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BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre adopts Allinea MAP (Allinea)

BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) has further embraced Allinea Software’s tools for their software teams developing applications for the company’s High Performance Computing clusters by adopting Allinea MAP, the scalable performance profiler, to help them speed up their applications

BatchReactor (update) (ProSim)

Providing simulation and optimisation software to the process industries, ProSim has released a new version of its software for batch chemical reactors simulation, BatchReactor

Beacon Designer version 7.7 (Premier Biosoft International)

Premier Biosoft International has released Beacon Designer version 7.7, featuring design support for high resolution melting analysis (HRMA) primers

BeeGFS 2015.03-r1 (Fraunhofer ITWM / ThinkParQ)

A new major release of the parallel file system BeeGFS has been announced by Fraunhofer ITWM and ThinkParQ

BIM software (Nemetschek Allplan)

The digital design folder created with Nemetschek Allplan’s BIM software encompasses all the elements of a building project clearly and compactly in a single file, the company says

Bio-Rad CFX96 system (Bio-Rad Laboratories)

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released Bio-Rad CFX96, which is a real-time PCR detection system.

Bio-Rad Mission: Control (Bio-Rad Laboratories)

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched Bio-Rad Mission: Control, the first objective risk management software to help laboratories identify the best quality control (QC) rules and the right QC frequency to develop a customised quality control plan

BioBook (IDBS)

IDBS has launched the BioBook, allows research biologist to manage the entire lifecycle of complex biological experiments and studies from set-up and data capture to publication.

BioBook (IDBS)

IDBS has launched the BioBook, designed to meet the specific needs of research biology. BioBook brings the full benefits of electronic experiment and data management to this previously neglected area.

Biobook now includes Nerual ID's IWS (IDBS and Neural ID)

Neural ID, which provides biosignal analytics for the pharmaceutical industry, has teamed up with IDBS

Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 3.0 (The MathWorks)

The MathWorks has introduced a new version of the Bioinformatics Toolbox for Matlab. Version 3.0 includes improved functions for the analysis and visualisation of data from microarrays and mass spectrometers.

BioJavaScript (TGAC)

Scientists at TGAC, alongside European partners, have created BioJavaScript (BioJS), a free open source community for the lifesciences

Biologics 3.0 (Genedata)

Genedata, a provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life sciences research, has announced the release of Genedata Biologics 3.0

Biomax adds Pedant-Pro technology to Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps (Biomax Informatics)

Biomax Informatics AG has announced the addition of its Pedant-Pro technology to Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps, Illumina’s applications store and informatics community dedicated to advancing genomic analysis

Biomax Informatics expands operations in the US (Biomax Informatics)

Biomax Informatics AG has announced the expansion of its operations in the United States and the opening of its US headquarters near Madison, Wisconsin

Biomax launches BioXM Knowledge Management Environment version 5.1 (Biomax)

Biomax Informatics AG announces the rollout of the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment version 5.1 with powerful new features that increase productivity and significantly extend the underlying semantic concepts of the system

Biomedical Informatics Software Solution (GenoLogics)

GenoLogics is developing an integrated suite of biorepository and biomedical informatics products.

BioMOBIUS Research Platform (Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre)

The Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre has released the BioMOBIUS Research Platform.

Bioregister (Dotmatics)

Dotmatics has released Bioregister, a biological registration system designed in collaboration with pharma and biotech organisations

BioSynLab (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London, have developed BioSynLab, a software tool for the analysis of large metabolic datasets that reduces dramatically the time required for the analysis

Biotracker (Ocimum Solutions)

Biotracker from Ocimum Solutions is an effective tool for improving laboratory performance by allowing effective networking of labs starting from inventory samples to experiment and personnel management.

BioWorks 3.3 (Thermo Electron)

Thermo Electron has extended its protein identification software package with BioWorks 3.3, which enables automated quantitative analysis of iTRAQ, SILAC and ICAT labelled samples, as well as label-free quantitation techniques.

