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FDTD Solutions

FDTD Solutions - Lumerical Solutions, Inc.

30 April 2007

Lumerical Solutions, Inc.

FDTD Solutions is a high performance commercial software implementation of the finite difference time domain (FDTD) technique, used by Fortune 500 companies globally in biophotonics, display, optical communications, imaging and sensing, optical storage and semiconductor manufacturing to solve a wide variety of electromagnetic problems of interest.

The software package incorporates an optimized simulation engine and parallel computing capabilities, leveraging the latest advances in computing technologies. The intuitive, 3D CAD graphical user interface is easy to use and learn, allowing designers to solve problems quickly. The integrated data and visualization tools provide straightforward access to simulation data and results.

FDTD Solutions is a flexible tool. The built-in scripting language hosts “EM Toolbox” routines that provide advanced analysis capabilities necessary for investigating the most challenging and innovative design concepts. Coupled with Lumerical’s expert technical support and extensive online help facility, FDTD Solutions is the design solution of choice for leading technology companies focused on bringing next-generation designs to reality.


Optimized Simulation Engine

  • Contains proprietary algorithms that optimize use of computer memory and processor architecture.
  • Uses a graded mesh with auto-mesh technology to create the most advantageous mesh depending on the structure of interest and the desired accuracy.
  • Experimentally verified: "The simulation gives us the answers we need, and the results perfectly match what we measure in the laboratory." - B. Cunningham, CTO, SRU Biosystems

Intuitive 3D Layout Editor

  • Use the 3D CAD interface to draw micro- and nano-photonic structures easily, with top, side, end, and perspective views.
  • The tabbed interface provides an intuitive workflow for creating and running simulations and analyzing the resulting data.

Accurate and Flexible Materials Capabilities

  • Accurately describe optical structures that consist of any combination of dielectrics, semiconductors, and/or metals in arbitrary geometries; dispersive and anisotropic properties are also treated.
  • The built-in materials database includes several pre-defined materials as examples and to get started quickly.

Integrated Data Visualization and Analysis

  • The analysis window allows for quickly plotting and visualizing EM simulation data such as near field intensity profiles, vector field components, and power flow.
  • Movie Monitors allow viewing of light propagation in and scattering from the optical structures of interest.

Powerful Scripting Language

  • Simple and straightforward syntax is used in a high level programming language similar to MATLAB and C that includes “EM Toolbox” functions that provide the framework for in-depth analysis of any situation.
  • The scripting language is comprehensive, providing users with the ability to write scripts to control all aspects of setting up, running and analyzing simulations.

Built-in “EM Toolbox” Analysis Functions

  • FDTD Solutions contains a host of built-in functions that give users direct access to quantities of interest without having to worry about the details of the FDTD technique.
  • Quantities such as the source power spectrum, integrated power flux across any surface, and near-to-far field transformations are easily computed.

Hardware and Operating System Support

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux O/S.
  • Supports multi-core, multi-processor, and/or clustered computers systems.

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