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Pam-Stamp 2015 (ESI Group)

ESI Group has announced the latest version of its sheet metal forming simulation and die face design solution, Pam-Stamp 2015

PanFS 5.5 (Panasas)

Panasas, a provider of hybrid scale-out NAS for technical research and enterprise customers, has released PanFS 5.5, a major storage operating system update for its ActiveStor scale-out NAS appliances

Paradigm Scientific Search Software (Waters)

Waters has announced it is expanding its laboratory informatics offerings with the addition of Paradigm Scientific Search Software, an information access platform

Parallel Computing Toolbox (The MathWorks)

The new version of The MathWorks' Parallel Computing Toolbox expands the number of users who can run parallel Matlab applications

Parallel Computing Toolbox/Matlabe Distributed Computing Server update (The MathWorks)

The MathWorks has introduced new versions of its Matlab parallel computing products, including Parallel Computing Toolbox, Matlab Distributed Computing Server and other products in the Matlab and Simulink product families

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1 (Wolfram Research)

Following strong demand from the high-performance-computing community for Mathematica 6, Wolfram Research has launched Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1 – a parallel solution for anyone with access to Mathematica and more than one processor.

ParStream (Transtec)

Transtec is now offering ParStream, a highly performing database solution for big data analysis. It is faster by a factor of 1,000 than conventional systems while at the same time reducing the hardware capacity requirements by a factor of 20

Particle Counting and Analysis app for Image-Pro Premier (Media Cybernetics)

A new Particle Counting and Analysis app for the Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Premier software has been released

PAS 12 (Panasas)

The Panasas ActiveStor 12 (PAS 12), fourth-generation storage-blade architecture, features the company’s PanFS parallel file system, 64-bit multi-core processing and integrated 10GbE technology, more than doubling performance, moving from 600MB/s to 1.5GB/s per chassis

PAS HC (Panasas)

Panasas has released PAS HC, a high capacity, multi-petabyte, scale-out NAS system. The PAS HC is ideal for organisations requiring massive scalability, cost efficiency and performance in the capture and archiving of huge amounts of data

PatentExplorer (Genedata)

Genedata, a provider of software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, has released PatentExplorer, an interdisciplinary software tool for assessing the patent situation of novel biomolecules and targets

PatentExplorer (Genedata)

Genedata has released PatentExplorer, an interdisciplinary software tool for assessing the patent situation of novel biomolecules and targets

PatentSafe 4.6 (Amphora Research Systems)

Amphora Research Systems has updated its PatentSafe document management system to version 4.6, which helps research organisations comply with government export control regimes.

Pathplanner software for Bricscad v10 (Bricsys and Simtra)

Pathplanner software from Simtra is now available on Bricscad v10 from Bricsys

Pathway Studio (Elsevier)

Elsevier, a provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced the launch of a web-based version of Pathway Studio, a research solution for biologists

Pathway Studio Explore (Ariadne)

Ariadne has launched Pathway Studio Explore for the Affymetrix GeneAtlas personal microarray system, which provides a biological context for the analysis of gene expression data

Pathway Studio Version 6 (Ariadne)

Ariadne has released Pathway Studio version 6, featuring gene expression analysis tools, updated pathway collection, and a new look and feel.

Pathway Studio Web Plant (Elsevier)

Elsevier has released Pathway Studio Web Plant, a web-based research solution that helps plant scientists explore breeding through trait analysis

Paul Messina Named Argonne Distinguished Fellow ()

High-performance computing pioneer Paul Messina has been named an Argonne National Laboratory Distinguished Fellow, the laboratory’s highest scientific and engineering rank, and comparable in stature to an endowed chair at a top-ranked university

Pavilion8 version 4.0 (Rockwell Automation)

Rockwell Automation’s Pavilion8 model predictive control software has been updated with new tools to enable users to create simple to complex process models on their own

PBS Analytics 12.0 (Altair Engineering)

Altair has released its completely redesigned PBS Analytics 12.0 data analysis and visualisation tool for high-performance computing

PBS GridWorks 10.1 (Altair Engineering)

Altair Engineering has released PBS GridWorks 10.1, featuring enhanced workload scheduling, PBS Catalyst, an application-aware job management portal, and PBS Analytics to provide expanded options for visualising usage data to optimise HPC investments.

