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D-Wave Systems announce the D-Wave 2X quantum computing system (D-Wave Systems)

D-Wave Systems, the world's first quantum computing company, has announced the general availability of the D-Wave 2X quantum computing system

D360 Express Data Platform (Certara)

Certara, the provider of decision support technology and consulting services for optimising drug development and improving health outcomes, has announced the availability of D360 Express

Dadimp 5.0 (Adept Scientific)

Adept Scientific has released a new version of the standalone data import module for the popular Dadisp graphical data analysis program, produced by DSP Development.

DADiSP 6.5 (Adept Scientific)

Adept Scientific is distributing DSP Development's DADiSP 6.5, the latest release of the engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis

DADiSP Application Builder (DADiSP)

The DADiSP Application Builder, or DAB, is a redistributable component form of DADiSP that allows users to embed DADiSP functionality into their standalone applications. The component operates as a standard ActiveX control compatible with almost any Windows based application framework.

DADiSP Application Builder (Adept Scientific)

The DADiSP Application Builder, or DAB, is a redistributable component form of DADiSP that allows users to embed DADiSP functionality into their own standalone applications.


DADiSP/MAT File is a simple dialog-based module designed to import easily data files saved in the MAT file format created by Matlab and similar programs. MAT files Version 4.0 and higher are supported.

Dadisp/Octave (Dadisp)

Dadisp has released Dadisp/Octave - a menu-driven software module that simplifies octave, 1/3 octave and 1/N octave analysis used to characterise acoustic energy in a wide variety of applications.

DADiSP/ProPac (DSP Development Corporation)

DADiSP/ProPac, a combined maths accelerator plug-in module for DADiSP, the engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis, has been released

Daimler AG certifies solidThinking Inspire (Daimler AG)

Daimler AG has officially certified solidThinking Inspire, a product that enables design engineers to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily

Danish Meteorological Institute selects Cray supercomputer to power its weather forecasts (Cray)

Cray has announced that it has been awarded a $6 million contract to provide the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) with a Cray XC supercomputer and a Cray Sonexion 2000 storage system

DAQFlex (Measurement Computing)

Data acquisition for Android-based tablets

Darmin LIMS Version 2.0 (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has updated its Darwin LIMS system, including the addition of environmental monitoring functions to minimise the need for configuration

Darwin 3.0 LIMS (Thermo Scientific)

Thermo Scientific will launch Darwin 3.0 LIMS in April 2008, which is the latest version of its purpose-built solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D and QA/QC laboratories.

Darwin LIMS (Thermo Electron)

Thermo Electron has introduced Darwin LIMS, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) laboratory information management system for pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC.

Darwin LIMS (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Thermo Fisher Scientific has extended the functionality to Darwin LIMS, its purpose-built Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC.

Darwin LIMS Version 1.1 (Thermo Electron)

Thermo Electron Corporation has updated Darwin LIMS to allow easier integration. Darwin LIMS is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC.

DAS-Wizard Version 3 (Adept Scientific)

Adept Scientific is now distributing Version 3 of DAS-Wizard from Measurement Computing Corporation. DAS-Wizard is an easy-to-use tool that transfers measurement data from data acquisition hardware directly into Excel worksheets.

Dassault acquires Quintiq (Dassault Systèmes)

Dassault Systèmes today announced the signing of a definitive share purchase agreement for Dassault Systèmes to acquire Quintiq, a leading provider of on-premise and on-cloud supply chain and Operations Planning & Optimization software, for approximately €250 million

Dassault Systèmes announces the newest release of its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (Dassault Systèmes)

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, has announced the general availability of the 2015 release of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform (R2015x). R2015x offers a simplified and improved user experience with elegant and powerful enhancements that significantly increase productivity on premise as well as on public or private cloud

Dassault Systèmes launches 'Engineered to Fly' solution (Dassault Systèmes)

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, has announced at its annual 3DEXPERIENCE Forum NAM, the launch of 'Engineered to Fly', the company's latest aerospace and defence industry solution

DASYLab 10.0 released (Adept Scientific)

Adept Scientific has released DASYLab 10, the latest version of its data acquisition and analysis tool, with new modules and support on Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.

