June/July 2014

Scientific Computing World cover

High-performance computing

Why supercomputers are becoming cool machines

Liquid cooling can take many forms but expertise from embedded systems can also point the way to a green future for HPC, as Tom Wilkie discovers

Laboratory informatics

Fields of data

Keeping track of agricultural data presents special problems for informatics systems, as Sophia Ktori finds out

Laboratory Informatics

Paperless Lab Academy

At the Paperless Lab Academy (PLA), which took place in Amsterdam on 13 and 14 May, the importance of managing change and the limits to data sharing were important topics. Tom Wilkie reports


Exascale Challenges

The current buzz in the world of high-performance computing is exascale systems. The next major milestone is HPC systems that will be capable of executing an exaflop – a billion billion floating point operations per second, writes John Barr