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Un-Scan-It 7.0 (Silk Scientific)

Silk Scientific says digitising graphs just got easier with the Un-Scan-It Version 7.0 software

UN-SCAN-IT gel Version 7.1 (Silk Scientific)

The release of UN-SCAN-IT gel Version 7.1 software is designed to make the job of scanning gels easier than ever before.

Un-Scan-It Graph Digitising Software (Silk Scientific)

Un-Scan-It software, from Silk Scientific, automatically converts scanned graphs to useful (x,y) data using a simple drag-and-drop interface

UNAFold (Integrated DNA Technologies)

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) have launched the UNAFold secondary structure prediction software

UniCluster 5.0 (Univa UD)

Univa UD has released UniCluster 5.0, a new version of its infrastructure and workload management software stack, which underpins the company's cloud computing offerings

UniCluster for OpenSolaris (Univa UD)

Univa UD has introduced a native OpenSolaris version of UniCluster, its leading HPC management product

Unicore 6 (Forschungszentrum Juelich)

Unicore 6 is a software stack with extensible service-oriented architecture for grid computing. It provides seamless and secure access to resources, with simple deployment and straightforward support for adding new applications.

Unifi (Waters)

Getting off to an early start at Pittcon 2011, Waters presented the heart of its biopharmaceutical system

Unified Fabric Manager (UFM-SDN) and UFM 4.0 (Mellanox Technologies)

Mellanox Technologies has released its Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) appliance with Software Defined Networking support (UFM-SDN), allowing IT administrators to effectively manage and optimise their data centre resources from a centralised location

Unistat 6.0 (Unistat)

Unistat is a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an Excel add-in

Unistat 6.5 (Unistat)

Unistat 6.5 offers a powerful statistical tool, with little or no learning curve, without ever having to leave Excel

Updates and enhancements to BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway (Spectra Logic)

Spectra Logic today announced updates and enhancements to its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway

Upgrade to GeneTools V4 1D Gel Analysis Software (Syngene)

Syngene has released GeneTools V4 (a) 1D gel image analysis software including new rapid, accurate band matching features.

Upgrades to XT6 and XT6m (Cray)

Cray has announced upgrades to its Cray XT supercomputer series by incorporating AMD's newest innovations in processing for high performance computing

uRiKA graph appliance (YarcData)

YarcData, the newly-created division of Cray dedicated to providing Big Data solutions for enterprise customers, has announced the launch of the YarcData uRiKA graph appliance

USim 1.0 (Tech-X)

Tech-X, of Boulder, Colorado, has announced the release of USim 1.0, a plasma code for solving fluid plasma simulation problems on unstructured meshes

USP Spectral Library (Bio-Rad Laboratories)

Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced at Pittcon 2014 the release of the beta version of USP Spectral Library

USS 3.0 (Chelsio Communications)

Chelsio Communications, a provider of 10Gb Ethernet unified wire adapters and ASICs, has launched Unified Storage Server (USS) software version 3.0

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