Cray appoints Max Schireson

15 July 2014

Global supercomputer leader Cray today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Max Schireson as a member of the Board, and as a member of the Strategic Technology Assessment and Compensation Committees, effective July 8, 2014

R4420 and Rackform iServ R4422

11 July 2014

Silicon Mechanics has announced that it has expanded its high-density server family with the release of two 2U 4-node products based on Supermicro TwinPro architecture, the Rackform iServ R4420 and Rackform iServ R4422
Silicon Mechanics

Dell Workstations featuring AMD FirePro

14 May 2014

AMD has recently announced its FirePro GPU technology, specifically designed for engineering and design professionals, will be available with certified workstations such as the Dell Precision Range listing two recently released examples

3DBOXX 8950 workstation

28 April 2014

Boxx Technologies has been showcasing its multi-GPU 3DBOXX 8950 workstation at the COE 2014 Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair at the end of April, by running Dassault Systèmes Catia demonstrations
Boxx Technologies


27 March 2014

Nvidia has announced Iray, a GPU rendering appliance that accelerates ray tracing using Nvidia GPU clusters

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27 March 2014

Rackform iServ R456

6 March 2014
Silicon Mechanics

Axxia include BE8 mode support for Linux

25 February 2014

K40 GPU offered with GPU systems

25 February 2014
Silicon Mechanics

PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools

17 February 2014

3DBOXX 4150 Xtreme

27 January 2014
Boxx Technologies

IBM X6 architecture

23 January 2014


5 December 2013
Boxx Technologies

Tesla K40 GPU

3 December 2013
SIlicon Mechanics

Vridis 2.0

29 November 2013

RSC PetaStream

28 November 2013
The RSC Group

Wolverine Coprocessor

27 November 2013
Convey Computer