DASYLab 11 (IOtech)

IOtech has released DASYLab 11, the latest version of its graphical programming environment for test and measurement projects, featuring intuitive worksheets, icons (or modules), and wire functions

Dasylab 13 (Measx)

A new version of Dasylab, the point-and-click data acquisition and control software from Measx is now available in the UK from Adept Scientific

Data Storage Software (DSS) V7 (Open-E)

Open-E, a developer of data storage software for building and managing centralised storage servers, has announced the general availability of its flagship product, Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) V7 now with Hyper-V Cluster Support

DataManager (Cycle Computing)

Cycle Computing has released DataManager, a new solution that schedules and manages the secure transfer and storage of data sets needed for large-scale computations

DataMetrics (ASI DataMyte)

ASI DataMyte has released its DataMetrics data collection software. DataMetrics is a high-technology, real-time SPC data collection program with a full suite of supporting applications.

DataRunner (Panasas)

Panasas has introduced DataRunner, file transfer software designed to overcome the data movement challenges found in distributed scale-out storage environments

David Sallak joins Panasas as vice president of industry marketing (Panasas)

Panasas, the leader in hybrid scale-out NAS for enterprise and research environments, today announced it has appointed David Sallak as its new vice president of industry marketing

dbX (Xtreme Data)

Xtreme Data's dbX is a database appliance designed specifically for the unconstrained analysis and exploration of large data sets. The fully-integrated platform features patented SQL in Silicon hardware acceleration

DDi Predict (Aureus Pharma)

Aureus Pharma has released DDI Predict, a software application to assess the risk of potential drug-drug interactions. The software can provide answers within a few minutes.

DDR3L-1600 (Transcend Information)

Transcend Information has introduced its 8GB DDR3L-1600 Low Voltage 1.35V RDIMM memory module

DDT Cuda education pack (Allinea)

Package aimed at giving graduates hands-on experience of programming

DDT for CUDA (Allinea Software)

Allinea Software has made a pre-release version of the Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) for the Cuda architecture available to early-adopter customers, coinciding with the release of Cuda Toolkit version 3.0

DDT version 2.6.1 (Allinea Software)

Allinea Software has announced the availability of Allinea DDT 2.6.1, which supports versions 3.1 and 3.2 of the Nvidia Cuda Toolkit and has been beta tested for some time

DDT version 3.0 (Allinea Software)

Allinea Software has released a debugger for parallel computing on systems with hundreds of thousands of processor cores that deliver Pflops performance

Debra 5.7.6 LIMS (LabLogic)

Debra 5.7.6, the latest release of LabLogic's LIMS for drug metabolism studies, implements more than 70 modifications, including greater flexibility in the protein binding module

Debra 5.7.7 (LabLogic Systems)

LabLogic Systems has released Debra 5.7.7, its LIMS platform for ADME studies. The latest release provides greater flexibility in reporting data and additional features

Debra LIMS v6 (LabLogic Systems)

LabLogic Systems has launched Version 6 of its Debra LIMS for drug metabolism studies, the first new version to be introduced for 15 years

DecisionHPC (X-ISS)

X-ISS has introduced DecisionHPC, a software package for reporting on the availability, utilisation and performance of heterogeneous HPC environments

DecisionHPC (X-ISS)

X-ISS has released DecisionHPC, a web-based monitoring and analytics software package that helps HPC customers achieve maximum system productivity and goal alignment, while serving as a tool to plan for future computing resource needs accurately

DecisionHPC (eXcellence in IS Solutions (X-ISS),)

eXcellence in IS Solutions (X-ISS) has released Version 14.1 of its DecisionHPC analytics software for HPC cluster management

DecisionTools Suite 6.0 (Palisade)

Palisade has released version 6.0 of its DecisionTools Suite package for Microsoft Excel

DecisonTools Suite version 5.5.1 (Palisade Corporation)

Palisade Corporation has released its popular DecisonTools Suite software in five additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese

Definiens Tissue Studio (Definiens)

Definiens has introduced Definiens Tissue Studio, a digital pathology image analysis software package for translational biomarker research

Definiens TissueMap 2.0 (Definiens)

Definiens has released Definiens TissueMap 2.0 for oncology research. The image analysis software application provides detailed, automated morphometric quantification of biomarkers of nuclei or cell bodies in epithelial tumours or xenografts.

Definiens TissueMap 3.0 (Definiens)

Definiens has released the latest version of its image analysis application Definiens TissueMap 3.0.

Definiens XD (Definiens)

Definiens has released a multi-dimensional image analysis platform called Definiens XD.