PBS Professional (Altair Engineering)

Altair Engineering has announced the latest release of PBS Professional

PBS Professional 11.2 (Altair Engineering)

Altair Engineering has released PBS Professional 11.2. This latest version of PBS Professional scales easily to support hundreds of thousands of processors and enables administrators to get the maximum value from their computing infrastructure

PBS Professional 12.0 (Altair Engineering)

Altair has introduced PBS Professional 12.0, the latest version of its workload management and job scheduling solution

PBS Professional shipping with SGI's supercomputer (Altair Engineering)

SGI has begun shipping licences for Altair Engineering's PBS Professional schedule-optimisation software with the each SGI Altix UV supercomputer sold

PBS Professional Support (Altair)

Altair has announced PBS Professional support for cross-domain configurations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivering new security capabilities for HPC workload management

PBS Professional with EAL3+ certification (Altair Engineering)

Altair Engineering has announced that version 10.1 of its PBS Professional HPC job-scheduling software has achieved Common Criteria EAL3+ certification

PBS Works 10.2 (Altair Engineering)

Altair Engineering has released PBS Works 10.2, its product suite that aids management of compute-intensive workloads, which includes several enhancements

PBS Works 10.4 (Altair Engineering)

PBS Works, a division of Altair Engineering, has introduced PBS Works 10.4, its suite of on-demand computing technologies that allows customers to streamline workload management

PCIe-287N (Nallatech)

Nallatech has introduced the PCIe-287N, a network processing card that delivers Xilinx 7-Series performance for network processing, cyber security, and algorithm-acceleration applications

PCIe-385N FPGA accelerator card (Nallatech)

The PCIe-385N FPGA accelerator card now supports the Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL

PcVue 9.0 (ARC Informatique)

ARC Informatique has released a new version of its PcVue software, with emphasis on opening up links to new protocols, such as integration of OPC Kepware servers and Smart Generator Step7

PDF3D Software Development Kit Release 1.4.2 (PDF3D)

The PDF3DSoftware Development Kit Release 1.4.2 is now available including novel 3D dynamic labels, a VRML to 3D PDF application, interactive viewing inside PowerPoint presentations and many technical improvements in PDF3D document generation.

PDTec and SSC-Services to offer a cloud based solution for data exchange (PDTec)

PDTec, based in Karlsruhe, and SSC-Services GmbH, based in Böblingen, have agreed to offer a joint, cloud-based solution for effective data exchange between OEMs, suppliers, and engineering service providers

Pedant Cloud Service (Biomax Informatics)

Biomax Informatics has launched a new cloud-based online sequence analysis service

Penguin Computing announce Scyld ClusterWare for Hadoop (Penguin Computing)

Penguin Computing, a provider of high performance, enterprise datacentre and cloud solutions, has announced Scyld ClusterWare for Hadoop

Penguin Computing on Demand (Penguin Computing)

Penguin Computing is developing what it describes as a highly efficient, large-scale cloud storage deployment with industry partners Calxeda and Inktank

Penguin Computing's Intel-based product portfolio (Penguin Computing)

Penguin Computing has announced the immediate availability of the company's new product portfolio that is entirely based on the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family

Peugeout use Dassault software for automotive design (Dassault Systèmes)

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, has announced that PSA Peugeot Citroën has decided to increase the use of its DELMIA digital manufacturing applications to help simplify the innovation process of its body-in-white division

PGI 2010 (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group has released PGI 2010, the latest release of its high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

PGI 2012 (The Portland Group)

The latest release in the PGI line of high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, OS X and Windows has been announced by The Portland Group

PGI 2013 (Portland Group)

The Portland Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has announced that the 2013 release of the PGI parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows is now available

PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools (PGI)

PGI, a suite of high-performance parallelising compilers and development tools, now features support for the latest version of the OpenACC programming standard on accelerator platforms

PGI Accelerator compilers (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group has added support for the latest Nvidia GPUs to its entire line of PGI Accelerator compiler products, including its new PGI 10.4 release

PGI C/C++ compilers (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group is now shipping the PGI Cuda C and C++ compilers for systems based on the industry standard general-purpose 64-bit and 32-bit x86 architectures.

