Image Analysis and Processing

Nexus 2

11 July 2014

Vicon, a motion capture technology specialist for the life science, entertainment, and engineering industries, has announced the launch of Nexus 2 – the newest version of its data capture software for Vicon’s life science customers

Image-Pro Premier 9.1

13 December 2013

Media Cybernetics has announced Image-Pro Premier 9.1, analysis software designed for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing
Media Cybernetics

CellSens 1.8

25 June 2013

The latest cellSens software release, version 1.8, is aimed at offering flexible and user-centric imaging, processing, analysing and reporting

Image-Pro Premier supports mosaic

28 November 2012

Image-Pro Premier image processing and analysis software now supports Surveyor Workspace mosaic format (.sws) image files
Media Cybernetics

Image-Pro Premier

Image-Pro Premier

30 May 2012

New image processing and analysis software package incorporates more than 25 years of user input
Media Cybernetics

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7 February 2012
Radiant Sage

cellSens Dimension Count and Measure Solution module

8 March 2011

Image-Pro Insight Version 8.0

24 February 2011
Media Cybernetics

cellSens Dimension Database Solution module

26 January 2011

Olympus cellSens Dimension Multichannel 5D Solution module

23 November 2010

Tissue Studio 2.0

16 August 2010

CellSens software

20 April 2010

LymphExpert version 2.0

16 March 2010

High Content 2.0

19 January 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Image-Pro Plus version 7.0 Software Development Kit

28 October 2009
Media Cybernetics

Definiens Tissue Studio

16 September 2009

Image-Pro Plus v7

22 July 2009
Media Cybernetics