Delivering complex target tracking with the help of Maplesoft Engineering Solutions (Maplesoft)

Blue Joule, a consulting company that specializes in the design, analysis, development, and implementation of high precision control systems, recently turned to Maplesoft for assistance in developing a controller for servo-actuators

Dell Workstations featuring AMD FirePro (AMD)

AMD has recently announced its FirePro GPU technology, specifically designed for engineering and design professionals, will be available with certified workstations such as the Dell Precision Range listing two recently released examples

DEM Literature Database (DEM Solutions)

DEM Solutions has announced what it describes as the world’s first online discrete element method (DEM) Literature Database

DEM Solutions (EDEM 2.3)

DEM Solutions, a Scottish company specialising in material flow simulation, has released version 2.3 of its of EDEM simulation software

DEM Solutions appoints Bryan Taylor as Chairman of the Board (DEM Solutions)

DEM Solutions, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader has appointed Bryan Taylor as the new Chairman of the Board

Derek Nexus plug-in module for StarDrop (Lhasa / Optibrium)

Optibrium and Lhasa, providers of software for compound design, selection and property prediction, have announced a technology collaboration agreement

Design and Creation Suites (Autodesk)

The new Autodesk Design and Creation Suites offer unprecedented access to the Autodesk 2014 software portfolio, the company says

Design Collaboration Suite 2013 (IronCAD)

IronCAD, the provider of design productivity solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Product Update 1

Design Profit (Munro and Associates)

The Altair Partner Alliance is now offering the complexity management tool, Design Profit, from Munro and Associates

Designer 13.3 (Altium)

Altium, a provider of smart system design automation, solutions for 3D PCB design and embedded software development, has launched Altium Designer 13.3

Designer 2013 (Altium)

Altium, a provider of smart system design automation and solutions for 3D PCB design and embedded software development, has released Altium Designer 2013

DevDeck (Caps Entreprise)

Caps Entreprise is due to launch its new DevDeck osoftware, a multi-level tool suite for manycore applications definition, porting and optimisation, in September 2011

Develve 1.2 (Develve)

Develve has announced the availability of its new statistical software package Develve 1.2

Device 1.0 (Lumerical)

Shedding light on Lumerical Device launch

Dezineforce Microsoft plug-in (Dezineforce)

The Dezineforce design optimisation and decision support suite is now available as a plug-and-play appliance, incorporating an easy-to-deploy Microsoft HPC cluster

DF_Contour (Dynaflow)

Dynaflow's DF_Contour generates publication-ready graphs and contours from numerical and experimental data. It produces colour graphic representations of various data types, including vector and scalar fields, shapes, curves, and markers.

DIAdem 11.0 (National Instruments)

DIAdem 11.0 is the latest release of National Instruments' interactive software for managing, analysing and reporting test data.

DIAdem 11.1 (National Instruments)

DIADem 11.1, from National Instruments, is the latest version of its interactive software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data

DIAdem 2011 (National Instruments)

National Instruments has announced DIAdem 2011, the latest version of the software tool designed to make locating, inspecting, analysing and reporting on measurement data more efficient

DIAdem 2012 (National Instruments)

DIAdem 2012, the latest version of the software tool specifically designed to help engineers and scientists share and interpret data, has been announced by National Instruments

Didger 5 (Golden Software)

Golden Software has released version 5 of its Didger program that combines advanced georeferencing, digitising, and coordinate conversion features

Dimension 5 (Miner3D)

Miner3D is a visual data mining environment enabling a flexible analytical interaction with large datasets, regardless of the user's statistical or mathematical expertise or programming skills.

Direct Attach Cables (DACs) (Mellanox)

Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced the general availability of Direct Attach Cables (DACs) with colored jackets and colored pull tabs, supporting interconnect speeds of 10, 40 and 56Gb/s for both Ethernet and InfiniBand data center networks

Discovery Studio (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released the latest version of its Discovery Studio life sciences modelling and simulation software

Discovery Studio 2.5 (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released Discovery Studio 2.5, an advanced computational chemistry and biology software environment for drug discovery

Discovery Studio 2.5.5 (Accelrys)

Accelrys has released Discovery Studio 2.5.5, claimed by the company to be the most advanced computational chemistry and biology software application for drug discovery available today

Discovery Studio 3.5 (Accelrys)

The latest version of Discovery Studio modelling and simulation software has been released by Accelrys

DiscoveryGate Web Service (Symyx)

Symyx has released DiscoveryGate Web Service, providing programmable access to the DiscoveryGate content platform that hosts current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers

Display Manager (Altair Engineering)

Altair introduces Display Manager for remote visualisation of Big Data

Dissolution Exchange (Agilent Technologies)

Agilent Technologies has introduced the Dissolution Exchange, a free and interactive resource to learn about dissolution testing, solve laboratory testing challenges and discuss topics related to the dissolution industry

Dissolution Workstation Software (Agilent Technologies)

Agilent Technologies has introduced an enhanced version of its Dissolution Workstation Software, providing better data integration, method change control and instrument monitoring for controlling multiple dissolution systems

Distributed Computing Toolbox 2 (The MathWorks)

The MathWorks has launched Distributed Computing Toolbox 2, a programming tool to simplify the development of distributed computing applications.

