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Lab Execution System (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a comprehensive new Lab Execution System (LES)

Lab Forms 2.5 Software Packages (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched Lab Forms 2.5, a suite of GC/MS software aimed at specific laboratory applications.

Lab Services Manager (AgileBio)

AgileBio, an IT solutions specialist providing web-based software for life sciences, has released a new version of its Lab Services Manager (LSM), a complementary application for its LIMS, LabCollector

LabCollector Chemical Structures module (AgileBio)

AgileBio announces the release of a new substructure search engine for its LabCollector Chemical Structures module

Labcollector Protein Tracking System (PTS) (AgileBio)

AgileBio has released Protein Tracking System (PTS), a complementary and network-based application for its Labcollector LIMS

LabCollector v4.9 (Agilebio)

Agilebio has announced that the latest release of LabCollector, its full web LIMS (laboratory information management system), has support for BioTillion's RFID tube scanners

Labcore (Poplar Solutions)

Poplar Solutions has released the latest version of its Labcore Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

LabLogic announces the release of Debra 6.2 (LabLogic)

LabLogic has announced the latest release of the industry standard LIMS for radiolabelled metabolism studies, Debra

LabVantage 6 (LabVantage)

LabVantage 6, the culmination of SQL*LIMS, which was acquired from Life Technologies Corporation in 2009, and the legacy LabVantage product lines, has been released

LabVantage invests in new product development (LabVantage)

LabVantage Solutions has announced the immediate availability of LabVantage 7

LabVantage Pharma (LabVantage)

Pre-validated, preconfigured LIMS package for pharmaceutical environments claimed to be unique in industry

LabView 2010 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has introduced LabView 2010, the latest version of the graphical programming environment for design, test, measurement and control applications

LabView 2011 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has released NI LabView 2011, the 25th-anniversary version of its system design software

LabVIEW 2014 (National Instruments)

National Instruments today announced LabVIEW 2014 system design software, the heart of the NI platform, featuring upgrades to help users acquire, analyse and visualise data sets to make informed decisions fast.

LabVIEW 8 Student Edition (National Instruments)

National Instruments has released LabVIEW 8 Student Edition Software Suite, a full-featured version of the graphical development platform for designing, prototyping and deploying engineering and science concepts into real-world applications.

LabView 8.5 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has released LabView 8.5, the latest version of the graphical system design platform for test, control and embedded system development.

LabView 8.5 Student Edition (National Instruments)

National Instruments has introduced LabView 8.5 Student Edition, the latest version of the graphical system design software that gives students a flexible, hands-on environment to design, prototype and deploy engineering and science concepts.

LabView 8.6 (National Instruments)

The latest version of NI's LabView graphical system design software platform offers parallel programming flexibility in a wide range of applications

LabVIEW Control Design Toolkit (National Instruments)

National Instruments has released the latest version of its NI LabVIEW Control Design Toolkit, a collection of tools and mathematical functions for analysing, designing and implementing control systems.

LabVIEW Drivers (National Instruments)

National Instruments has introduced LabVIEW drivers for wireless sensor networks, allowing engineers and scientists to fully integrate ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 or proprietary wireless sensors into the LabVIEW graphical development environment.

LabView Robotics 2009 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has released LabView Robotics 2009, a new version of its graphical system design software that provides a standard development platform for designing robotics and autonomous control systems

LabVIEW SignalExpress and CompactDAQ (National Instruments)

The out of the box, non-programming data logging solution of NI CompactDAQ and LabVIEW SignalExpress reduces your time to first measurement to seconds.

LabView v8.20 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has launched LabVIEW 8.20, the 20th anniversary edition of its graphical software for system-design and development of test, control, and embedded systems.

