its new production hybrid supercomputing system – the Cray XK6 supercomputer – at the 2011 Cray User Group (CUG) meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska


Cray has announced that its CX1000 supercomputer is now available with the new Intel Xeon processor E7 family-based platform

Cray Sonexion 1300

Cray has introduced the Cray Sonexion 1300, an integrated file system, software and storage product


Cray has launched its next-generation high-end supercomputing system, the XC30

Cray Sonexion 1600

Cray has announced the next generation of its integrated file system, the Cray Sonexion 1600

XC30-AC supercomputer

Cray has introduced the Cray XC30-AC supercomputer – the company’s addition to its series of Cray XC30 systems

Cray CS300 Hadoop solution

Cray has announced the launch of a new Hadoop solution, which it says will allow customers to apply the combination of supercomputing technologies and an enterprise-strength approach to big data analytics to high-value Hadoop applications

Cluster Connect

At the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany, supercomputer provider Cray has launched Cluster Connect – a Lustre storage solution for x86 Linux clusters

CS300 with Intel Xeon Phi

Cray has announced that its CS300 line of cluster supercomputers is now available with the new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor x100 family

Cray XC30 and CS300 with Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2

Cray has announced that its XC30 series of supercomputers and the Cray CS300 line of cluster supercomputers are now available with the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2 product family, formerly code named 'Ivy Bridge'

CS300 SMP system and CS300 LMS system

Cray and ScaleMP have introduced optimised configurations of the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer, the Cray CS300 SMP system (a shared memory parallel system) and the Cray CS300 LMS system (a large memory system)

Cray supercomputers support Nvidia accelerators and Intel coprocessors

Cray has broadened its support for accelerators and coprocessors, and is now selling the Cray XC30 series of supercomputers with Nvidia Tesla K20X GPU accelerators and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors

Cray support for OpenACC 2.0

Cray has announced new OpenACC 2.0 support for directives-based programming of accelerators and coprocessors in Cray supercomputers

Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS)

Cray has introduced a complete and open storage archiving solution for big data and supercomputing with the launch of its Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS)

Cray Compiler Environment

Cray has announced that its latest release of the Cray Compiler Environment (CCE) is available on the Cray CS300 line of cluster supercomputers

Cray framework for Hadoop

Cray has announced a new framework designed for 'big data' that gives Cray customers the ability to implement and run Apache Hadoop easily on their Cray XC30 supercomputers.

Tesla k40 GPU

Cray has added Nvidia Tesla k40 GPU accelerators to its complete line of supercomputing solutions

Cray appoints Max Schireson

Global supercomputer leader Cray today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Max Schireson as a member of the Board, and as a member of the Strategic Technology Assessment and Compensation Committees, effective July 8, 2014

Cray awarded contract for HPC in Mumbai

Global supercomputer leader Cray today announced the Company has been awarded a contract to provide the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai with a Cray XC30 supercomputer – the first Cray XC30 system in India

Cray CS-Storm

Cray, today announced the launch of the Cray CS-Storm – a high-density accelerator compute system based on the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer

Cray supercomputers to feature new procesor

Global supercomputer leader Cray has announced that its next generation Cray XC supercomputers and Cray CS cluster supercomputers will feature the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family, formerly code named “Haswell"

Cray appoints Steve Scott to senior vice president and chief technology officer

Cray has announced that Steve Scott has rejoined the Company as senior vice president and chief technology officer. With more than two decades of supercomputing experience at Cray, NVIDIA and Google, Scott returns to Cray to help define the technology that will drive the Company’s next generation of supercomputing and big data solutions

Cray awarded contract from Sweden's KTH royal institute of technology

Cray has announced it has been awarded a contract valued at more than $13 million to provide the PDC Center for High Performance Computing at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden with a next-generation Cray XC supercomputer

Cray awarded contract with the Department of Defense

Cray has announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) has awarded Cray a $26 million supercomputer contract for a next-generation Cray XC supercomputer and a Cray Sonexion storage system

Cray launches next generation of Supercomputer and cluster systems

Cray has announced the launch of the Cray XC40 supercomputer and the Cray CS 400 cluster supercomputer – the next-generation models of the Company’s high-end supercomputing systems and cluster solutions

Cray launches Sonexion 2000 storage system

Cray a provider of HPC systems, large-scale parallel storage systems for high performance computing (HPC) and advanced data analytics, has announced the launch of the Cray Sonexion 2000 system – the latest addition to its line of scale-out Lustre based storage solutions

Cray announces first middle east contract for 20 years

Cray has announced it has been awarded a contract to provide King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia with multiple Cray systems that span the company's line of compute, storage and analytics products

