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Surfer (demo)

Surfer (demo) - Golden Software, Inc.

27 October 2006

Golden Software, Inc.

Surfer produces contour and 3D surface maps from XYZ data. Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, gridding, volumetrics, 2D map generation, and much more. Surfer provides numerous gridding methods and user-control over gridding parameters. Display grids as colorful contour, wireframe, surface, shaded relief, image, post, and vector maps. Customize contour intervals, color schemes, axis settings, and more. Utilities include volume calculations, blanking, smoothing, mosaicking, filtering grid files, performing math calculations between surfaces, calculus calculations on surfaces, and determining residuals between surfaces and original data. Automate the mapping process with Golden Software’s included Scripter program.

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