LabView2013 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has announced NI LabView2013, the latest version of its design platform

LabWare Announces LabWare 7 (LabWare)

LabWare a provider of enterprise laboratory automation solutions has announced the production release of LabWare 7

LabWare ELN (LabWare)

LabWare has announced its LabWare ELN product, a new entry in the electronic laboratory notebook product space and a key component of the company's enterprise laboratory platform strategy

LabWare ELN v2.0 (LabWare)

LabWare has released version 2.0 of its ELN system, a key component of the company’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) solution strategy

Labware LIMS (Labware)

LabWare is a global provider of LIMS. LabWare LIMS meets the requirements of a wide range of industries and laboratory types, such as R&D, QA/QC and contract analysis.

LabWare LIMS v6 (LabWare)

LabWare has released the next version of its LabWare LIMS.

LabWare WebLIMS v3 (LabWare)

LabWare has released the latest version of its WebLIMS presentation layer.

Labworks 6.1 (Perkin Elmer)

PerkinElmer has released version 6.1 of Labworks LIMS. Building upon its Labworks 6.0 platform, Labworks 6.1 delivers a laboratory information management system with a zero footprint web client

Labworks Green (PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences)

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences has introduced a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically for the growing biofuels industry.

Labworks Green (PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences)

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences has tailored its existing Labworks LIMS system for the growing biofuels industry. Labworks Green monitors the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.

Labworks LIMS (PerkinElmer)

PerkinElmer offers the Labworks LIMS system. Labworks LIMS provides a wide array of system integration solutions and expertise for ERP and production control systems from a variety of vendors.

Lamachan2 (Enterpoint)

Enterpoint has introduced Lamachan2, an extreme I/O solution for HPC systems, using a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to support a high performance PCI Express interface and large I/O count

Lasergene 9.1 (DNAStar)

DNAStar has released Lasergene 9.1, an upgrade to its flagship desktop software suite for molecular biologists

Lasergene v8.0 (DNAStar)

DNAStar has released v8.0 of Lasergene, its sequence analysis software that now features expanded assembly and visualisation capabilities for traditional and next-generation sequencing users.

Lasergene v8.1 (DNAStar)

DNAStar has released Lasergene v8.1, the latest version of its sequence analysis software, incorporating a range of new features

Latest MapleSim release streamlines user experience (Maplesoft)

Maplesoft has announced a major new release of MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform, together with important updates to many of the specialized component libraries and connectivity tools in the MapleSim family of products

Laura 4 (LabLogic Systems)

Laura 4, the chromatography data collection and analysis system from LabLogic Systems, now includes a facility for e-signatures. The company is also providing more licensing options for evaluation copies.

Laura 4 (IN/US)

IN/US Systems has updated its Laura 4 radiochromatography system. It now offers researchers the ability to import data from liquid scintillation counters and plate readers such as Top Count and Micro Beta

Laura 4.0.5 (LabLogic Systems)

LabLogic Systems has introduced Release 4.0.5 of its Laura radiochromatography software, which features more than 150 improvements and innovations developed over the past 12 months

Laura 4.1 (LabLogic Systems)

LabLogic Systems has released the version 4.1 of its Laura software for radiochromatography, adding Windows 7 support and powerful new 2D and 3D display options

LC Dissolution Software (Agilent Technologies)

Agilent Technologies has introduced LC Dissolution Software, an add-on module for use with the ChemStation Edition of the Agilent OpenLAB Chromatography Data System

Leverage best practices when implementing a chemical inventory system (ChemSW)

ChemSW's FREE WHITE PAPER details best practices in lab chemical inventory management, providing insights to ensure successful system adoption

LibJacket v1.0 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has released version 1.0 of LibJacket, enabling programmers to achieve better GPU performance with less programming

Licensed to Cure for BioPharma (Dassault Systèmes)

Dassault Systèmes has launched a new 'industry solution experience' for pharmaceutical and biotech companies – 'Licensed to Cure for BioPharma'

LightSight (Applied Biosystems)

Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX's metabolite ID solution enables drug discovery scientists to examine thousands of drug candidates and quickly determine those that fail to meet the requirements for further development.