Cray seels first system in Poland to steel manufacturer

Cray has announced that Stalprodukt SA, a global steel processor, purchased a Cray XC30 supercomputer for structural analysis modelling used in the testing of steel designs. This continues Cray’s worldwide expansion and is the first Cray XC supercomputer in Poland

Cray big data platform wins award at Bio-IT World

Supercomputer provider Cray has announced the Company’s big data analytics platform – the Cray Urika-XA system – received the Best of Show award for IT Hardware and Infrastructure at the 2015 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Danish Meteorological Institute selects Cray supercomputer to power its weather forecasts

Cray has announced that it has been awarded a $6 million contract to provide the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) with a Cray XC supercomputer and a Cray Sonexion 2000 storage system


Cresset's clustering method enables 3-D assessment of BioBlock database

Cresset Discovery Services, a provider of contract research services for early phase discovery, has developed an innovative clustering method that made it possible to assess the 3D similarity across BioBlocks’ virtual database of over 1.5 million fragments


FieldStere v2.0

Cresset has released a new version of its FieldStere bioisostere generator. FieldStere delivers shorter lead optimisation cycles to computational and medicinal chemists


Cresset has released FieldView, its powerful new molecular fields visualiser, designed to create, modify, view and compare molecules along with their associated field patterns and physiochemical properties

FieldAlign V3.0

Cresset has released a new version of its FieldAlign package. FieldAlign V3.0 is the latest of the company’s new generation of ‘cloud enabled’ applications, which support parallel, distributed computing by default

FieldStere v3.0

Cresset has released v3.0 of its bioisostere replacement tool FieldStere, which uses field-point technology, together with a database of molecular fragments, to help guide drug discovery projects and generate new intellectual property


A computational suite that aids computational and medicinal chemists in understanding SAR and design has been launched by Cresset


Cresset, which provides software and services for molecule designers, has unveiled sparkV10, the next generation of its bio-isostere software tool FieldStere

TorchV10 and TorchV10lite

Software and service provider Cresset has announced the release of TorchV10, a desktop molecular design and 3D SAR tool for medicinal chemists


Cresset, provider of chemistry software and services, announces the completion of its Cresset ProV10 suite


Cresset has announced the release of the first major update to its computational chemistry workbench, ForgeV10, since its launch in 2012

XedTools 3.0

Cresset, provider of chemistry software and services, has announced a new release of the XedTools package, including the next generation of the popular XED force field


Cresset, a provider of chemistry software and services, has released the GPU version of Blaze, the leading virtual screening platform

Activity Miner

Cresset has released a new Activity Miner module. The company says the product helps researchers optimise their leads by identifying the key 3D structural and electrostatic changes that impact molecular activity

Activity Miner module

Cresset has announced that Activity Miner, a new intuitive SAR interpretation tool that identifies the key 3D structural and electrostatic changes impacting biological activity, is available as a module in its Torch and Forge software suites.

Cresset releases Spark V10.3

Cresset, provider of computational chemistry software and services, announces the release of Spark V10.3 for scaffold hopping and R-group exploration

Cresset announces Proximagen has licensed Cresset's Forge and Spark software

Cresset, a provider of computational chemistry software and services, has announced that Proximagen, a company focused on the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutics for diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), has licensed Cresset's Forge and Spark software

Monash University licenses Cresset software

Cresset, a provider of computational chemistry software and services, is pleased to announce that Monash University Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Australia’s leading pharmacy and pharmaceutical science educators and researchers, has licensed Cresset’s Forge and Spark software

Torch V10.4

Cresset has released version 10.4 of Torch, a 3D molecule design tool for medicinal and synthetic chemists

Forge 10.4

Cresset, a provider of software and services for small molecule discovery and design, has announced the release of Forge V10.4, the latest version of its computational chemistry workbench for ligand-based design


Cresset has released the new Spark CSD Fragment Database, derived from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre’s Cambridge Structural Database

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery


Cresset BioMolecular Discovery has launched FieldStere, which is a software product that enables medicinal chemists to enrich their shortlist of drug candidates with structurally diverse compounds that share the same desired biological activity (bioisosteres).


Trelis 15.0.2

csimsoft, a leading developer of advanced meshing tools for the CFD and FEA, has release Trelis 15.0.2. Release notes are available at the csimsoft website



CyberVolume has released CyberOpt, its robust non-linear optimisation engine, for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Cycle Computing


Cycle Computing has released DataManager, a new solution that schedules and manages the secure transfer and storage of data sets needed for large-scale computations

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