PGI Cuda C/C++ compiler for multi-core x86 (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group is due to ship a performance-optimised PGI Cuda C/C++ compiler for multi-core x86 platforms (Cuda-x86) with its PGI 2012 release this month

PGI Release 9.0 (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group (PGI) has unveiled PGI Release 9.0, its suite of high performance parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows

PGI Visual Fortran 9.0 (The Portland Group)

The Portland Group has introduced PGI Visual Fortran (PVF) 9.0 for Windows workstations, servers and clusters, which supports the building, launching and debugging of Microsoft MPI Fortran applications from within Microsoft Visual Studio

Phased Array System Toolbox (MathWorks)

MathWorks has expanded system design capabilities in Matlab with the launch of Phased Array System Toolbox

Phast 3D explosion software module (DNV)

DVN has released its Phast 3D explosion software module. The software examines the progress of a potential explosion from the initial release of hazardous substances to far-field dispersion including flammable and toxic effects

Phi coprocessor support (Rogue Wave Software)

Rogue Wave Software, which provides software development tools and embedded components for HPC applications, has announced its product portfolio supporting the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

Phoenix QT+ (Cetara)

Certara, a provider of software and scientific consulting, has announced the launch of its Phoenix QT+ cardiac safety assessment tool

PhysChem 11 (ACD/Labs)

Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) has released the latest version of its PhysChem software. Version 11 provides updated molecular property predictions for a broader variety of chemical classes through enhanced models.

PICMG 1.3 boards for Supersight e2 (Matrox Imaging)

Matrox Imaging has introduced two PICMG 1.3 boards for its HPC platform, Matrox Supersight e2

Pipeline Pilot 8.0 (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released Pipeline Pilot 8.0, the latest version of its scientific informatics platform, which enables a greater number of users to work individually or collaboratively across the wide scientific R&D enterprise

Pipeline Pilot Analytical Instrumentation Collection (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released a new version of its Pipeline Pilot Analytical Instrumentation Collection, allowing users to combine NMR data with other scientific data such as images, chemistry, or text

Platform Application Centre (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has introduced the Platform Application Centre, a new product that enables HPC end users to submit and manage various HPC applications easily via a web-based portal interface

Platform GPU kits (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has introduced GPU kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC Workgroup products, to support Nvidia's Cuda-enabled GPUs

Platform HPC Academic (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Academic, a workload management product bundle enabling universities and research institutions to accelerate compute and data intensive applications, and manage cluster and grid systems

Platform HPC Academic product bundle (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has launched the Platform HPC Academic product bundle for universities and research institutions.

Platform HPC Enterprise Edition (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive cluster management solution to help set up and use a cluster with more power and simplicity for technical application users

Platform HPC for ICE-Linux (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has released Platform HPC for ICE-Linux, combining the power of platform computing with the multi-systems management of HP Insight Control suite for Linux

Platform HPC Workgroup Manager (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has introduced Platform HPC Workgroup Manager, a new channel-specific solution developed for organisations with workgroup and departmental-sized compute clusters

Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster and cloud bursting capabilities (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has expanded its cloud computing capabilities for high performance computing (HPC) with two new offerings: Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster and cloud bursting capabilities.

Platform Open Cluster Stack - Dell Edition (Platform Computing)

Platform Computing has established a Dell Edition of its HPC management software solution OPS, a pre-integrated, vendor-certified stack optimised for Dell hardware.

Platform RTM 8 and Platform Analytics 8 (Platform Computing)

The latest versions of two tools designed to help HPC administrators and IT managers monitor and report on HPC workloads and analyse the associated data have been released by Platform Computing

Pointwise 17.1 R4 (Pointwise)

The latest release of Pointwise's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software is now compatible with the GridPro grid generator, the company has announced

Pointwise 17.2 (Pointwise)

Pointwise, a provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, has announced the latest release of its Pointwise CFD meshing software

Pointwise CFD meshing software (Pointwise)

Pointwise announces the latest release of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software featuring direct integration with overset grid assembly (OGA) software.

Pointwise CFD software (Pointwise)

Pointwise has released the latest version of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software

Pointwise version 17.1 R3 (Pointwise)

Pointwise announces the latest release of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software which includes enhanced techniques for evaluating mesh quality and new native interfaces to CFD solvers

Pointwise Version 17.2 R2 (Pointwise)

Pointwise announces the latest release of its eponymous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software in which the ability to rapidly generate layers of hexahedral cells has been significantly enhanced

Portable workstations available with 2nd Gen Intel Core Processors (NextComputing)

NextComputing has announced the addition of the 2nd generation Intel Core processor line-up to its Radius all-in-one portable workstations

PowerEdge C8000 (Dell)

Dell has released the PowerEdge C8000 Series, the industry’s first 4U shared infrastructure solution to allow the mixing and matching of compute, GPU/coprocessors and storage sleds in one chassis

Powerserve Duo T2000 (PSSC Labs)

PSSC Labs has introduced the Powerserve Duo T2000

PredictionBase 6.1 (IDBS)

IDBS has released the latest version of its in silico modelling application. PredictionBase 6.1 includes a new feature, the Model Quality Calculator that provides quality assurance of models.