LightSight (Applied Biosystems)

Applied Biosystems has launched a drug discovery application that enables pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations to more quickly and accurately screen drug candidates - LightSight Software for Metabolite Identification.

LightTools 8.0 (Synopsys)

Synopsys has announced the availability of version 8.0 of its LightTools illumination design software, which delivers multi-CPU support that improves the speed of lighting system simulations

LightTools version 7.1 (Synopsys)

Synopsys has announced the availability of enhancements to its LightTools illumination design and analysis software

Lightworks Artisan (Lightworks)

Lightworks and Bricsys have announced that the Artisan application is now available for trial download and purchase on the BricsCAD Solution Store

Limfinity (Ruro)

Ruro, a LIMS and sample management system provider, has announced the release of Limfinity, the engine behind Ruro’s LIMS 24/7 – now available as a stand-alone system that can be used without expert knowledge

Limfinity 5 (Ruro)

Ruro, a LIMS, RFID and Sample Management systems provider, has released Limfinity version 5

LIMS 24/7 Version 4 (Ruro)

Ruro releases LIMS 24/7, a solution that provides users with comprehensive mining into data and metadata

LIMS cross sample testing capabilities enhanced (Autoscribe)

The cross sample testing capabilities within Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) have been enhanced

LIMS LabCollector (AgileBio)

AgileBio a provider of IT solutions for life sciences, has released a new version of its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), a complementary application for its LIMS, LabCollector

LIMS-on-Demand (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched LIMS-on-Demand, its software-as-a-service (SaaS), enterprise-class laboratory information management system

LIMSkit (LabLynx)

LabLynx has improved its free LIMSkit resource so that users need only download the software once, receiving any future updates automatically

LimsLink 4.0 (Labtronics)

Labtronics has released LimsLink 4.0, the latest version of its laboratory instrument integration solution.

LimsLink 5.0 web support (Labtronics)

Labtronics has released a web-based viewer for LimsLink, its laboratory integration solution

LimsLink template (Labtronics)

Labtronics and Molecular Devices have developed a LimsLink template to connect SoftMaxR Pro 5 software with any LIMS package.

LimsLink/Nexxis SDMS (Labtronics)

LimsLink, from Labtronics, now includes Nexxis SDMS, a web-based scientific data management system that provides laboratories with secure storage and retrieval of scientific data and documentation

Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP++ (The Mathworks)

The MathWorks and Analog Devices have introduced Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP++, which integrates Matlab and Simulink with the Analog Devices VisualDSP++ integrated development and debugging software environment.

Link for ModelSim 2 (The MathWorks)

The MathWorks has released Link for ModelSim 2, which enhances the use of Model-Based Design for hardware verification by offering full Verilog and VHDL support.

Link II (Malvern Instruments)

Malvern Instruments has added new functionality to its Malvern Link II product

Liquid Blade server (Boston Limited)

Boston Limited now supplies Hardcore Computer's high-performance server solution featuring Liquid Blade total liquid submersion cooling technology

Liquid-cooled cabinets (Iceotope)

UK-based liquid cooling specialist Iceotope has launched what it describes as ‘free cooling for ICT, anywhere’ at the Cebit trade event in Hanover, Germany

LMS (LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Rev 7)

LMS has introduced LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Rev 7 for vehicle ride and handling. The software offers dedicated solutions to simulate the ride and handling behaviour of passenger cars, motor sports vehicles and commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 11 (LMS International)

LMS International has released the latest version of its flagship product for system simulation, LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 11

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A (LMS)

LMS has launched LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A. The new version of its 1D multi-domain simulation platform includes new ergonomic features for better productivity, new interfacing capabilities for enhanced interoperability, and developments in various dedicated application solutions.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A (LMS)

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, from LMS, now incorporates an interface for the National Instruments LabVIEW Real-Time module, giving users more options to control the engineering design process

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 9 (LMS International)

LMS International has released the latest version of its multi-domain system simulation solution LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Revision 9

LMS Scadas Lab (LMS International)

LMS International has launched the new LMS Scadas Lab front-end solution for high-speed data acquisition and signal conditioning

LMS SCADAS Recorder (LMS International)

LMS International has launched its LMS SCADAS Recorder for autonomous, in-field testing applications.