BioXM (Biomax Informatics)

Biomax Informatics has released version 4.0 of BioXM, its enterprise platform for semantic data integration and knowledge management

Blade's 1-10 Gigabit Ethernet RackSwitch (Colfax International)

Colfax International, a provider of hardware and software for high-performance computing, has added Blade Network Technologies' 1-10 Gigabit Ethernet RackSwitch product family to its product portfolio

Blazar (Luxtera)

Luxtera has introduced its low-power 40G active optical cable (AOC), Blazar, which saves more than 30 per cent in energy consumption when compared to competing products, improving data centre power consumption and thermal efficiency

BlazeGPU (Cresset)

Cresset, a provider of chemistry software and services, has released the GPU version of Blaze, the leading virtual screening platform

BlazeInventory 5.5 (Blaze Systems)

Blaze Systems has released version 5.5 of its BlazeInventory product for managing and tracking laboratory materials including samples, reagents, standards, parts, and consumables

BlazeLIMS Enterprise and Small Enterprise Products (Blaze Systems)

Blaze Systems has released version 5.5 of its flagship BlazeLIMS Enterprise and Small Enterprise Products

BlazeLIMS Tobacco Testing Module (Blaze Systems)

Blaze Systems has introduced a Tobacco Testing Module as an add-on to its flagship BlazeLIMS Enterprise product

BlazeLink (Blaze Systems)

Blaze Systems has announced a new release of its BlazeLink instrument-interfacing middleware to interface any instrument to any LIMS/ELN/SDMS

BlazeLink 3.3 (Blaze Systems)

Blaze Systems has announced the release of version 3.3 of its BlazeLink instrument interfacing middleware

Boehringer Ingelheim selects Genedata Biologics (Genedata)

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced that Boehringer Ingelheim has chosen Genedata Biologics as their global biologics R&D workflow and data management platform

Bondplus (Thomson Scientific)

Thomson Scientific has released Bondplus, an integrated, web-based data platform to address the information requirements of biological researchers.

BoxClusterDSN (BoxCluster)

BoxCluster has launched BoxClusterDSN, a deskside supercomputing environment featuring Intel 5500 series architecture and up to 384Gb of memory

Boxx integrates Intel Ivy Bridge processors (Boxx Technologies)

Boxx Technologies has announced that its hardware solutions will now feature Intel Core i7-4960X processor Extreme Edition, Intel Core i7-4930K, i7-4820K, and Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2 technologies

Brüel & Kjær joins the Altair Partner Alliance (Altair)

Altair has announced that Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), bringing its noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) software, Insight+, to HyperWorks customers

Bricscad 12.2.5 (Bricsys)

Bricsys has released Bricscad 12.2.5, an intermediate upgrade that the company describes as having a major impact for users

Bricscad BIM Module (Bricsys)

Bricsys, a global provider of DWG engineering design software brought to market under the Bricscad brand, has announced the availability of the beta version of the Bricscad BIM Module for the Windows operating system

BricsCAD update (Bricsys)

Chapoo and Bricsys have announced that a release of the BricsCAD software platform will allow users to upload, download and store designs on the Chapoo collaboration service

Bricscad V10 (Bricsys)

Bricsys has released Bricscad V10, a DWG CAD system with a complete and recognisable feature set. Bricscad V10 includes eBridge, a SaaS service extending desktop CAD with online CAD management

Bricscad v10 for Linux (Bricsys)

Bricsys has developed a beta version of Bricscad v10 for Linux, having been released in several test versions since January

Bricscad V10 for Linux (Bricsys)

Bricsys has released Bricscad V10 for Linux. Bricscad V10 is a CAD platform for the .dwg file format

Bricscad V10 with Prodok (Bricsys)

Prodok software from Rösberg Engineering, a leading software company for I&C (instrumentation and control) systems, has been made available for Bricscad V10 from Bricsys

Bricscad V11 (Bricsys)

Bricsys has released the latest version of its Bricscad CAD platform for Windows. Bricsys V11 adds key features to the popular .dwg CAD alternative

Bricscad v11 for Linux (Bricsys)

The release of Bricscad Classic v11 for Linux has been announced by Bricsys

Bricscad v12 for Linux (Bricsys)

Bricsys has announced the release of Bricscad v12 for the Linux operating system

Bricscad V13 (Bricsys)

Bricsys has launched Bricscad V13 for the Windows operating system, further extending the software with new 2D features and assembly modelling for the mechanical CAD market

BricsCAD V13 (Bricsys)

Bricsys, a provider of DWG engineering design software brought to market under the BricsCAD brand, has announced the immediate availability of BricsCAD V13 for the Linux operating system

BricsCAD V15 (Bricsys)

A powerful CAD platform with features familiar from native .dwg applications, BricsCAD V15 unifies the intelligence of 3D direct modelling with advanced 2D design on Windows, Linux, and soon Mac. The English version of BricsCAD V15 is available today

Bricscad V8 (Bricsys)

Bricscad V8, based on IntelliCAD, is the latest version of Bricsys' DWG compatible CAD software. The new update features key improvements from previous versions.