Predictive sciences solutions (Accelrys)

Accelrys has announced the availability of an extensive set of advanced predictive sciences applications and services

Primer Premier (Premier Biosoft International)

Premier Biosoft International has released Primer Premier v6, which allows users to design highly specific standard PCR and SNP genotyping assays

Prism XL (SGI)

SGI has introduced a new product for accelerator-based high-performance computing. Purpose-built to control the scale and speed of accelerators, SGI Prism XL enables users to scale to tens of Pflops or large Tflop range

Pro-curo software (Pro-curo Software)

Fully compliant with the FDA's 21CFR Part 11 requirements, Pro-curo software stores a complete history of every sample transaction for future traceability, it has been announced

Process and Formulations ELNs (Symyx Technologies)

Symyx Technologies has released new programs for its Process and Formulations electronic lab notebooks (ELN). The new releases support both cumulative and pre-blend formulation types.

Process Management and Compliance Suite (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released its new integrated Process Management and Compliance Suite of software, designed specifically to facilitate collaboration and streamline product development from research through late-stage quality control and manufacturing

Progenesis (Nonlinear Dynamics)

Nonlinear Dynamics has announced new versions of its Progenesis range for reproducible proteomics, including Progenesis LC-MS, Progenesis MALDI and Progenesis SameSpots

Progenesis QI Version 2.0 (Waters Corporation)

Waters Corporation has introduced Progenesis QI Version 2.0, the next generation of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) software for small molecule 'omics data analysis, at the 20th International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Progenesis SameSpots v3.0 (Nonlinear Dynamics)

Nonlinear Dynamics has released version 3.0 of Progenesis SameSpots, the enabling technology behind the HUPO Reproducibility Study, which proved that quantitative proteomics can be reproduced across labs.

Project Moonshot (HP)

Paul Schreier reports on HP's low-energy processor developments

Project Team Builder (PTB) (SandboxModel)

The Altair Partner Alliance has announced the addition of the Project Team Builder (PTB) software from SandboxModel

Projects integrates with figshare (Digital Science/Figshare)

Projects, the research data management tool from Digital Science, has been integrated with Figshare, an online platform that enables academics to store their research outputs privately and securely, and make them citable, sharable and discoverable

ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) (HP)

HP has added new servers to its ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) portfolio

ProStat Version 4.8 (Poly Software International)

Poly Software International has released its software package for statistical analysis and technical plotting: ProStat version 4.8 for Windows.

Proteomics Application Suite (Thermo Electron)

Thermo Electron has added several new software products to its Proteomics application suite, including SIEVE, a label-free differential expression analysis software, BioWorks 3.3, Tissue Imaging and ProSightPC.

ProteOn Manager 2.0 (Bio-Rad Laboratories)

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released ProteOn Manager 2.0, its latest ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system and data management software.

Proteus 4.0 (GenoLogics)

GenoLogics has released Proteus 4.0, its lab and scientific data management system for proteomics.

Proteus-Analytics (GenoLogics)

GenoLogics has launched Proteus-Analytics, a new tightly integrated proteomics solution that combines the Proteus lab and data management solution from GenoLogics with Proteome Software’s ScaffoldBatch Analysis System

ProtoCOL (Synbiosis)

Synbiosis has released its ProtoCOL software for automatic colony and inhibition zone analysis, as well as full validation information for its entire range of automated colony counters.

ProtoCOL V1.4 (Synbiosis)

Synbiosis has launched its ProtoCOL V1.4 colony counting and inhibition zone sizing software, designed to save microbiologists time, by automating many routine plate based image analysis tasks.

ProV10 (Cresset)

Cresset, provider of chemistry software and services, announces the completion of its Cresset ProV10 suite

PSI-Plot Version 8.8 (Poly Software International)

Poly Software International has released its software package for technical plotting and data processing: PSI-Plot version 8.8 for Windows.

PSI-Plot Version 9 (Poly Software International)

Poly Software International has released the latest version of its software package for technical plotting and data processing: PSI-Plot version 9 for Windows

PV-Wave (Visual Numerics)

Visual Numerics has introduced PV-Wave Version 9.0, the latest version of its visual data analysis software, with new analysis features, expanded usability and performance, and broader platform support.

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