LMS TecWare Rev 3.6 (LMS)

LMS has introduced LMS TecWare Rev 3.6, a modular solution for durability load data analysis and synthesis

LMS TecWare Rev 3.8 (LMS)

LMS has launched TecWare Rev 3.8, a software solution that acquires load data, analysing durability-specific characteristics and preparing it for re-use in simulation

LMS Test.Lab Rev 10 (LMS International)

LMS has released the latest version of LMS Test.Lab, its integrated solution for noise and vibration testing and engineering. v10 offers significant improvements in productivity, efficiency and user-friendliness, as well as new applications

LMS Test.Lab Rev 8 (LMS)

LMS has introduced LMS Test.Lab Rev 8 for noise and vibration testing and engineering. Rev 8 Test.Lab provides faster test preparation, efficient data acquisition, flexible processing, powerful reporting and transparent data sharing.

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics Rev 9 (LMS International)

LMS has released the latest version of its acoustic simulation software, LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics, featurin gthe latest solutions and solvers designed specifically for challenging acoustic problems

LMS Virtual.Lab for Ansys (LMS International)

LMS International has launched four LMS Virtual.Lab packages tailored to the Ansys user community, and extending the latter's engineering performance simulation capability

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Quick Start (LMS)

LMS has released LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Quick Start, a dedicated service program to deploy LMS’ multibody dynamic motion simulation software.

Logistics 1.3 (Symyx Technologies)

Symyx Technologies has launched Symyx Logistics 1.3, designed to improve R&D productivity and synthesis confidence by effectively managing the chemical reagent procurement and inventory tracking needs of laboratories and research centres.

Lorentz (Integrated Engineering Software)

Integrated Engineering Software, a developer of hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic, thermal and structural design analysis, has released updates to its Lorentz software

Lorentz Version 7 (Integrated Engineering Software)

Integrated Engineering Software has updated its Lorentz simulation software to Version 7, and now includes meniscus calculations for charged particle extraction from a plasma

Lorentz version 9.0 (Integrated Engineering Software)

Integrated Engineering Software has released version 9.0 of its Lorentz simulation tool

LSI high-port count SAS/SATA RAID (LSI)

NextComputing is now integrating and supporting the latest line of LSI 6Gb SATA+SAS high-port count storage controllers, including the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i RAID controller

LucidShape 1.9 (Beacon Concepts)

Beacon Concepts has introduced Brandenburg's Lucid Shape 1.9 to the Americas. The lighting design and analysis software package reduces product development time by 30-50 per cent

Lustre 2.2 (Whamcloud)

Whamcloud has announced the availability of Lustre 2.2, the first of the company's releases to be partially funded by financial support from OpenSFS, the North American Lustre community group

Lustre 2.5 (Open Scalable File Systems)

Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS), the non-profit organisation coordinating the Lustre file system community, has announced the availability of Lustre 2.5

Luxid for SharePoint 2013 (Temis)

Temis, the provider of semantic content enrichment solutions, has launched its Luxid for SharePoint 2013 integration product

LV-Link 3.0 (Data Translation)

Data Translation announces the release of a new version of its LV-Link software drivers for LabVIEW

LymphExpert (Definiens)

Definiens has released a computer-aided detection (CAD) application that allows radiologists to identify and analyse lymph nodes volumetrically and compare them over time.

LymphExpert version 2.0 (Definiens)

Definiens has launched version 2.0 of its LymphExpert software, a software application that assists radiology professionals in the identification, analysis and evaluation of lymph nodes in CT images over time

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