Bricscad V9 (Bricsys)

Bricsys has released Bricscad V9, the latest version of its engineering software solution.

Bricsys LGS v8 (Bricsys)

Bricsys, a provider of DWG engineering design software brought to market under the BricsCAD brand, has released v8 of the Bricsys LGS component technology, a set of computational software libraries used by developers of CAD, CAM, CAE applications for implementation of geometric and dimensional constraint support

Bricsys Meeting Point (Bricsys)

Bricsys has announced Bricsys Meeting Point, a new online communication hub for end users, application developers, and Bricsys’ .dwg specialists

Bright - Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre integration (Bright Computing / Intel)

The latest version of the Bright Cluster Manager software is now integrated with the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre (IEEL) software, enabling systems administrators to deploy, use and maintain Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre using Bright

Bright Cluster Manager (transtec and Bright Computing)

transtec and Bright Computing enter into partnership for European HPC market

Bright Cluster Manager (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing has released Bright Cluster Manager 6.1, an all-purpose management solution for Hadoop clusters, HPC clusters, and OpenStack private clouds

Bright Cluster Manager 5.2 (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing is now shipping version 5.2 of its Bright Cluster Manager

Bright Cluster Manager 6.0 (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing has introduced Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, which allows organisations to create a cluster in the cloud or burst into the public clouds, such as Amazon EC2, to add capacity to an existing cluster

Bright Cluster Manager 6.1 (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing has introduced Bright Cluster Manager 6.1

Bright cluster manager 7 for HPC (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing expands product line to manage HPC, OpenStack, and Apache Hadoop clusters

Bright Cluster Manager enhances support for Nvidia GPUs and Cuda 5.5 (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing has announced the general availability of enhanced support for Nvidia GPU accelerators in Bright Cluster Manager

Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing, a provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, has announced the release of Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack

Bright Cluster Manager Nvidia GPU support (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing, a provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, has announced support for the Nvidia Tesla K40 GPU

Bright Computing anounces investment (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing, the leading provider of cluster management software, today announced a $14.5 million Series B financing co-led by DFJ and DFJ Esprit with participation from Prime Ventures and existing investor ING Corporate Investments

Bright Computing at ISC'15 (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing has introduced the latest version of its Bright Cluster Manager for high-performance computing (HPC) at ISC’15, currently taking place in Frankfurt, Germany

Bright Computing Receives Horizon 2020 Grant from European Commission (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing, a provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, has announced that it has been awarded a grant of more than 1.5 million Euros by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 program

Bright OpenStack (Bright Computing)

Bright Computing, a provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, announces that it will release Bright OpenStack, its newest product offering

BrownDwarf Y-class supercomputer (NCore HPC)

NCore HPC, a provider of high-performance, low-latency HPC systems, services and solutions, has announced the BrownDwarf Y-class supercomputer

BSC and Intel continue Exascale Laboratory partnership (BSC)

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and Intel have renewed their collaboration research agreement at the Intel and BSC Exascale Laboratory in Barcelona until September 2017

BT for Life Sciences R&D (BT)

BT has launched what it says is the first cloud-based service for enabling collaboration within the life sciences industry for increased R&D productivity

Bullx (Bull)

Bull has introduced the Bullx family of environmentally efficient, ultra-dense and ultra-high performance supercomputers, suitable for anywhere from a small R&D office up to a data centre

Bullx supernodes (S-series) (Bull)

Bull has launched its Bullx supernodes (S-series). These quad-core SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) servers can be extended to 8, 12 or 16 processors

Business analysis service for CSIPro software (ChemSW)

ChemSW has launched a new business analysis component of its professional services offering, allowing customers to optimise their installations of the company's CSIPro software for chemical or biological inventory management

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