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Jacket v1.5 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has released version 1.5 of Jacket, its GPU programming platform for Matlab

Jacket 1.4 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has released version 1.4 of its Jacket software platform for Matlab, adding support the latest Nvidia GPUs based on the Fermi architecture

Jacket v1.1 (AcceleEyes)

AccelerEyes has released Jacket v1.1, the latest version of its GPU engine for Matlab, which allows standard Matlab code to run on Nvidia GPUs

Jacket v1.7 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has released version 1.7 of its Jacket software for GPU computing with Matlab

Jacket v2.0 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has released v2.0 of Jacket, adding GPU computing capabilities for use with Matlab. The latest version delivers even more speed through a host of new improvements, maximising GPU device performance and utilisation

Jacket v2.1 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes rolls up sleeves with new Jacket

Jacket version 1.3 (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has introduced version 1.3 of its Jacket GPU computing software that integrates double precision linear algebra, is easier to setup, performs faster, and is less expensive

JacketHPC (AccelerEyes)

AccelerEyes has introduced a new version of its Jacket software platform designed for multiple GPU systems, allowing Matlab users to leverage the power and energy efficiency of GPU clusters

Jaguar Land Rover wins the 2014 Altair Enlighten Award (Altair)

Altair today announced that luxury sport vehicle maker, Jaguar Land Rover, has won the 2014 Altair Enlighten Award competition for the development and implementation of its premium lightweight architecture design concept on the latest Range Rover vehicles

JChem cartridge (ChemAxon)

JChem cartridge achieves Oracle Exadata-ready status

JChem Extensions for KNIME (Infocom Corporation)

Infocom Corporation has launched JChem Extensions for KNIME, which allows researchers to deal with chemical structure data using ChemAxon’s software tools such as Marvin, JChem, Standardizer, on the KNIME open source workflow platform.

JChem for Excel (ChemAxon)

ChemAxon has launched JChem for Excel, an add-in for Microsoft Excel that brings all of the capabilities and performance of the JChem and Marvin platform to Excel users

JChem Version 2 (ChemAxon)

ChemAxon has released Instant JChem Version 2, a desktop application for working with chemical data on local and remote databases. The new release allows relational data support and advanced query building.


The electromechanical analysis tool JMAG, created by JSOL, will be available to enabled HyperWorks users in autumn 2013, the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) has announced

Jolt technology (SGI)

SGI’s new Jolt technology will deliver improvements in speed, performance and scalability to its Altix UV

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