Mathematics, Simulation and Modelling

Comsol Multiphysics 5.2

22 December 2015

Comsol, a provider of multiphysics modelling, simulation, and application design software, has announced the release of Comsol Multiphysics version 5.2

Pam-Stamp 2015

22 December 2015

ESI Group has announced the latest version of its sheet metal forming simulation and die face design solution, Pam-Stamp 2015
ESI Group

Multi-Physics for IronCAD (MPIC)

22 December 2015

IronCAD has updated its integrated analysis solution, MPIC (Multi-Physics for IronCAD), which provides advanced FEA (finite element analysis) focusing on ease of use for fully coupled multiphysics stress, thermal, electrostatic and fluid analysis

MapleSim 2015.2

22 December 2015

Together with the latest release of MapleSim, and important updates to many of the specialised component libraries and connectivity tools in the MapleSim family of products, news of the Maple Ambassador program has been announced by Maplesoft

Optimus 10.17

15 December 2015

The 10.17 release of Optimus includes multiple new and more powerful software interfaces, Noesis Solutions has announced
Noesis Solutions

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Solidworks 2016

3 November 2015
Dassault Systèmes


8 September 2015
The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

MBD for Ansys - powered by RecurDyn

8 September 2015


25 August 2015
ESI Group

E4Coder for the Scilab platform

23 July 2015
Scilab Enterprises / Evidence Srl

Arithmetica utilises Sketchfab for Pointfuse 3D Models

23 July 2015
Arithmetica / Sketchfab

Grapher 11

22 July 2014
Golden Software

Calculus Study Guide

11 July 2014


9 July 2014

Antenna Magus Version 5.0

4 July 2014

IntelliCAD 8.0

2 July 2014
IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

MagicCheck R2

2 July 2014