Data Analysis

Eagle Genomics launches Eaglecore

3 September 2014
Eagle Genomics, a bioinformatics software and services company propelling new opportunities in large scale omics data and its application to real world problems in health and wellness, food and environmental sectors, has launched Eaglecore, a software platform to improve bioinformatics research
Eagle Genomics

Progenesis QI Version 2.0

2 September 2014
Waters Corporation has introduced Progenesis QI Version 2.0, the next generation of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) software for small molecule 'omics data analysis, at the 20th International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Geneva, Switzerland
Waters Corporation

Nexus 2

11 July 2014
Vicon, a motion capture technology specialist for the life science, entertainment, and engineering industries, has announced the launch of Nexus 2 – the newest version of its data capture software for Vicon’s life science customers

Altmetric for Institutions

12 June 2014
Altmetric for Institutions allows higher educational institutions to track and evaluate the impact of their research

Maple calculus study guide

12 June 2014
Maplesoft has released a Calculus Study Guide

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Spotfire 6.5

2 May 2014

Develve 1.2

29 April 2014

CytoSure Interpret 4.5.3

31 March 2014
Oxford Gene Technology

Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry

31 March 2014

USP Spectral Library

5 March 2014
Bio-Rad Laboratories

VirtualWisdom SolutionPack

11 February 2014
Virtual Instruments

Query Builder

10 February 2014

Surfer 12

27 January 2014
Golden Software


27 January 2014
Thermo Fischer Scientific

Origin 9.1, OriginPro 9.1

23 January 2014

Image-Pro Premier 9.1

13 December 2013
Media Cybernetics

Statistica/ProMV 13.08

3 December 2013

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