Dotmatics announces New Academic Site License Program (Dotmatics)

Dotmatics is pleased to announce a new Academic Site License program that will provide ample access to the Dotmatics Platform for Universities and Schools around the world at a specially reduced subscription price

Dotmatics appoint Dr Shikha O’Brien as VP of Strategic Sales and Marketing (Dotmatics)

Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Shikha O’Brien as Vice President of Strategic Sales and Marketing

Dotmatics appoints Rusty Irving (Dotmatics)

Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, is pleased to announce Rusty Irving as the Head of North American Operations

Dotmatics for Office (Dotmatics)

UK-based Dotmatics, a provider of informatics solutions and services to the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries, has announced a new chemistry add-in for Microsoft Office

Dotmatics integrates Cortellis and Vortex (Dotmatics)

Dotmatics has integrated data analysis and visualisation solution Vortex with Thomson Reuters' Cortellis, a premier life sciences information delivery platform

DriftScope 2.0 Mobility Environment Software (Waters)

Waters has improved is Synapt High Definition MS technology with the introduction of DriftScope 2.0 Mobility Environment Software, featuring new automated peak detection algorithms, visualisation tools and data export functionality

dSPACE 1.3 (Synect)

Synect has released version 1.3 of the dSPACE Synect data management software

dSPACE and RWTH Aachen University enable Virtual battery development (dSPACE)

In a joint project, dSPACE and RWTH Aachen University have developed a new simulation environment for electrical energy storage systems that supports a broad range of physical battery characteristics

dSPACE announce TargetLink 4.0 (dSPACE)

dSPACE, a provider of engineering tools for developing and testing mechatronic control systems has announced the release of its production code generator TargetLink version 4.0

dSPACE releases new Power RealTime Library (dSPACE)

Thanks to the new dSPACE Power RealTime Library, it is now faster and easier to simulate circuit models that were developed in SimPowerSystems (MathWorks Simulink)

dSPACE supports FMI standard 2.0 (dSPACE)

dSPACE is among the first providers to support The Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) FMI standard 2.0

DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module (Data Translation)

Data Translation has released its DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module, which is specially designed for measurement technology used in the development and testing of renewable energy systems

DT9837A model (Data Translation)

Data Translation has launched its DT9837A model, which is an accurate and rugged USB data acquisition module for sound and vibration measurement.

DT9837A model for sound and vibration measurement (Data Translation)

Data Translation has released the DT9837A model, which is a highly accurate and rugged USB data acquisition module for sound and vibration measurement.

DT9872 (Data Translation)

Data Translation has launched the DT9872 model, which is the latest addition to the TEMPpoint temperature measurement series. The version comes ready-to-run with its own software, allows direct connection of up to 48 four-wire resistance temperature sensors (RTDs) and is easy to connect to the PC via USB.

DuraNAS 1000 (Eurotech)

Eurotech has released the DuraNAS 1000, a rugged network attached storage (NAS) solution for harsh environment applications

DXi6800 (Quantum)

Quantum, a provider of data protection and Big Data management, has announced the new DXi6800 Series deduplication appliance

Dymnesion (Syngene)

Syngene has released its Dymension software for automated 2D protein gel analysis, which now includes common spot outlines, a revolutionary algorithm for automatically detecting presence or absence of proteins in large data sets.

DynaEIT (Dynaflow)

Dynaflow's DynaEIT is a suite of efficient algorithms for solving Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) problems

DynaFlexPro 3.0 (Maplesoft)

Maplesoft has released DynaFlexPro 3.0, for the modelling and simulation of mechanical multibody systems. The new version includes improvements to the software's usability and numerical efficiency.

Dynamic Fusion (Romax Technology)

Romax Technology has launched Dynamic Fusion, a new way to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of component, gearbox and driveline Multibody Dynamic (MBD) analysis

DynaSim (Dynaflow)

DynaSim from Dynaflow is a ship-manoeuvring simulator that incorporates state-of-the-art models of ship manoeuvring. The ship simulator employs modular mathematical models for the various components of the ship, environmental effects, and waterways.

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