Data Management

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry update

23 July 2015
Elsevier has announced enhancements to Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry that address the critical workflow and data challenges of early drug discovery
Elsevier Solutions

LIMS cross sample testing capabilities enhanced

19 February 2015
The cross sample testing capabilities within Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) have been enhanced

Mosaic Assay Requesting

11 July 2014
Titian Software has announced that it will be introducing Mosaic Assay Requesting - a new module that is fully integrated in the Mosaic sample management software suite
Titian Software

ChemBioDraw 14.0

20 June 2014
Adept Scientific has announced that PerkinElmer has released a new version of its desktop applications for chemical structure drawing and analysis, 3D molecular modelling and visualisation, and database search and management
Adept Scientific

Workflows Manager

13 June 2014
AgileBio, an IT solutions specialist providing web-based software for life sciences, has announced the release of a new add-on for LabCollector called Workflows Manager.

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NuGenisis Lab Management Sysytem

15 May 2014

Limfinity 5

14 May 2014

Biobook now includes Nerual ID's IWS

1 May 2014
IDBS and Neural ID


22 April 2014

Mosaic 6.0

17 April 2014
Titian Software

Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel

14 April 2014

Matrix Gemini LIMS

21 March 2014

Engineering Data Management (EDM)

14 March 2014

Lab Execution System

13 March 2014
Thermo Fisher Scientific


13 March 2014
Blaze Systems

ACD/Spectrus Platform

28 February 2014

Accelrys Notebook 5.0

27 February 2014

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